Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1418

Dragon Cloud City.

In Chen Yuanhai’s study, Chen Tiexin
strode over. His unstable breathing
showed that he was in an unstable mood.

After walking to the front of Chen

Yuanhai, Chen Tiexin said, “Father,

you’re looking for me.”

Chen Yuanhai turned his head and looked
at the excellent son in his eyes. In order to
become stronger, he had worked hard for
many years. Even after suffering all kinds
of setbacks, he had never given up, but
now he got nothing. However, Huang
Xiaoyong, a good-for-nothing, now had a
master, which made Chen Yuanhai feel a
little indignant for Chen Tiexin.

“Why is God so blind to let a hard
working person gain nothing? On the
contrary, Huang Xiaoyong is a good-for
nothing, but he has got the chance that he
shouldn’t have.”

“Have you heard about what happened in
the Xiaoling City?” asked Chen Yuanhai.

Chen Tiexin nodded. He was emotionally

unstable because of this matter.

The news that Huang Xiaoyong had broken through the Five-Lamp Realm had already reached Dragon Cloud City. This shocked many people in Dragon Cloud City. Of course, the most important thing was that Huang Xiaoyong’s master had appeared. This confirmed their previous speculations.

Moreover, Chen Tiexin was very familiar with the champion of the Xiaoling City. He went to the Xiaoling City on purpose to inquire that he was a Seven-Lamp master. Of course, Chen Tiexin had also been there to be apprenticed, but it was a pity that the man had no interest in taking a look at Chen Tiexin.

But now, with a Seven Lamp Realm expert standing on the arena, he didn’t even have the courage to make a move against Huang Xiaoyong’s master. This meant that Huang Xiaoyong’s mysterious master’s cultivation was at least at the last three realms. This was even more unacceptable to Chen Tiexin.

He couldn’t accept that his years of efforts
were in vain, but Huang Xiaoyong could b
e so lucky.

More importantly, he had been stuck in
the Second Lamp Realm for many years,
but now Huang Xiaoyong was already an
expert in the Five Lamp Realm, which
made him almost envious to the point
that his eyes turned red.

“Alas.” Chen Yuanhai sighed and said, ”

Son, I feel sorry for you.”

“Father, my aptitude is absolutely better
than Huang Xiaoyong’s. I believe that as
long as I meet that person, he will
definitely take me in as his disciple,”
Chen Tiexin said.

“What do you think?” asked Chen

Chen Tiexin took a deep breath and said: ”
I want to wait for Huang Xiaoyong to
introduce me to him after he returns to
Dragon Cloud City.”

Chen Yuanhai frowned slightly. Chen
Tiexin and Huang Xiaoyong had always
been on bad terms. He asked Huang Xiaoyong to recommend him. How could h e help?

Not only did he not help, but Chen Tiexin might also be humiliated by Huang Xiaoyong because of this matter.

“Have you ever thought about how Huang Xiaoyong will treat you?” asked Chen Yuanhai.

Chen Tiexin nodded and said, “Of course I know. With his relationship with me, it’s very likely that he will laugh at me. But I still want to give it a try. I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

Seeing Chen Tiexin’s resolute attitude, Chen Yuanhai knew that his persuasion would not work. He could only remind him, “You have to know that with the Chen Family’s current strength, we are no longer qualified to go against the City Lord’s Mansion. So even if Huang Xiaoyong has gone too far, you have to hold back and not turn against him.”

“Father, don’t worry. I know what to do,” Chen Tiexin said.

Even if he always looked down on Huang Xiaoyong in his heart, the reality was in front of him. Chen Tiexin knew the gap between the Chens and the City Lord’s Mansion. If he had a direct confrontation with Huang Xiaoyong, it would be very dangerous for the Chens. It was equivalent to giving the City Lord’s Mansion a justifiable reason to deal with the Chens.

Chen Yuanhai didn’t say anything more. H e trusted his son very much. Chen Yuanhai didn’t need to worry about his son.

After leaving the study, Chen Tiexin’s eyes were filled with uncontrollable jealousy. When he thought that Huang Xiaoyong had reached the Five-Lamp Realm, he felt as if his heart was being cut by a knife. It was as if what belonged to him had been taken away by Huang Xiaoyong.

“Young Master, Miss’ mood is unstable again.” The maid ran to Chen Tiexin in a hurry and said anxiously.

During this time, Chen Yanran’s mood was very ups and downs. She often looked in a trance, sometimes she suddenly became irritable, and sometimes she was a s quiet as a statue.

Chen Tiexin gritted his teeth. He knew that the reason why his sister became like this was Samuel. It must have been. Samuel who had done something to Chen Yanran to make her change so much.

Only Samuel could solve the problem.

It was a pity that Chen Tiexin had not found Samuel, even though he had sent all the Chens’ men.

Arriving at Chen Yanran’s room, everything that could be smashed was turned into pieces on the ground.

The room was in a mess, like a tornado

passing by.

Chen Yanran, with her hair disheveled,

did not look like a goddess at all.

“Yanran, calm down. Don’t hurt yourself. “Chen Tiexin stepped forward and grabbed Chen Yanran’s hand.

When Chen Yanran saw Chen Tiexin, she
was stunned at first, and then asked
eagerly, “Brother, have you found
Samuel? Where is he? Where is he?”

Chen Tiexin’s eyes were filled with anger,
He couldn’t imagine what Samuel had
done to Chen Yanran to make her lose her

“I’ve tried my best to find him. Don’t
worry, I’ll bring him to you soon,” said
Chen Tiexin.

Chen Yanran suddenly knelt down in front

of Chen Tiexin and cried bitterly, ”

Brother, please help me find Samuel. I

want to see him. I have to see him.”

Chen Tiexin felt as if a knife were piercing
his heart. For him, who had always loved
Chen Yanran, he was very upset when he
saw Chen Yanran kneel down.

“Tell me, what happened?” Chen Tiexin
didn’t ask about it before, for fear of
exposing the scar in Chen Yanran’s heart.
But seeing Chen Yanran’s current state, h
e really couldn’t help it. He had to know
what Samuel had done. “What has Samuel done?”

Speaking of which, Samuel didn’t do anything. The reason why Chen Yanran became like this was entirely because of Huang Xiaoyong’s words. Moreover, the longer she hadn’t seen Samuel for a long time, the deeper Chen Yanran’s obsession with him was, which led her to think about it all the time, so that things with

unstable emotions would happen.

Because Chen Yanran was very scared. She was afraid that things would really be as she imagined, and she was afraid that she would miss a real strong man!

“Brother, don’t ask me. Just help me find

him,” Chen Yanran said with tears in her


“Okay, okay, okay. I won’t ask. I’ll find him right away. Stay at home and don’t lose your temper. Don’t hurt yourself,” Chen Tiexin said hurriedly.

Chen Yanran nodded and calmed down a


After leaving Chen Yanran’s room, Chen Tiexin’s face was livid, and there was a strong killing intent in his heart. He couldn’t wait to pull Samuel’s tendons and skin him.

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