Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1411

“City Lord Xiao, if you have anything to
say, just say it. There is no need to beat
around the bush with me.” Huang
Xiaoyong did not bother to guess what
Xiao Dou wanted to do and directly asked.

“Young Master Huang, in the past six
months, the Wind Spirit Platform has
been dominated by a cruel person. Anyone
who challenges him will all die in the
arena. Therefore, I hope that Young
Master Huang can step forward and help
me deal with this person,” Xiao Dou said.

“City Lord Xiao, isn’t the Wind Spirit
Stage a place where the strong become
king? Since he can deal with all the
challengers, it means that he is very
powerful. Why is City Lord Xiao hostile to
him?” Huang Xiaoyong asked in

“Young Master Huang, there are things
you do not know. The Wind Spirit Stage, a
s the second landmark in the entire city of
the Xiaoling City, used to be a bustling
place and attracted many people to attack it. However, ever since he became the
champion, there were fewer and fewer people who dared to challenge it. If this continues, I’m afraid that the Wind Spirit Stage would lose its original value.” Xiao Dou did not conceal his true intentions.

In the past, Wind Spirit Stage was a place for many people to come to the Xiaoling City, and it was also a place that many people wanted to challenge. But now, there were few people who were willing to wait and see. This caused the loss of people, and it was a blow to the prosperity of the Xiaoling City. That was why Xiao Dou had asked Huang Xiaoyong to solve this problem.

The logic behind this was simple. It was a very lively place, yet no one was interested in it. As the City Lord of the Xiaoling City, Xiao Dou had to find a way t o change the current situation.

“So, you want him dead because he is too powerful?” Huang Xiaoyong asked with a smile.

“The arena is created for the strong. Only the strong have the right to become the champion. However, the Wind Spirit Stage is different. As a popular landmark of the

Xiaoling City, it does not allow absolute

experts to come out.” Xiao Dou said.

Huang Xiaoyong understood Xiao Zhan’s meaning. The Wind Spirit Stage wasn’t just the Wind Spirit Stage. The industry nearby was Xiao Dou’s top priority. A strong person that no one could challenge would naturally affect the property nearby due to his cruel methods. This was something that Xiao Dou didn’t want to see.

However, as the City Lord, Xiao Dou couldn’t find anyone to deal with that arena master. Presumably, his strength must be very strong. Although Huang Xiaoyong was a Seven Star Beast Beast Trainer, he was only at the Four Lamp Realm in essence. He didn’t think that Four Lamp Realm could handle that arena master.

“City Lord Xiao, you think too highly of m e. I’m only at the -Lamp Realm. If you can’t even deal with someone you can’t, I’ll be courting death if I go,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“The Wind Spirit Stage is an arena without any limitations, so your Seven Star Exotic Beast is strong enough to tear him to pieces,” Xiao Dou said with a smile. If he wasn’t confident, he wouldn’t have deliberately come to meet Huang. Xiaoyong.

Huang Xiaoyong did not dare to agree to this matter on his own. Although he still cared about this meaningless reputation and wanted his name to be remembered b y the people in the Xiaoling City, he still had to ask Samuel’s advice.

In Huang Xiaoyong’s heart, Samuel’s words were absolute imperial edicts. Only it f he said he could do it, Huang Xiaoyong would have the courage to do it.

“I will think about this matter carefully. If there is nothing else, City Lord Xiao, you’d better focus on your own business,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Xiao Dou knew that this was an order to chase him away. Hence, he did not say anything more. He politely bid his farewells and left.

The three of them found a corner and sat down. After making sure that there was n o one around, Huang Xiaoyong said to Samuel, “Master, do I need to promise him?”

Samuel focused on eating and said faintly, “This Xiao Dou has two reasons. He wants to use your hand to solve his problem or get rid of you.”

“Get rid of me?” Huang Xiaoyong was stunned and said, “Master, do you mean that Xiao Dou wants to use that arena master to kill me?”

“If you die on the arena, even if the Royal Court investigates you, it will have nothing to do with the Xiao Clan. You reap what you sow if you are not strong y enough. If you can kill him, even if you help Xiao Dou solve his trouble, no matter what the result is, it will still be a good thing for him. This Xiao Dou is playing around with you.” Samuel explained.

Huang Xiaoyong immediately raised his eyebrows, gnashed his teeth, and said, ” Master, it seems that I haven’t taught the Xiao Family enough lessons. This old man dares to use me as a tool.”

“Do you know why?” Samuel said with a smile.

Huang Xiaoyong shook his head and said,

“I don’t know.”

“Because he knows that you are young and proud, and care about your reputation, so he’s sure that you’ll agree,” Samuel said. According to Huang Xiaoyong’s character, if it weren’t for him, Huang Xiaoyong would have agreed without hesitation.

The strong man had been defending the arena for half a year, and his means were fierce. Huang Xiaoyong would definitely bi e able to make a name for himself in this matter. For people who liked to be famous, the temptation was very great. Xiao Dou probably knew this, so he thought that Huang Xiaoyong would definitely come forward.

However, Xiao Dou couldn’t imagine that the servant in his eyes was actually Huang Xiaoyong’s master. Before Huang Xiaoyong made any decision, he would discuss it with Samuel..

“Master, why does he think I care about mi

y reputation?” Huang Xiaoyong curled his
lip and said.

“You’re the son of the Governor of Dragon
Cloud City. How can he not know your
character? And after the beast hunting, he
must have investigated you. I’m afraid he
knows your character very well,” Samuel
said with a smile.

Huang Xiaoyong wrinkled his nose
awkwardly. He was not very willing to
admit these words, but his character was
indeed the kind that liked to show off.
With strength, he would never hide it. It
would be better if he could do something
shocking to the world and let everyone
know his name.

“Master, what should I do now?” Huang
Xiaoyong asked.

“Promise him, but you cannot use Exotic
beasts to fight.” Samuel said.

“Can’t use Exotic Beasts?” Huang
Xiaoyong looked at Samuel in
astonishment. With his Four-Lamp
Realm strength, he would die if he didn’t
use Exotic Beasts.

“Combat can help you improve your
cultivation faster, especially when you are
facing a death realm. This is the most
effective way to improve your strength.
Maybe this time it will be your
opportunity to break through the Four
Lamp Realm,” Samuel said.

Huang Xiaoyong’s eyebrows were
twitching. Breaking through the Four
Lamp Realm!

He had already broken through two
realms before. In Huang Xiaoyong’s view,
even with Samuel’s guidance, it would
take him two or three years to break
through. He did not expect Samuel to say
this at this time.

This meant that he was very likely to
reach the Five -Lamp Realm very soon.
This made Huang Xiaoyong’s heart beat
faster and he couldn’t help but feel

“Master, is… is it really possible for me to
break through the realm now?” Huang
Xiaoyong asked in a trembling voice.

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