Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1398

When Huang Xiaoyong finished speaking,

the three people of the Royal Court looked
at him with burning eyes, hoping to find
some flaws in his expression.
Unfortunately, Huang Xiaoyong’s face
remained unchanged. Not to mention
flaws, he didn’t even feel a little guilty.

Huang Houyi was afraid of the three
people in front of him, but Huang
Xiaoyong wasn’t. This was because he had
a very powerful master. This was because
he knew that even if his master went to
the Royal Court, he would still be
personally met by the emperor.

With such a teacher, how could he be
afraid of the people from the Royal Court i
n front of him?

“You really are young and promising. You
have seven-star beasts at such a young
age, and your future will be limitless.”
The man could not find any flaws, so he
had to believe Huang Xiaoyong’s words
for the time being.

“Thank you for your praise.” Said Huang
Xiaoyong with a smile.

“We came here to ask you if you want to

join the Royal Court,” the man continued.

“It is the greatest wish of my life to join the Royal Court. It is my honor to serve the Royal Court, but you should be able to perceive my current realm. I’m afraid that it’s far from enough for me. I just entered the Four-lamp Realm. Therefore, I still wish to continue improving my cultivation.” The words of Huang Xiaoyong tactfully refused the good intentions of the people from the Royal Court.

This was also what Huang Houyi had told him. The Royal Court would never force him to join them now, as long as he could show his loyalty to the Royal Court.

“You don’t have to be in a hurry to refuse.

We will stay here for a few more days.

After three days, you can give us the

answer,” the man said.

“Yes, during these few days, I will definitely serve the three of you well. If you need anything, feel free to let me know,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“There’s no need.” Leaving behind these three words, the three of them didn’t say anything else and directly left.

Huang Houyi breathed a sigh of relief. Facing these three people, the invisible pressure almost made it difficult for him t o breathe. However, Huang Xiaoyong’s performance surprised him. This guy was neither humble nor pushy. Even in the face of the people of the Royal Court, he could cope with it at ease.

“Son, you’re much more promising than me. Aren’t you nervous at all when you see these three?” Huang Houyi asked.

“Father, they don’t eat people. There’s no need to be nervous. Moreover, I think these people are quite kind.” Huang Xiaoyong said with a smile.


Huang Houyi couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat from his forehead. The three of them kept a straight face, as if there was a funeral at home. How could this be called kind?

“In my opinion, they must have other motives for staying here. Be careful these days.” Huang Houyi reminded.

Huang Xiaoyong also knew that. How could a small Dragon Cloud City cause them to stop. The three of them probably still didn’t believe his words, so they stayed to investigate. However, with their skills, they shouldn’t be able to sense their master.

Those who were in a higher realm could sense those who were a lower realm.. For example, Huang Xiaoyong’s realm could be easily perceived by them. However, the higher the realm, the more ordinary it was. With their strength, it was absolutely impossible for them to sense the strength of Samuel.

“Even if Master passed by them, they wouldn’t notice it. There’s nothing to worry about,” Huang Xiaoyong said with a smile.

After leaving the City Lord’s Mansion, the three of them found an inn to stay. As Huang Xiaoyong thought, the reason why they stayed was that they did not fully believe Huang Xiaoyong’s words, so they decided to investigate.

“He’s only at the Four Lamp Realm, yet h e managed to tame a Seven Star Exotic Beast. How is that possible? If there wasn’t someone helping him, I’m afraid h e would’ve already died under the claws of Winged Tiger.”

The three of them were in the same room. One of them said with a contemptuous expression. Even if he had the strength of the Seven-Light Realm, he was now only i n charge of a five-star beast, so he did not believe that Huang Xiaoyong could complete this kind of cross-level taming.

Most importantly, when he saw Winged Tiger, he couldn’t hold back the envy in his heart.

In the present Xuanyuan World, it was very difficult to find and tame Exotic Beasts above the five-star level. Although there were still many Exotic Beasts in the Dark Forest, the higher the level of the Exotic Beasts, the harder it was to tame them. Unless they were stronger than others, the Exotic Beasts would not be willing to become human slaves even if they died.

“To be able to subdue a Seven Star Exotic
Beast, if there really is someone behind
him, his strength should be at least Eight
Lamp Realm. How could a small Dragon
Cloud City be so full of experts?” Another
person said in confusion. He was very
puzzled as to why such an expert would
remain in Dragon Cloud City.

Over the years, the Royal Court had been
recruiting experts from all over the world.
Although they had not included all the
experts in the Royal Court, they had
almost succeeded. How could an Eight –
Light Realm expert be able to escape the

“That’s right, experts of Eight Lamp
Realm. This is the threshold that we will
never be able to cross. For someone as
powerful as him, logically speaking, he
shouldn’t have remained in Dragon Cloud
City. If he has gone to the Royal Court, he
can have whatever kind of life he wants.”

“The number of the last three realm
experts in the Royal Court can be counted
with one’s fingers. Don’t tell me that this
fellow is someone that we know?” Someone guessed.

The higher one’s realm went, the more
difficult it would be to raise one’s
cultivation. Oftentimes, a bottleneck
would appear, and one would never be
able to break through it. The so-called last
three Realms were the Eight-Lights
Realm, Nine-Lights Realm, and the
Superb Master Realm.

The last three realms were known as the
hardest to cross. Under the Royal Court,
there were many experts in the Seven
Light Realm, but above the Eight-Light
Realm, there were very few people.

Moreover, there was a huge gap between
the strength of each realm of the latter
three realms. If it was a one-on-one fight,
one realm higher would be a crushing

Although the three countries were not
close to each other, there were wars.
However, there was a rule, which was that
no matter how fierce the battle was, the
Superb Master was not allowed to show u
p, because the Superb Master was too
powerful. Once the Superb Master took
action, the city would be destroyed. No
one could bear the destruction caused by the Superb Master, which led to the

formation of this tacit understanding.

Of course, the superb master was not useless. Just like the nuclear bombs of every country on earth, they could not be used, but they absolutely could not be missed. This was a way to deter the enemy.

“I don’t think so. As far as I know, the

experts in the Eight-Light Realm should b

e in the Royal Court now.”

“Who else could it be? Could it be that there’s a new expert in the Royal Court realm? It’s just that the Royal Court hasn’t received any news yet.”

“After our investigation, we may be able t o find out the truth. However, if such an expert deliberately hides his own aura, with our strength, we will not be able to detect it.”

The three of them fell into a difficult situation. They had some doubts about Huang Xiaoyong, but it was very difficult t o find the truth. The strength of the Seven -Light Realm was already very powerful, but for the strength of the last three realms, it was still like an ant.

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