Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1399

In the next few days, due to the fact that
there were people from the Royal Court
who did not leave Dragon Cloud City,

Huang Xiaoyong also restrained his desire
to find Samuel and stayed in the Mansion
of the City Governor all day long.

However, with Huang Xiaoyong’s temper,
he had been restless for the past few days.

Early in the morning, Huang Xiaoyong
quietly left the City Lord’s Mansion. He
thought that he was very good at hiding
his whereabouts, but the three people in
the Royal Court were all powerful experts i
n the Seven-Light Realm. It was a piece of
cake for such people to track him down.

Huang Xiaoyong felt that no one was
aware of his actions, but in fact, his
actions had been completely exposed to
the three people of the Royal Court.

When he came to the yard where Samuel
lived, Huang Xiaoyong felt refreshed. He
even seriously suspected that he had gone
to the wrong place. Last time he came
here, it was full of weeds, but now he saw
the flourishing flowers and grass, and
there was a small bridge and running water. It was already a paradise.

“Why are you here?” Samuel raised his eyebrows and asked when he saw Huang Xiaoyong.

“Master, did you do all this? I haven’t seen you for a few days, and I almost can’t recognize it.” Huang Xiaoyong said with a look of surprise.

Samuel looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction. He had been bored these days, so he cleaned up a little bit. Because the yard was spacious, he could use it at will. He could design such a scene by accident. Although it was not as beautiful a s a painting, compared with the past, there had indeed been earth-shaking changes.

“Have the Royal Court’s people already

left?” Samuel asked.

Speaking of the people from the Royal Court, Huang Xiaoyong lowered his head. 1 f it weren’t for the three old guys, he wouldn’t have been in the Mansion of the City Governor for so long.

“No, it seems that the three old guys won’t leave in a short time. But, Master, don’t worry. I sneaked out and absolutely didn’t let anyone find me,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Samuel smiled faintly. The people from the Royal Court were powerful. How could he, a Four-Light Realm expert, hide his whereabouts? He was afraid that everything he had now was under the watchful eyes of the three.

“Do you really think you are powerful enough to hide your whereabouts in front of those people?” Samuel said with a smile.

“Master, I went out very early and wandered around for a long time before coming here. How could they know?” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“With your current strength, you can’t understand a higher realm’s observation ability and control ability. Maybe they already knew the moment you left the City Lord’s Mansion,” Samuel said. Now, even if he didn’t use his strength deliberately, h e could feel Huang Xiaoyong’s existence.

When Huang Xiaoyong appeared in front o f the gate of the courtyard, he knew that Huang Xiaoyong had already come.

The reason why the three people of the Royal Court stayed must be to investigate Huang Xiaoyong. Since it was an investigation, how could they let down their guard against him?

Huang Xiaoyong was shocked. If that was

the case, wouldn’t his master’s

whereabouts be exposed?

Huang Xiaoyong looked at Samuel with self-blame and said, “Master, I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I can’t control myself. What should I do now? Those old guys have already known it. They won’t come t o you to make trouble, will they?”

Samuel was not afraid that the people from the imperial court would come and find trouble. Moreover, they would not cause any trouble. At the very most, he could just kill them. This was a very simple matter for Samuel.

Of course, unless it was necessary, Samuel would definitely not make a move. After

all, the Royal Court was supreme and had countless experts. If he chose to oppose the Royal Court at this moment, it would not be a good thing for Samuel.

“What’s the point of apologizing now? They must have known me. But you don’t have to worry about the rest. It’s not something you can help,” Samuel said.

Huang Xiaoyong gritted his teeth. Samuel did not blame him, but he could not forgive himself in his heart because it was obvious that he had caused trouble for Samuel.

“Master, why don’t I go to the Royal Court with them? Maybe they will leave as long a s I go,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Samuel looked at Huang Xiaoyong as if he was looking at an idiot. This guy’s brain was too simple. For the three people of the Royal Court, now they more wanted to know why Huang Xiaoyong could tame the seven-star beasts, not to take him back to the Royal Court.

Even if he agreed now, he could not stop the three people from investigating this matter.

“You should return to the City Lord

Manor first,” Samuel said.

Huang Xiaoyong left the yard with regret
and kept self-accusation along the way. At
this time, the three people of the Royal
Court were already standing in front of

Soon after Huang Xiaoyong left, the three
of them appeared.

As Samuel guessed, from the moment
Huang Xiaoyong left the City Lord’s
Mansion, they had been paying close
attention to Huang Xiaoyong’s

“Who are you?” One of them asked

“I am just an ordinary person. There’s
nothing special about me,” Samuel said

Another person looked suspiciously at
Samuel and asked, “Is an ordinary person
worthy of Huang Xiaoyong’s sneaking

“Sneakly? I don’t know why he’s sneaking
around, but he’s not here to see me. He’s here to make trouble for me,” Samuel said.

“Your cover-up is too perfunctory. Do you think we will believe what you said?” Someone sneered. Obviously, he thought Samuel’s words were ridiculous.

“After you understand my identity, you might be able to understand the relationship between me and him. However, I am very curious as to just who you are. From the looks of your clothes, you are not ordinary people, right?” Samuel asked in reply.

It was definitely not the best way to pretend to be an idiot at this moment. However, it was the easiest way to deal with it. This was because Samuel was too lazy to make up a story. Samuel did not even consider whether they believed it or not.

“Who are you?”

“The former son-in-law of the Chens. Now I have been driven out of the Chens. The whole Dragon Cloud City has spread this news. A passerby will be able to get to the bottom of it,” Samuel said.

Just then, one of them launched a sneak attack on Samuel from the back.

Samuel was as still as a mountain. He did not react at all. It was not until he was delayed for several seconds that he finally showed an expression of sudden realization that someone was standing behind him.

“What are you doing?” Samuel asked


The man frowned slightly. If he really launched a sneak attack, he would definitely be killed. Under such circumstances, Samuel acted ignorantly. I t seemed that he did not sense anything at all.

Could it be that he was really just an ordinary person?

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