Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1416

Upon hearing Zhao Yi’s words, Samuel
could not accept that Zhao Yi intended to
follow him. After all, he was a Seven
Lamp Realm expert. Many people knew
that. It would be difficult for Samuel to
keep a low profile if Zhao Yi wanted to
stay by his side.

“You cannot stay by my side.” Samuel

“Why?” Zhao Yi asked in confusion.

“Do you know why I’m wearing a mask?”
Samuel asked.

This question was easy to explain. Zhao Yi
was not a fool. Wasn’t the reason why he
masked himself is to hide himself?

“You don’t want others to know that
you’re very powerful,” Zhao Yi said.

Samuel nodded and continued, “Since you
know, you don’t need me to tell you why
you can’t stay by my side, do you?”

“But it wasn’t easy for me to meet my
fellow villagers. Can’t we investigate the
Xuanyuan World together?” Zhao Yi said
resentfully. He wanted to stay by Samuel’s side. Other than taking care of each other, he also harbored other selfish motives.

First, he hoped that Samuel could help him break through the realm, Second, if Samuel could find a way to go back to Earth, he would be able to leave here.

For twenty full years, Zhao Yi had found nothing. He did not feel that he had the ability to find a way back to Earth. Hence, the only person he could rely on in this matter was Samuel.

“Don’t worry. If I find a way to leave the Xuanyuan World, I will definitely take you with me.” Samuel guesses what Zhao Yi was thinking and said directly.

“But if I don’t follow you, where can I go? I’ve been very confused for twenty years. I don’t have any goals,” Zhao Yi said eagerly. He didn’t want to be a walking dead. He wanted to live a more meaningful life. Following Samuel was his only choice.

“You can go for your own way of breaking the realm. If you want to leave the Royal

Court, the only way is to make yourself

stronger. If the passage out of the Xuanyuan World is not in the Royal Court, and you have no strength to leave the Royal Court, what should you do?” Samuel said.

This sentence made Zhao Yi’s expression become serious. If this was the case, even i f he knew the passage away from the Xuanyuan World, he would not be able to return to Earth without the strength to leave the Royal Court.

After thinking about it seriously, Zhao Yi said, “How are you going to find me in the future?”

“Alas.” Samuel sighed and said, “There is no mobile phone in this world. It’s really troublesome to contact each other.”

Zhao Yi smiled helplessly. Speaking of the phone, he had almost forgotten about the existence of it. After living in the Royal Court for 20 years, he had almost forgotten about the modern world on earth.

“That’s right. It would be much more convenient if we have a cell phone,” Zhao Yi said.

Samuel thought for a while and said, “One year later, we will meet at Wind Spirit Stage. At that time, I don’t need to hide m y identity anymore.”

Zhao Yi nodded and said, “See you a year later. I hope I can break the realm successfully at that time.”

Samuel’s words rekindled hope in Zhao Y i, and also made him more eager to break through the realm. Being able to return to Earth was a great spiritual pillar for Zhao Yi. Moreover, Samuel was now in the last three realms, which was even more stimulating for Zhao Yi.

In the past, he wanted to break through the realm but he was afraid of death. Now, however, Zhao Yi was able to pay a greater price for it. This also allowed him to have a better chance of breaking through the realm.

Of course, the risk was uncontrollable.

Samuel was not sure whether he would be able to see Zhao Yi again.

However, since he could not control it, Samuel would not think too much about it.

Even if they were both Earth residents, Samuel would consider his own situation first and then consider Zhao Yi. But now, Samuel did not have the energy to care about Zhao Yi.

Jiang Yingying had not yet been found, and the feeling of being involved at that time had not been clear. This was what Samuel needed to do the most urgently.

After saying goodbye to Zhao Yi, Samuel returned to the inn.

When Bailing Wan’er saw Samuel, she

followed him back to the room.

“You’re so powerful, why are you afraid of others knowing about it?” When Bailing Wan’er heard about the matter of the arena, she knew that the masked person was Samuel. Thus, she was very curious a s to why Samuel did not dare to expose his identity.

“The Bailing Clan is so powerful. Do you dare to let anyone know that you are a descendant of the Bailing Clan?” Samuel asked.

“The Bailing Family was exterminated by the Royal Court. Are you also one of them? Bailing said lightly. Of course, she did not think that Samuel’s identity could not be revealed. She only used this method to fight back against him.

“Do you still want to be my disciple with that attitude of yours?” Samuel said disdainfully.

“I do not necessarily have to be your disciple. I can still be your wife.” Said Bailing Wan’er.

Samuel couldn’t help rolling his eyes. This little girl was only 16 years old, and she wanted to be a wife all day long. If she were on earth, Samuel would have been put into prison long ago.

“Perhaps, you have another choice.” Bailing Wan’er continued.

“It’s already a lot of trouble and danger to let you stay with me. Why do you still want to make a choice for me?” Samuel said with a smile.

“The Bailing Family has a secret storehouse. The Royal Court spent many years searching for it. However, only I

know where the secret storehouse is in this world.” Said Bailing Wan’er.

This piqued Samuel’s interest.

In the past, the Bailing Family was very powerful, so there must be a lot of good things in the secret warehouse. Moreover, it was worth looking for for many years b y the Royal Court, which also showed the value of the secret warehouse.

“I’ll take you as my disciple. Tell me where the secret warehouse is?” Samuel asked.

Bailing Wan’er shook her head and said, ” It’s not as simple as taking apprentices. I need to reach the Six-Lamp Realm before I can tell you where the secret warehouse i S.”

Six-Lamp Realm?

For Samuel, this realm was not considered high. With a few more red fruits, it wouldn’t even take half a year for Bailing Wan’er to reach the Six-Lamp Realm.

But what was in the secret warehouse? Was it worth it for Samuel to consume the red fruit? It was hard to say. After all, the red fruit was limited to Samuel. If he consumed one, he would lose one.

“Are you qualified to negotiate with me now? You know what you’ll end up without me, don’t you?” Samuel said.

“If I can’t take revenge, the outcome will b

e the same for me. Do you think I will care? “Bailing said with a tough attitude.

This little girl’s temper was as bad as an ox’s. This was the last thing Samuel could do about it. Even though she was young, h e could not lie to her with some tricks.

While the two of them were chatting, Huang Xiaoyong finally came back. This guy looked satisfied, as if he had gained a lot of benefits from the Xiao family.

“Master, take a guess at how much money I extorted from the Xiao family.”

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