Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1417

The word “money” was never something
that Samuel would be interested in. Huang
Xiaoyong’s hasty behavior made Samuel
very speechless.

Samuel took a look at Bailing Wan’er and
asked Huang Xiaoyong in front of her, ”
Have you heard of the Bailing Family’s
secret storehouse?”

“Secret warehouse?” Huang Xiaoyong
glanced at Samuel in surprise, then
looked at Bailing Wan’er and said
honestly, “Master, if the Bailing Family
really has a Secret warehouse, this is not
something that I can know.”

“If the secret warehouse really exists,
what do you think it will be?” Samuel said
without hesitation.

Huang Xiaoyong thought about it. In
those days, the Bailing Family ruled many
cities, and their forces could almost stand
side by side with the Royal Court. Such a
supreme existence, if they really had a
secret storage, it would be valuable..

“Master.” Huang Xiaoyong said in a low
voice. “If the Bailing Clan really did have a secret storage, then they would definitely

be extremely wealthy.”

Samuel frowned. Wealthy. Wasn’t this

money? But he was not interested in

money at all.

Back on Earth, Samuel had controlled the Nangong family; he was already the wealthiest man in the world. At such a high level, money was just a number for him. Although there was still a certain difference between Earth and Xuanyuan World, what money could be used for was limited. This was not something worth pursuing for Samuel.

“It’s just money, isn’t it?” Samuel said with some disappointment.

“Master, it’s definitely not just money.

There must be rare treasures, divine weapons, or sharp weapons. But I don’t know if this secret warehouse is real or fake.” Speaking of this, Huang Xiaoyong deliberately glanced at Bailing Wan’er, and then continued to say, “I don’t know whether it really exists or not.”

Hearing these words, Bailing Wan’er smiled faintly and said: “Ignorant. Even

until now, the Royal Court has not given u p investigating the location of the secret warehouse. You don’t know, but this only proves that you are ignorant.”

Huang Xiaoyong looked at Bailing Wan’er with dissatisfaction, but he did not refute. After all, this kind of thing was not something that a person of his status could come into contact with.

Back then, when the Bailing Family was exterminated, it was only sporadic news that spread out. As for what was going on, other than the upper echelons of the Royal Court, there was not a single person who knew about it.

“I admit that my status is indeed not high, but it’s just now. Don’t look down o n me. One day, I will become a high-level official in the Royal Court,” Huang Xiaoyong said to Bailing Wan’er, raising his head high.

In order to become a high-level official in the Royal Court, strength was the most important thing. As the first disciple of Samuel, Huang Xiaoyong was confident that he could become a strong man in the future.

Bailing smiled. She could not determine
what Huang Xiaoyong would achieve in
the future. Moreover, according to the
current situation, it was very likely that
Huang Xiaoyong would become a high
level official in the Royal Court.

He had broken through two realms in a
row, and now he broke the realm again
and became the Five-lamp Realm. Such a
speed of breaking the realm was not
something that ordinary people could

It was also because of this incident that
Bailing Wan’er had let Samuel know that
the Bailing Family had a secret
warehouse. She wanted to seduce him so
that he could accept her
his disciple.

Bailing Wan’er knew one thing. Samuel
was someone who was most likely to help
her enter the Royal Court. That was why
Bailing Wan’er was willing to pay a price
for it. Once she missed this opportunity, it
would be difficult for Bailing Wan’er
meet another expert like Samuel.

“For the time being, I believe you really
have a secret warehouse, but is there anything in the secret warehouse that can.

interest me?” Samuel asked Bailing Wan’er.

“I believe that there is something in the secret warehouse that is suitable to be your Natal Item. The more powerful the Natal Item is, the more powerful it will be for you to become. Even if you are as powerful as the Master of the Superb Master Realm, if you have a rare Natal Item, it would also be like adding wings to a tiger. A Superb Master who possesses a precious Natal Item and a Superb Master who only possesses an ordinary Natal Item, the strength of the two would be completely different.” Said Bailing Wan’er.

Samuel had heard about the Natal Item from Huang Xiaoyong, but he did not ask more about it at the beginning. Now, he heard what Bailing Wan’er said, it seemed that the Natal Item was also very important and could not be dispensable.

Samuel did not speak but left the room


He still had to consider this matter. After all, if he really accepted Bailing Wan’er as

his disciple, then he would have something to do with the Bailing Family. I In the future, he would have to face trouble together with Bailing Wan’er. The gains and losses were not something that could be imagined now.

“You’re lucky.” After Samuel left the

room, Bailing Wan’er said to Huang


Huang Xiaoying nodded happily. The word ‘lucky’ was a perfect reflection on him. Back then, he had wanted to kill Samuel. Who would have thought that in the end, he would become Samuel’s disciple? Moreover, he could not help but get a rapid upgrade in his realm and become a Seven-Star Beast Trainer.

Huang Xiaoyong had never thought about these things before.

Huang Xiaoyong’s biggest dream in his life was to get promoted to Four – Lamp Realm because in a place like Dragon Cloud City, Four-Lamp Realm experts were very powerful. Now, Huang Xiaoyong even felt that he could become a
Superb Master one day!

“If you want to be my Junior Sister,
complimenting me is useless, unless the
master agrees. Otherwise, no one can help.
you,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“Of course.” Bailing Wan’er nodded her
head naturally. She said these words not
because she wanted Huang Xiaoyong to
put in a good word for her on this matter,
because she knew very well that the
absolute decision was in the hands of
Samuel. Huang Xiaoyong’s words had no

The reason why she said those words to
Huang Xiaoying was purely out of her

“In fact, I really want to have a junior
sister, but unfortunately, your identity is
a little sensitive. If it weren’t for the
person you met being my master, I’m
afraid that your identity would have been
reported long ago,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

“Unfortunately, even if I gambled with m
y life, he is still unwilling to help me. The
secret Warehouse of the Bailing Family is
a secret that the Royal Court has been.
searching for for many years. If even this cannot attract him, then I will not have any other method.” Said Bailing Wan’er with some disappointment.

“Is there really a secret warehouse in the Bailing Family?” Huang Xiaoyong asked doubtfully.

“Just find some people to ask and you’ll know. This is not a secret in the Royal Court,” said Bailing Wan’er.

Seeing that Bailing Wan’er said so frankly and didn’t seem to be lying, Huang Xiaoyong couldn’t help but be moved. Because he knew that there must be amazing wealth and secrets in the secret warehouse, and it was enough to show the value of the secret warehouse since it had been searched by the Royal Court for many years.

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