Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1420

Chen Tiexin was in a dilemma. In the past,
he didn’t need to care about Huang
Xiaoyong’s appearance. But now, the
Chens were no longer able to oppose the
City Lord’s Mansion, and Huang
Xiaoyong’s personal strength was far
above Chen Tiexin’s, so he was not
qualified to act recklessly in front of
Huang Xiaoyong.

“Huang Xiaoyong, this matter has
nothing to do with you,” Chen Tiexin said.

Huang Xiaoyong frowned with
dissatisfaction, walked to Chen Tiexin,
and said, “I am the son of the City Lord.
You want to kill people in our Dragon
Cloud City, but you say that it has nothing
to do with me? Chen Tiexin, how dare
you! Is our Dragon Cloud City a place
where you can do whatever you want?”

Chen Tiexin was speechless. Killing
people was a taboo. In a situation where n
o one knew about it, he could do whatever
he wanted. But in front of Huang
Xiaoyong, the son of the City Lord, once h
e did so, he would be in prison.

“Huang Xiaoyong, don’t you want this
man to die?” Chen Tiexin said. In the past,
Huang Xiaoyong hated Samuel very
much, because Samuel took away Chen
Yanran. Therefore, Chen Tiexin hoped to
use this to persuade Huang Xiaoyong.

However, it was already a long time ago
that Huang Xiaoying wanted to kill
Samuel. He was the disciple of Samuel
now. How could he want Samuel to die?

“Chen Tiexin, I’m the son of the City
Lord. How can I argue with an ordinary
person? And I don’t take your sister
seriously for a long time. As for you, you
used to be cynical against me. I should
settle this with you.” Huang Xiaoyong

Chen Tiexin gritted his teeth. He knew
that Huang Xiaoyong was here for him.
This guy must have wanted to vent his
anger on Chen Tiexin, and he happened to
find this opportunity.

“Huang Xiaoyong, you’re already a Five
Lamp Realm expert. Do you still need to
settle accounts with me?” Chen Tiexin

Huang Xiaoyong was stunned for a

moment and then laughed to the sky.


Chen Tiexin tried to compromise by
devaluing his position. Was he still the
same Chen Tiexin he used to be?

Huang Xiaoyong clearly remembere
when Chen Tiexin broke through to the
Second Lamp Realm, he often showed off i
n front of Huang Xiaoyong. At that time, h
e always boasted that he would become a
real strong man in the future and often
belittled Huang Xiaoyong.

At that time, Huang Houyi was still a
puppet of the three big families, so even
Huang Xiaoyong, as the son of the City
Lord, did not dare to refute Chen Tiexin’s

However, now that the City Lord’s
Mansion was no longer under the control
of the three great clans, and Huang
Xiaoyong’s own strength had also
outclassed Chen Tiexin.

“Chen Tiexin, I didn’t expect you to say
something like that,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

Chen Tiexin was prepared to be

humiliated by Huang Xiaoyong. After all, h e had treated Huang Xiaoyong like this in those days. This was just karma.

“I’m just telling the truth,” Chen Tiexin said.

“Tut-tut-tut.” Huang Xiaoyong shook his head with a sigh and said, “Chen Tiexin, if I remember correctly, you were still showing off in front of me. You said that you would become a real strong man one day, but now it seems that you are boasting a little too much. I am in the Realm of Five Lamp, but you are still in

the Realm of Two Lamp.”

Chen Tiexin had always thought that his hard work had not been rewarded, and Huang Xiaoyong was just lucky, so he was very unconvinced in his heart.

After hearing Huang Xiaoyong’s words, Chen Tiexin was even more dissatisfied in his heart, but he had to hold back because he hoped that Huang Xiaoyong could help him introduce him to his master.

“I said I would become stronger one day,

but it’s not time yet. I didn’t say you

won’t become stronger, right?” said Chen


Huang Xiaoyong looked at Chen Tiexin
impatiently and said, “Don’t play word
games with me. I don’t buy this. Hurry up
and get out of here with your people. If I
see you make such a big scene in Dragon
Cloud City again, I will never let the Chens

Chen Tiexin nodded his head in a hurry

and left with the Chen family’s servants..

He didn’t dare to stay. Even if he
desperately wanted to kill Samuel, Chen
Tiexin didn’t have the courage to fight
Huang Xiaoyong. After all, the current
Dragon Cloud City was under the full
control of the City Lord’s Mansion. Chen
Tiexin was very clear what would happen i
f Huang Xiaoyong went against him.

After Chen Tiexin and the others left,
Huang Xiaoyong walked to Samuel’s side.

“Master, this guy is really blind. He dares t
o come to you to make trouble. If I hadn’t
arrived in time, this guy would have died today,” Huang Xiaoyong said indignantly.

Samuel smiled faintly and said, “Huang Xiaoyong, you are getting bolder and bolder now. How dare you test me in a roundabout way?”

Huang Xiaoyong repeatedly waved his hand and explained, “Master, that’s not what I meant. You misunderstood, you misunderstood.”

Samuel sighed and said, “If you hadn’t come, he would have died today, because h e didn’t intend to let me go.”

Huang Xiaoyong’s eyelids jumped. That was to say, Chen Tiexin’s luck was really good. He was only one step away from becoming a corpse.

“By the way, what can I do for you?”

Samuel asked Huang Xiaoyong.

“Master, all the people I sent have replied that hey didn’t find your sister,” Huang Xiaoyong said. The entire Dragon Cloud City, including the nearby villages, had been dug up by his men, but there was no news at all. In Huang Xiaoyong’s view, it was very likely that his sister was not in

Dragon Cloud City at all.

Samuel sighed helplessly. Jiang Yingying entered the space-time channel at the same time as him. How could they not be i n the same place? Moreover, the Xuanyuan World was so big. If Jiang Yingying was not in Dragon Cloud City, where would she be?

A question that worried Samuel even

more emerged in his mind.

If Jiang Yingying was not even in the

Royal Court, but in other countries, it

would be more troublesome.

“Arrange for people to look for them în other cities. You have a lot of money now. I t shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?” Samuel asked.

Huang Xiaoyong did extort a lot of money from the Xiao family in the Xiaoling City, and he did not expect the real use of the money. Since Samuel had made such a request, Huang Xiaoyong naturally would not refuse.

“Okay, Master, I’ll send someone to arrange it right away,” Huang Xiaoyong said.

After leaving Samuel’s house, Huang Xiaoyong felt that someone was following him on his way back to the City Lord’s Mansion, which made him feel a little strange. He was now in the Five – Lamp Realm. How could someone follow him? Wasn’t he looking for death?

After entering an alley, Huang Xiaoyong deliberately waited for the person who followed him to show up.

When the man appeared, he did not

deliberately hide himself, but went straight up to Huang Xiaoyong.

“Chen Tiexin!”

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