Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1402

“Remember to come to this yard to have a

look when the next year is in full bloom,”

Samuel said flatly,

Huang Xiaoyong’s breathing gradually
became rapid. This was the first time he
had seen such a strong side of Samuel.
Even if he killed the three people in the
Royal Court, he still acted calmly. It
seemed that this matter did not stir up
any waves in his heart at all.

“Master, if the Royal Court can’t get the
three to report back, they will definitely
investigate this matter.” Huang Xiaoyong
reminded Samuel. Although he knew that
Samuel was very powerful and could
easily kill these three superiors of Seven
Lamp Realm, it didn’t mean that he could
be the enemy of the entire Royal Court.

After all, he was alone. How could he go

against a country?

“Find a few people and let them pretend t
o be them. As long as someone sees them
leave Dragon Cloud City, this matter will
not have anything to do with Dragon
Cloud City,” Samuel said.

“I’m afraid the Royal Court won’t believe

such perfunctory words,” Huang

Xiaoyong said.

Samuel looked up at Huang Xiaoyong and
said with a smile, “Then you can only.
report me to them and say that I killed
them. In this way, it has nothing to do
with you.

Samuel knew why Huang Xiaoyong was
worried. After all, these three people came
for him. The disappearance of these three
people in the Royal Court would definitely
focus on Huang Xiaoyong. It was
reasonable for him to be afraid.

Huang Xiaoyong’s body trembled. How
could he dare to report Samuel? Even if he
was given the courage, he would not do so.

Huang Xiaoyong’s only way to become
stronger was to get Samuel’s guidance.
Since they were master and disciple, they
should advance and retreat together on all
matters. Huang Xiaoyong would never
betray Samuel for his sake.

“Master, are you kidding? How could I,
Huang Xiaoyong, be such a person? If one

day you really want to be the enemy of the whole Royal Court, I will stand by your side. After all, I am your disciple,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Samuel smiled faintly when he heard that.

If that day really came, Huang Xiaoyong

might have run far away.

Although Huang Xiaoyong was very loyal t

o him now, it did not mean that Huang.

Xiaoyong in the future was the same.

And the master and disciple relationship between them, in Samuel’s opinion, would eventually be destroyed. After all, they came from different worlds, and these two worlds had a big war before.

“There’s nothing else. You go first. Find a few people to pretend to be them and leave the city,” Samuel said.

“Yes.” Huang Xiaoyong nodded and left the courtyard.

After returning to the City Lord’s

Mansion, Huang Xiaoyong picked a few people whose figures were similar to the three people from the Royal Court and ordered the same clothes for them. That evening, he took advantage of the night’s

darkness to get the three of them out of the city through the lively eastern gate.. This matter was intentionally revealed to many people that when the Royal Court really discovered that the three of them had disappeared into thin air, he would be able to fool around for a period of time even if they came to Dragon Cloud City to investigate.

As for the fact Samuel killed the three

people in the Royal Court, Huang

Xiaoyong had already left a shadow in his


In his original impression, Samuel was a very low-key and kind person. Even if the Chen family humiliated him so severely, Samuel did not take it to heart.

But this time, Samuel killed the people from the Royal Court with a word of disagreement, which made Huang Xiaoyong see the other side of Samuel. At the same time, it was also a warning to Huang Xiaoyong, so that Huang Xiaoyong was more in awe of Samuel.

However, what Huang Xiaoying did not know was that Samuel was forced to do so.

If those three had not wanted to kill him by breaking into his room in the middle of the night, Samuel would not have killed them.

For Samuel, the two things that he wanted to figure out the most were finding Jiang Yingying and knowing where the pulling came from. Unless it was necessary, Samuel was not willing to cause any trouble for him.

The next day, the news that someone from the Royal Court had left Dragon Cloud City spread throughout the city. Huang Xiaoyong did not leave with them, but there were a lot of speculations.

Some said that Huang Xiaoyong had rejected the good intentions of the Royal Court and wanted to become the local despot of Dragon Cloud City.

Some people thought that Huang Xiaoyong and the Royal Court had reached some kind of agreement and would work for the Royal Court in the future.

However, no matter what the statement was, when it reached Chen Tiexin’s ears, it would make him envious and hateful.

In the past, Chen Tiexin had looked down
on Huang Xiaoyong. He only treated
Huang Xiaoyong as the son of a puppet.
Whenever he passed by Huang Xiaoyong,
he would always be arrogant. He didn’t
even have the interest to look at Huang

But now, Huang Xiaoyong was valued by
the Royal Court, and he was a Four-Lamp
Realm expert and a Seven Star Beast
Trainer. Such a gap made Chen Tiexin
suffer in his heart.

He thought that he had put in a lot of
effort, but there was no reward at all.
However, Huang Xiaoyong had done
nothing, so he could only let Chen Tiexin
complain about the unfairness of fate.
God was blind.

“Young Master, Miss is very excited now.
Go and see her quickly.” Just as Chen
Tiexin complained, Chen Yanran’s
personal maid ran to him.

Chen Tiexin stopped thinking and hurried
to Chen Yanran’s room.

Chen Yanran’s expression was rather dull,
and she kept repeating Samuel’s name, as if she had been possessed.

Chen Tiexin walked to Chen Yanran, took her by the hand, and asked, “Sister, what’s wrong with you?”

“Brother, brother.” Chen Yanran’s eyes suddenly lit up. She asked Chen Tiexin, 11 Have you found Samuel? Where is he? I want to see him.”

Chen Tiexin gritted his teeth. He didn’t understand why Chen Yanran would suddenly become like this. However, he was sure that Samuel had done something to Chen Yanran, which was why she seemed to have suddenly changed into another person.

“Sister, don’t be afraid. Tell me what he has done to you, and I will avenge you,” said Chen Tiexin.

“I want to see him. I want to see him. Brother, help me find him quickly.” Chen Yanran’s two lines of clear tears flowed down her cheeks and she looked extremely sad.

Chen Tiexin was more convinced that

Chen Yanran was bullied by Samuel, but

the real situation was that Chen Yanran’s tears were filled with regret, because she increasingly felt that Huang Xiaoying’s words implied Samuel.

Chen Tiexin took a deep breath and said, ” Don’t cry. I will find him. No matter where he is, I won’t let him go.”

Hearing this, Chen Yanran calmed down a little. As long as she could see Samuel, it would be fine.

Chen Tiexin wanted to ask what had happened between Chen Yanran and Samuel, but he was afraid that it would arouse Chen Yanran’s mood again, so he could only endure it.

After leaving Chen Yanran’s room, Chen Tiexin led the entire manor’s servants to conduct a carpet search in Dragon Cloud City.

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