Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1391

When Samuel was lying on the bed and
resting, Chen Yanran came aggressively.
However, it was within his expectation.
After all, he was curious about Huang
Xiaoyong’s taming of the seven-star
beasts. It was obviously impossible for
Samuel to brush it off so easily.

“I’m the same as you. I don’t know
anything. So even if you ask me, I won’t
give you a satisfactory answer.” Before
Chen Yanran could say anything, Samuel
spoke first.

Chen Yanran looked at Samuel with
burning eyes. The woman’s intuition told
her that Samuel didn’t pass out at all. He
even saw the process of Huang Xiaoyong
subduing the seven-star beast with his
own eyes.

“Samuel, you live in the Chen Family and
eat the Chen Family’s. The Chen Family
gave you your current life. You have been i
na coma for such a long time. If I hadn’t
taken you home, you would have been
dead in the wild. You owe the Chen Family

a favor,” Chen Yanran said.

“You want me to stay in the Chens
because you want to make use of me,
don’t you?” Samuel said flatly.

“But I saved you. Can you deny it?” Chen
Yanran said.

Samuel thought about it and found it hard
to deny it. No matter why Chen Yanran
asked him to stay in the Chen Family, this
friendship did exist. If it was discovered b
y others or if he stayed in the wilderness
all the time, he would either be buried
alive or eaten to bones by wild animals.

“Tell me, what do you really want?”
Samuel asked.

“I want you to tell me everything you
have seen. How on earth did Huang
Xiaoyong manage to subdue Winged
Tiger?” Chen Yanran said.

Samuel took a deep breath, stood up,
walked to Chen Yanran, and asked, “Do
you really want to know?”

“Cut the crap.” Chen Yanran looked coldly
at Samuel.

Samuel shrugged and said, “Since you
want to know, fine, I’ll tell you. I’m the one who tamed Huang Xiaoyong’s seven star beast. I’m also the one who helped him break through two realms. Are you satisfied now?”

Chen Yanran gnashed her teeth. How could she believe such absurd words?

Samuel, a good-for-nothing, was able to help Huang Xiaoyong tame the seven-star beasts. Even Huang Xiaoyong, who had broken through the two realms, had something to do with him. Wasn’t that a joke?

“Samuel, do you think I will believe such ridiculous words?” Chen Yanran sneered disdainfully.

Samuel waved his hand helplessly and said, “I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do.”

“Does Huang Xiaoyong have a master?” Chen Yanran asked.


“Did his master help him tame a Seven Star Mystic Beast?”

“That’s for sure. Huang Xiaoyong’s

strength is at the Four-Light Realm. How could he possibly be able to deal with Winged Tiger?”

“What kind of person is his teacher?”

“Me.” Samuel pointed at himself.

“Did he threaten you not to allow you to tell anyone about this?” Chen Yanran did not believe Samuel’s words at all and thought that he just did not dare to reveal Huang Xiaoyong’s real identity.

“You can think whatever you want. That’s all I can say.” Samuel lay to the bed. He was very sincere and told Chen Yanran the real answer, but she did not believe it, so Samuel was helpless.

“I won’t embarrass you. After all, if such a master threatens you, I don’t think you dare to disobey him. However, from today on, the Chen Family will have nothing to d o with you,” Chen Yanran said.

“What do you mean?” Samuel frowned and asked.

“Hehe.” Chen Yanran smiled coldly and said, “Why do you think you can eat and drink in the Chen Family? The Chen Family doesn’t accept trash like you. Pack up your things as soon as possible and get out of Dragon Cloud City. Don’t let me see you in Dragon Cloud City in the future. Otherwise, I will never let you go.”

After that, Chen Yanran turned and left.

Samuel didn’t expect that Chen Yanran wasn’t able to hurt him, so she would do this. He didn’t expect that they would fall so quickly. He had planned to snea with the identity of the Chen Family, but now it seemed that he had no chance.

However, this was not a big deal for Samuel. With Huang Xiaoyong’s status in Dragon Cloud City, finding a house for him was just a small problem.

When Chen Yanran returned to her room, Chen Tiexin and his son were still waiting there.

Seeing Chen Yanran coming back, Chen Tiexin couldn’t wait to ask, “How’s it going? Did you get anything?”

“Huang Xiaoyong does have a master, but

Samuel refused to reveal the real identity of that person. He must have been threatened. I dare not ask more. After all, we are not qualified to dig deeper into the matter if such a strong person wants to hide his identity.” Chen Yanran said seriously. It was not that she didn’t want t o force Samuel to tell the truth, but she didn’t dare to do so.

Chen Tiexin let out a long sigh. With a weak and bitter smile, he said: “A person like Huang Xiaoyong should be so lucky, and I have paid so much for it, but I got nothing. God is really blind.”

“Brother, don’t worry. You will definitely find a more powerful master.” Chen Yanran comforted him.

Chen Tiexin laughed at himself. “A more powerful master?”

In Chen Tiexin’s mind, he was very satisfied that he was able to find a Seven Lamp expert as his master. However, Huang Xiaoyong’s master was able to easily subdue a Seven Star Exotic Beast, which showed that Huang Xiaoyong’s master’s realm was not only at the Seven Lamp Realm. Above the Seven Lamp Realm, was an important minister of the

Royal Court. How could he be qualified to b e a disciple of an important minister of the Royal Court?

City Lord’s Mansion.

Standing in front of Winged Tiger, Huang Houyi was so excited that he couldn’t speak. Huang Xiaoyong’s changes during this period had brought him too many surprises. For a moment, Huang Houyi couldn’t believe that this was true.

He had broken through two realms in a row, which was enough to make the three families not dare to act rashly.

Now, Huang Xiaoyong returned with a seven-star strange beast, shocking the entire Dragon Cloud City. Presumably, the three families were already shivering, and even regretted being against the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Father, how is it? My strange beast is alright, isn’t it?” Huang Xiaoyong smiled and said to Huang Houyi.


Not only was it alright, in the eyes of Huang Houyi, it was simply earth shatteringly strong. Moreover, Huang Xiaoyong was now completely qualified to enter the Royal Court. For Huang Houyi, this was something that he had never dreamed of before.

“Son, father doesn’t know what to say. You’ve given me too many surprises.” Huang Houyi said.

“Hehe, you don’t have the right to scold m e for doing nothing now, do you?” Huang Xiaoyong said with a smile.

“Of course, you’re so strong. How can you do nothing?” Huang Houyi nodded repeatedly.

After dispersing the nearby servants, Huang Houyi walked to Huang Xiaoyong’s side and asked in a low voice, “Was this seven star beast also tamed by your master?”

“That’s right,” Huang Xiaoyong said proudly.

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