Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1396

Seeing Samuel being mocked by the
crowd, Chen Tiexin’s face revealed a
proud smile. This was a situation that he
had deliberately arranged, and the
performance of the crowd made him very
satisfied. He wanted to chase Samuel out o
f the Chens like a dog that had lost its
family. He wanted to let everyone in the
entire Dragon Cloud City know how
Samuel was kicked out of the Chens in
such a sorry state.

At the same time, Chen Tiexin hoped that
the news would reach the Mansion of the
City Governor so that Huang Xiaoyong
would know that Chen Yanran had
nothing to do with this man.

Although on the surface, Chen Tiexin did
not want Chen Yanran to be humble to
Huang Xiaoyong, in his heart, he did
expect Chen Yanran to marry into the City
Lord’s Mansion at this time.

Once Chen Yanran could really marry
Huang Xiaoyong, then he might know the
secret of Huang Xiaoyong breaking the
realm and taming the beasts.

If what Chen Yuanhai had guessed was true and Huang Xiaoyong really had a master, maybe he could be introduced by Huang Xiaoyong to be apprenticed successfully.

However, Chen Tiexin would never have thought that Huang Xiaoyong had already rejected Chen Yanran very clearly. Moreover, Huang Xiaoyong’s master was Samuel, who had been driven out of the Chen Family by him!

“What’s the point of doing this?” Samuel knew that these were all arranged by Chen Tiexin, but he really couldn’t understand the pleasure of this kind of children’s game.

If he was mocked by others, would he feel good?

Samuel even felt that these ridicules were not comparable to what they had done in Cloud City. There were no waves in his heart and he even wanted to laugh.

“Samuel, you don’t have to pretend to be calm. I know you’re in a lot of pain, but there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s why you’re so open-minded,” Chen Tiexin said with a smile.


Samuel couldn’t help but laugh. Was it


“You will understand the real pain in the future. This little thing is really not worth mentioning for me,” Samuel said with a big smile. Then he passed through the crowd and left the Chens.

Chen Tiexin gritted his teeth. Samuel did not seem to care at all. It seemed that this matter really did not cause a stir in his heart.

But how could that be?

As a man, when his dignity was trampled, could he really not care?

“Impossible. This is absolutely impossible. You are just struggling in front of me. Samuel, your heart must be in great pain.” Chen Tiexin muttered to himself as he watched Samuel’s back. He believed that his idea was the correct one. Samuel would not be indifferent to this matter.

In fact, this was not a big deal to Samuel. He didn’t even bother to argue with him
because Chen Tiexin was too weak. Killing
him was just a thought to Samuel. How
could such a weak person attract his

Not long after, Chen Yuanhai and Chen
Yanran returned to the City Lord’s
Mansion. Chen Tiexin, who received the
news, ran to the father and daughter as
soon as possible.

“Father, how’s my sister?” Chen Tiexin
asked expectantly.

But after asking this question, Chen
Tiexin had a bad feeling, because the
expressions of the two people were very
ugly. If Huang Xiaoyong really accepted
Chen Yanran again, they would never
have this kind of expression.

“Sister, what did Huang Xiaoyong do to
you?” Chen Tiexin walked up to Chen
Yanran and asked in a deep voice.

Chen Yanran was still immersed in Huang
Xiaoyong’s words, Why would she be able t
o understand how wrong she was in the
future? Was she unaware that she had missed something?

“Huang Xiaoyong refused me,” Chen

Yanran said.

Chen Tiexin’s expression changed. Although this answer was not surprising, Huang Xiaoyong was no longer the same a s he was before.

However, Chen Tiexin still couldn’t accept it. Huang Xiaoyong had liked Chen Yanran for many years. Now Chen Yanran took the initiative to compromise, how could h e refuse?

“Could it be that that’s true?” Chen Tiexin said silently.

“What is true?” Chen Yanran raised her head and looked at Chen Tiexin in confusion, as if there was something else hidden in his words.

“In fact, in recent days, it is said that Huang Xiaoyong fell in love with another woman in Dragon Cloud City, but I don’t believe it, because that woman can’t compare with you.” Chen Tiexin said.

“Have you seen any woman?” Chen Yanran said indignantly. She did not believe that there was a woman in Dragon Cloud City who could compare with him in terms of beauty and figure. How could Huang Xiaoyong change his mind about her because of other women?

“Wait a minute.” After saying that, Chen

Tiexin ran to his room.

After a while, Chen Tiexin returned to Chen Yanran with a painting and explained to her, “Recently, Huang Xiaoyong’s men have been looking for someone with this painting.”

Chen Yanran couldn’t wait to open the

picture scroll.

The person on the painting was Jiang Yingying. This was what Samuel asked Huang Xiaoyong to do. But after it was spread, people would inevitably misunderstand and suspect it. For example, Chen Tiexin had received the news that the woman in the painting was Huang Xiaoyong’s new lover.

“Just her?” Chen Yanran became angrier. Because the woman in the painting could not compare with her in both beauty and figure. How could Huang Xiaoyong abandon her because of this woman?

“She really can’t be compared with you, but Huang Xiaoyong is indeed looking for her. As for whether it is as the rumor says, I don’t know,” said Chen Tiexin.

Chen Yanran clenched her fists. She would never allow herself to lose to such a woman. Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Chen Tiexin with killing intent in her eyes.

“Brother, I want you to do me a favor,” Chen Yanran said coldly.

“Don’t worry. Whether I can do it or not, I will try my best to help you,” said Chen Tiexin.

Chen Yanran took a deep breath, and then said with a cold face, “I want you to help me find her and then kill her.”

Chen Tiexin raised his eyebrows, but he did not refuse Chen Yanran. Instead, he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll ask the painter to copy more paintings right away. I’ve been traveling around the city for so many years and made a lot of friends. I’ll ask them to do me a favor. They won’t refuse me ”

“Thank you, brother. I’ll go back to my room first.” After that, Chen Yanran walked to her room. She had to continue t o think about the meaning of Huang Xiaoyong’s words.

After Chen Yanran left, Chen Tiexin asked Chen Yuanhai, “Father, If I follow Yanran’s words, will we enrage Huang Xiaoyong?”

“This woman should not be in Dragon Cloud City. Otherwise, with Huang Xiaoyong’s manpower, he would have found her long ago. Since she is in another city, even if she dies, it has nothing to do with us,” Chen Yuanhai said.

Chen Tiexin suddenly understood and said, “Father, I understand what to do.”

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