Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1394

Huang Xiaoyong wanted to ask where
Samuel had gone, but his relationship
with Samuel could not be exposed. If he
asked so directly, it would definitely
arouse the suspicion of the Chen family, s
o he could only suppress the urgent desire
in his heart.

“Chen Yanran, do you really think that I
will marry you?” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“You like me, don’t you? This is the best
opportunity for you to get me. Are you
willing to miss it?” Chen Yanran asked
without changing her expression. From
the beginning to the end, she firmly
believed that as long as she was willing to
nod, Huang Xiaoyong would still love her a
s he used to. This self-confidence showed
on Chen Yanran, which was actually
particularly ridiculous.

Using one sentence to describe Huang
Xiaoyong’s current state, “You used to
ignore me, but now you don’t want to get
close to me.”

Now Huang Xiaoyong even had the
qualification to enter the Royal Court, so
how could he be obsessed with Chen Yanran?

Furthermore, this woman had even
chased his master out of her house. How
could he possibly lead her into the City
Lord’s Manor!

“Chen Yanran, you are too arrogant. In
the past, I did like you as if I am
possessed, but now, you don’t deserve it,”
Huang Xiaoyong said coldly.

Don’t deserve it!

These words made Chen Yanran’s face
change dramatically in an instant. She
never thought that Huang Xiaoyong
would say such words.

All the confidence collapsed at this

Chen Yanran almost lost her balance and
fell to the ground.

Struggling to hold on, Chen Yanran
continued, “Huang Xiaoyong, have you
really thought it through? This is your last

“Chen Yanran, I think it clearly. It’s just
that you don’t know enough about
yourself. Guess how long it will take for

the news of my taming of the seven-star monster to reach the Royal Court, and how long will it take the Royal Court to send people to Dragon Cloud City. Now, I have the qualification to enter the Royal Court, and what do you think you are?” Huang Xiaoyong said.

These words were very shocking. Huang Xiaoyong didn’t leave any leeway for Chen Yanran. If she was not his master’s nominal wife and didn’t drive him out of the family, Huang Xiaoyong might have given her some face, but now, it was not necessary.

Since Samuel had been driven out of the Chens, the woman in front of him was not even his master’s nominal wife.

Chen Yanran’s face was as white as a sheet. She couldn’t find any room to refute Huang Xiaoyong’s words. The Royal Court had always attached great importance to the Beast Trainer, let alone a seven-star Beast Trainer like Huang Xiaoyong. Now, he could enter the Royal Court with just a nod.

“Huang Xiaoyong, don’t go too far.” At this time, Chen Yuanhai couldn’t stand it anymore and scolded Huang Xiaoyong.

“Chen Yuanhai, who do you think you are? How dare you point fingers at me?” Huang Xiaoyong looked at Chen Yuanhai coldly. This old man had always been arrogant in Dragon Cloud City. In the past, he had not taken him and his father seriously, but now the situation had changed. Chen Yuanhai could not even recognize his identity.

“Chen Yuanhai, with the current power of the City Lord’s Mansion, it’s only a matter of a word to destroy the Chens. Do you really dare to offend me?” Huang Xiaoyong continued.

These words were like a basin of cold water on Chen Yuanhai’s head to wake him up.

The present he was indeed no longer qualified to challenge the City Lord’s Mansion. Moreover, even if the City Lord’s Mansion destroyed the Chens, the Royal Court would likely cover up this matter. After all, for the Royal Court, an ordinary aristocratic family couldn’t compare with a seven-star Beast Trainer at all.

“I’m no longer who I used to be, and the
City Lord’s Mansion is no longer the
former City Lord’s Mansion. You old thing
can’t reproach me as you wish. Do you
really think the Dragon Cloud City is still
decided by your three families?” Huang
Xiaoyong looked at Chen Yuanhai with a

Chen Yuanhai didn’t dare to look directly
into Huang Xiaoyong’s eyes. For him, this
young man, who he didn’t take seriously,
was now high above him, and he was not
qualified to teach him.

Chen Yuanhai didn’t want this flattery to
deepen the resentment between the Chens
and the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Huang Xiaoyong, the Chens will never
intervene in the affairs of the City Lord’s
Mansion again in the future. This is the
attitude of the Chens. Please tell your
father about it,” Chen Yuanhai said. The
compromise he made was equal to a loss o
f all the dignity of the Chens.

But Chen Yuanhai had to do so. In front of
the strong, there was no reason not to
bow down. Just then, Chen Yanran suddenly knelt

This made Chen Yuanhai panic.

His compromise just now had been the
biggest concession. Why did Chen Yanran
still kneel down?

“Daughter, what are you doing?” Chen
Yuanhai hurriedly wanted to help Chen
Yanran up, but Chen Yanran insisted on
kneeling on the ground and pushed Chen
Yuanhai away.

“Huang Xiaoyong, I know. It was my fault.
Please forgive me.” Chen Yanran said to
Huang Xiaoyong.

In Huang Xiaoyong’s mind, Chen Yanran
had always been a high-ranking goddess.
He did not expect that his goddess would
kneel down to him and beg for his

Unfortunately, whether Chen Family
could be forgiven or not, it would not
change the Chen Family’s status in
Dragon Cloud City, nor would it change
Chen Yanran’s image in Huang Xiaoyong’s heart. The most important reason for this
matter was that the Chen family did not
find the real opportunity. They refused
the opportunity and regarded a great
master as a good-for-nothing, throwing
a top Beast Trainer out of the house.

This was the wrong move!

It was a big mistake!

Huang Xiaoyong laughed at her from the
bottom of his heart. Looking at the
woman in front of him, he thought, “If
you treat my master better, the Chen
family will definitely soar to the sky in the
future. If Chen Tiexin wants to join the
Royal Court, it’s just a matter of my
master’s words.”

For so many years, Chen Tiexin had been
looking for a high-ranking teacher
outside, but he had found nothing. Now,
the most powerful master was in the Chen
family. It was a pity that they had driven
him away.

“Chen Yanran, maybe one day in the
future, you will understand how wrong
you are.” Huang Xiaoyong said lightly,
and then turned back to the City Lord’s Manor.

Chen Yanran did not understand Huang
Xiaoyong’s words very well. Some day in
the future, she would know how wrong
she was. What was wrong? Chen Yanran
did not know what she was wrong about a
t all.

Although she had been very rude to
Huang Xiaoyong in the past, she had now
knelt down to apologize. Was it wrong to
kneel down?

“Daughter, let’s go home.” Chen Yuanhai
helped Chen Yanran up and said with a
distressed look.

Chen Yanran seemed to have lost her wits.
The result of this trip to the City Lord’s
Manor was completely unexpected to her.
In addition to being hit hard, Huang
Xiaoyong’s words had become her biggest

After returning to the City Lord’s
Mansion, Huang Houyi walked to Huang
Xiaoyong’s side and said, “What do you
think? Do you feel great? In the past, the
three great clans didn’t think much of
you. But now, you’ve finally vented your anger”

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