Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1407

“He is kneeling. He is really kneeling.”

“It’s really gratifying for Xiao Leng to
kneel down to others one day.”

“The great Xiao clan is also willing to
compromise. It really is unexpected.
Looks like the Xiao clan is nothing more
than this.”

There were many whispers among the
crowd. Some
them had once suffered
losses from Xiao Leng. In the past, they
dared not say anything even though they
were angry. Now Huang Xiaoying asked
Xiao Leng to kneel down. It was also a
revenge for them.

However, these people did not dare to
speak too loudly. They were afraid that
Xiao Leng would hear them and take
revenge on them in the future.

“Can we go now?” Xiao Zhan asked Huang

“I’d like to give your Xiao family a piece of
advice. The territory of the Royal Court is
the territory of the Royal Court. Even the
Xiao family can’t do whatever you want in
the Xiaoling City. Don’t think of yourself as s the overlord here. If you dare to be so arrogant in the future, I, Huang Xiaoyong, will never let go of the Xiao family,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

If it was anyone else who dared to talk to Xiao Zhan like this, even ten lives wouldn’t be enough for them to die. But now, Xiao Zhan could only swallow his pride.

“Thank you for your warning, my Xiao Clan will definitely remember these words in the future.” After Xiao Zhan finished speaking, he left with Xiao Leng.

This matter was just a good show for Samuel. As an onlooker, he didn’t care about the Xiao family at all, except that he felt that Huang Xiaoyong’s pretentious behavior was ridiculous.

But Samuel knew that this lesson was meaningless to Xiao Leng. People like him were just like those rich second generations on the earth who were used t o being arrogant and domineering. How could he change it?

It was hard to change a person’s nature.. People like this usually wouldn’t shed a

tear until they were faced with grim reality.

“Master, what do you think? I didn’t embarrass you, did 1?” Huang Xiaoyong asked Samuel with a smile.

“The last sentence is a bit superfluous. Do you think the Xiao family will really listen to your warning?” Samuel said.

Huang Xiaoyong shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said, “People like Xiao Leng will definitely not change. However, I feel very comfortable to be able to step o n the head of such a person and kick him twice.”

“You are doing whatever you want under the banner of the Royal Court. What is the difference between you and Xiao Leng?” Samuel laughed.

Huang Xiaoyong was stunned for a moment, and then retorted, “Master, how can there be no difference? There is a fundamental difference between Xiao Leng and me. I am not as arrogant as he is. 11

“Oh?” Samuel raised his eyebrows and glanced at Huang Xiaoyong, saying, “You also wanted to kill me before, didn’t you?”

“Er…” Huang Xiaoyong looked embarrassed. That was to say, he was the

same as Xiao Leng

“Master, I used to be stupid. I didn’t know you were so powerful.”

“You can kill me if I am not powerful?” Samuel said in reply.

Seeing that Huang Xiaoyong didn’t know what to say, Samuel patted his shoulder and said, “You don’t have to kill people unless there is no other way. Even if you are very powerful and invincible in the world, you should respect every life.”

“What if we are forced into a dead end?” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Samuel’s eyes were cold. He said, “Death i

s their best choice.” If people in the world don’t provoke me,

the world will be peaceful.

If people in the world provoke me, I will kill everyone in the world.

This was Samuel’s way of doing things. H e did not take the initiative to stir up trouble, but he would never be afraid of it

At this time, the shopkeeper sent the girl t

o the boat.

The girl lowered her head shyly and did

not even dare to look at Samuel.

Huang Xiaoyong smiled obscenely and said, “Master, I’ll go to the shore and leave you some space.”

Samuel glared at Huang Xiaoyong. He did not do that shameless thing to buy this woman. He just felt pity for her for a moment.

“Little girl, where is your home?” Samuel

asked the girl.

The girl shook her head, not knowing if

she was too shy to speak, or afraid.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you, and I

can take you home,” Samuel said.

When she heard the word “home”, the girl’s whole body trembled. It was obvious. that she was afraid, which made Samuel a

little confused.

[10:26 pm, 28/12/2021] Sk Bhai: In his opinion, it was a happy thing to go
home. Even now, he was looking forward t
o going home all the time. Why was she

At this time, Huang Xiaoyong explained to
Samuel, “Master, a girl like her should
have been sold by her family. Going home i
s a nightmare for her.”

“Then what should we do?” Samuel
looked like he had a headache. He thought
that she would be satisfied if he helped
her solve this problem and sent her home..
Unexpectedly, she was unwilling to go
home. It became Samuel’s problem.

“Miss, how old are you?” Huang Xiaoyong

asked her.

“16,” the girl said in a soft voice.

“Master, she is at the prime of her life.
Since you have already bought her, you
can take her with you to serve you. If you
teach her well, a beauty like her will make
you reluctant to get out of bed in the
future,” Huang Xiaoyong said with a

[10:27 pm, 28/12/2021] Sk Bhai: To Samuel, she was just an adolescent. It
was impossible for such a shameless idea t
o occur in his mind.

After glaring at Huang Xiaoyong, he said t

o the girl, “Well, I’ll give you some
money. You can go anywhere you want.
What do you think?”

When the girl heard this, she immediately

knelt down in front Samuel.

“What are you doing?” Samuel looked
flustered and wanted to help her up.

“Please don’t abandon me, Childe. If you
don’t want me, I will go back to this kind o
f place. Childe, please give me a chance.
Wan’er will definitely take good care of
you and learn to serve you.”

Samuel had a headache. He didn’t expect
that his pity would bring him such a big
trouble. He had nothing to worry about
now. If he had a little girl by his side,
wouldn’t he ma…  by yourself, or does it have something to d o with your family background?”

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