Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1409

“You’re not joking with me, right? Was the Bailing Clan that powerful in the past?

In the inn, after listening to Huang Xiaoyong’s story about the Bailing family, Samuel said with a look of disbelief.

“Master, how could I joke with you?

Although this matter has been forgotten b y many people, I remember it very clearly. This is also the reason why my father often told me to keep a low profile,” Huang Xiaoyong said. This was the story that Huang Houyi told him when he was a child. From then on, Huang Houyi would often use this story as a reminder to him that he should not be too arrogant. Otherwise, he would end up dead.

“Since you said that the Bailing Clan had already been exterminated, then why would there still be Bailing Wan’er? Perhaps she’s not even someone from the Bailing Clan?” Samuel guessed.

“I don’t know that, but the Royal Court only informed the world of the Bailing Family’s genocide. The Royal Court did do a lot of killing, but it is not impossible for

such a big family to escape.” Huang Xiaoyong said. In fact, the appearance of the Bailing family’s orphan did not surprise Huang Xiaoyong, and he did not even doubt the identity of Bailing Wan’er.

Just like what he had said, the Bailing Family was very big. Even if the Royal Court wanted to kill all of them, it would also be a difficult matter. As long as there were people who managed to escape from hiding their identities, even if the Royal Court would not be able to find them out.

“If she was really a member of the Bailing Family and was willing to tell me her true identity, then her trust in me would be quite high,” Samuel said. Back then when their whole family was exterminated, the two words ‘Bailing’ might have become taboo in the Royal Court. If she were to reveal her identity, she would have to take a great risk. Once Samuel reported it to the Royal Court, there would be no way for her to survive.

“Master, I’m also very confused. Why does she believe you so much? She simply thinks that you are a good person. I think that this reason is too far-fetched,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“It seems that I have to ask her about it.” Samuel stood up and walked out of Huang Xiaoyong’s room.

Bailing Wan’er lived next door. After knocking on the door, Bailing Wan’er

quickly opened it.

Samuel took a look at Bailing Wan’er. After knowing her identity and background, he no longer regarded her as an ordinary person. He even felt that she must have a purpose to tell him her real identity.

“Do you know what it means to have the same surname as Bailing?” After closing the door, Samuel asked Bailing Wan’er.

Bailing Wan’er smiled and said. “You should already know who I am. That’s right; I am from the Bailing Family.”

“Since you’re a member of the Bailing Family, don’t you know how dangerous it would be to reveal your identity? You simply think that I’m a good person, that’s why you told me about it. I don’t really believe you,” Samuel said.

“I want to take you as my teacher.”

Bailing said.

“Apprentice?” Samuel looked at Bailing Wan’er in astonishment. Although he did not have time to think about the purpose o f Bailing Wan’er, her idea of Apprentice Plan was still beyond Samuel’s expectation.

“He is Huang Xiaoyong. I know about his matter. He broke through two realms in a row and subdued the Seven-star Winged Tiger with the strength of the Four-Light Realm. This is definitely not something that he can do. Since he calls you master, then this is all your credit,” Bailing Wan’er said.

Samuel took a deep breath. This girl was really not simple. In the Rouge River, she had shown the attitude of a weak person t o the fullest. It was also because of this that Samuel felt pity for her. But in fact, this was not the case. Bailing Wan’er was not the delicate girl that Samuel had imagined.

“Your frankness wants to exchange for the identity of the disciple. Why? Do you think that you can take revenge as long as you become stronger ? When the Balling Clan was at its peak, they were no match for the Royal Court. How could you do it alone?” Samuel asked.

“With my own strength, it is absolutely

impossible for me to succeed in my revenge. I want to become stronger and only want to join the Royal Court. I want t o appear within the Royal Court. Only in this way will I have the opportunity to destroy the Royal Court,” said Bailing Wan’er.

This was a scheming woman. Samuel could see from her determined expression that once this woman had the ability, she would definitely be a terrifying character.

“If you hadn’t met me, you would have become Xiao Leng’s person tonight. What will you do?” Samuel asked.

“Wait for an opportunity. As long as I am able to take revenge, I will be able to endure anything, even if it is an insult to my body,” said Bailing Wan’er.

Samuel took a deep breath. Was this something a sixteen-year-old girl could


On earth, a 16-year-old girl was probably

still immersed in her first love and still at

an ignorant age.

But when he was amazed, he seemed to have forgotten himself from that year. When Samuel was in the Hannigant family’s yard, he was younger than Bailing Wan’er.


From a certain point of view, these two.

people were very similar. They could

tolerate things that ordinary people could

not for their purpose.

“What will you do if I don’t accept you as

my disciple?” Samuel continued to ask.

“I can become your woman. I have seen many men fear their wives. When you are afraid of me, you will naturally teach me.” Said Bailing Wan’er.

Samuel couldn’t help but giggle. Before this, he felt that Bailing was very scheming and that she didn’t look like she should be at her age at all.

However, when she said these words, she

still couldn’t hide her innocence at her


“What are you laughing at?” Bailing Wan’er looked at Samuel in confusion. She did not feel that she had said something wrong.

Samuel waved his hand helplessly and said, “That’s a good idea, but unfortunately, I already have a wife.”

“So?” Bailing asked in confusion.

“I already have a wife,” Samuel said. ” Don’t you understand?”

“What should I understand?” Bailing Wan’er’s confused expression was especially cute. On top of that, her already extraordinary appearance also gave off a special seductive feeling.

Samuel almost forgot that this was not the earth. In Xuanyuan World, it was very normal for men to have three wives and four concubines. So it was simply impossible for him to tell Bailing Wan’er his position with the monogamy system o n earth.

“What I mean is that you will not become my wife,” Samuel said.

“Am I not beautiful enough?” Bailing Wan’er said with some disappointment.

“No, it’s just that I’m not interested in any other woman except for my wife,” Samuel said.

“Are you afraid of your wife? I guessed right.” Bailing’er’s face suddenly revealed a complacent smile.

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