Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1413

“You are in the Four-Lamp Realm, but
you have a seven-star beast. How did you
do that?” The man on the arena finally
opened his eyes. Obviously, it was because
Huang Xiaoyong gave him a different

“I’m here to fight, so there’s no need to
talk so much nonsense, right?” Huang
Xiaoyong said lightly.

The man stared at the Seven -Star beast
and didn’t even look at Huang Xiaoyong. I
It was obvious that he didn’t take Huang
Xiaoyong seriously.

“Do you know that the Beast Trainer and
the Exotic beast’s lives are linked? Even if
you die, it will still die. What a pity.” That
person said.

Huang Xiaoyong frowned. This beggar
like guy was really arrogant. He had
determined his life and death.

However, Huang Xiaoyong still knew
himself well. He knew that his strength
was no match for this guy. If it weren’t for
the secret protection of Samuel, he wouldn’t even have the courage to go to the arena.

“We haven’t fought yet, do you think I’m going to die? Don’t you think you are too arrogant? Huang Xiaoyong said.

The man smiled and seemed to think that Huang Xiaoyong’s words were a joke. He said, “From the moment you went to the arena, you were doomed. As for it, it will only add a little trouble to me.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to let the beast fight,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

The man finally looked straight at Huang Xiaoyong, but his eyes were full of puzzlement.

If he didn’t allow the exotic beast to fight, would he want to use the ridiculous strength of the Four-Lamp Realm to challenge him?

Even the three Xiao family members who were watching the fight in the distance were confused.

“Second Uncle, what does he mean by

this?” Xiao Leng asked Xiao Dou.

Xiao Dou was also puzzled. How could he not allow the exotic beast to fight? Did he

still naively think that with his Four Lamp

Realm strength, he could challenge him?

At this time, Winged Tiger suddenly let

out a long howl towards the sky and shot u

p into the sky with four legs.

“This guy, is he crazy?” Xiao Dou said doubtfully. He thought that Huang Xiaoyong was just talking, but he didn’t expect that he really didn’t intend to use exotic beast. This was purely a joke.

“Although Huang Xiaoyong isn’t smart, h

e shouldn’t be so stupid. What is he doing? “Xiao Zhan was full of doubts.

No one could explain this question.

Even the person in the arena did not understand what Huang Xiaoyong intended to do.

“You’re committing suicide,” the man said to Huang Xiaoyong.

The reason Huang Xiaoyong called out the Winged Tiger but didn’t let it fight was Samuel’s order for him to do so.

If he was only in the Four -Lamp Realm, the opponent would probably not be willing to waste time but kill him directly. In the case of a huge gap in realms, Huang Xiaoyong had no time to exert himself at all, and he would definitely be killed by one move.

The appearance of Winged Tiger would definitely make his opponent suspicious. He would definitely give Huang Xiaoyong a certain opportunity to attack to figure out what Huang Xiaoyong wanted to do.

During this period, it was Huang Xiaoyong’s opportunity to attack. As long as he could exert his utmost strength, the purpose of attacking the arena would be achieved.

“Take this.” As soon as Huang Xiaoyong finished speaking, he took the initiative to attack. Without any defensive measures, h e used all his strength on the attack.

This made the three members of the Xiao family more and more confused. They really didn’t understand what Huang Xiaoyong wanted to do. With the help of Winged Tiger, there was still a chance for him to survive, but he would definitely die if he only relied on himself.

“Second Uncle, could it be that he doesn’t

know how powerful this person is? Is that

why he’s so careless?” Xiao Leng guessed

“Let’s continue watching Perhaps only

when we see the end will we know what h

e wants to do.” Xiao Dou took in a deep

breath and said.

On the arena, Huang Xiaoyong’s attack

seemed fierce, but in fact, he couldn’t

really hurt his opponent. He didn’t even

have the chance to touch his opponent

The man did not make a move, because he had too many questions to figure out. He did not want Huang Xiaoyong to die so simply.

At the very least, he had to know why a Seven Star Beast Trainer would challenge him with the strength of a Four-Lamp Realm expert. What kind of secrets were hidden behind this kind of act of courting death?

“Boy, why did you do this? Do you know that you are looking for death?” The man asked Huang Xiaoyong in the process of fighting.

Huang Xiaoyong only cared about
attacking. At this time, he didn’t think
about anything because he knew Samuel
could protect him well. Moreover, he
knew that only by giving full play to his
own limits could he find a way to break
through the realm.

“If you don’t speak, I’ll kill you,” the man

threatened Huang Xiaoyong.

Huang Xiaoyong mobilized all the power i
n his body to make an attack. The word ”
death” did not make him feel any danger.
At this time, he only felt that the power in
his body was constantly emerging, as if it
would never be exhausted. This was a
feeling Huang Xiaoyong had never had

Of course, in Huang Xiaoyong’s life, he
had never attacked so unscrupulously
even in the case of facing such a strong

The man’s patience was running out little
by little, and his expression had obviously
become a little impatient.

“I will give you one last chance. What
exactly do you want to do?” That person continued

Huang Xiaoyong ignored it. At this time, h e couldn’t control himself. The power in his body had become out of control. Even IT fhe wanted to stop, he couldn’t do it.

After feeling Huang Xiaoyong’s state, the

man frowned and then laughed again. He

said, “How dare you use me to break the

realm. Boy, do you know that I can kill

you even if you succeed in breaking the

realm? It’s meaningless for you to do so.”

The man retreated a few steps, keeping a distance from Huang Xiaoyong. When he was ready to let this ignorant boy go to hell, he suddenly felt that he was locked b y a strong aura, which seemed to be able t o kill him at any time!

The man could sense the source of the

aura the moment fear appeared in his


Among the crowd, there was a person slowly walking toward him. This person’s strength was not only higher than his, but also several times stronger!

How could there be such a powerful person in the small Xiaoling City?

“Second Uncle, what is he doing? Why didn’t he just kill Huang Xiaoyong?” Xiao Leng, who was watching from afar, asked i In confusion. In his opinion, the man had already wanted to kill Huang Xiaoyong. Why did he suddenly stop?

Xiao Dou furrowed his brows. He did not understand why that person would be stunned. It was as if the scene had come t o a standstill.

“I don’t know, but I have a bad premonition.” For some reason, Xiao Dou was trembling with fear, as if something bad was about to happen.

In the crowd, a man in a white shirt with a mask came out. He walked up to the ring and said to Huang Xiaoyong in a deep voice, “Go to the side to have a rest.”

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