Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1421

Huang Xiaoyong was confused when he saw Chen Tiexin was following him.

“This guy saved his life for nothing. What’s the matter now? Does he have to: seek death to follow me? Is he unable to break the realm and giving up, so he wants to commit suicide in this way?”

“Chen Tiexin, are you trying to take revenge on me by following me?” Huang Xiaoyong smiled faintly. He was not afraid of Chen Tiexin at his current strength. If Chen Tiexin had other intentions, Huang Xiaoyong could subdue Chen Tiexin with his own strength.

“With my strength, how could I get revenge on you? I have a presumptuous request,” said Chen Tiexin.

“A presumptuous request?” Huang Xiaoyong laughed and said, “You don’t want me to introduce my master to you, d o you?”

It was no secret that Huang Xiaoyong had a master to help him in the Xiaoling City, s o it was not surprising that Chen Tiexin knew about it.

“That’s right. I hope I can take this opportunity to be your Junior Brother,” said Chen Tiexin.

Huang Xiaoyong burst into laughter. He remembered that it was in the Chens’ mansion, Samuel was chased away by Chen Tiexin. Now he wanted to be apprenticed again. It was really ridiculous.

“Chen Tiexin, how can you be qualified to be my Junior Brother? I advise you to give up this idea. You will never be his disciple, “Huang Xiaoyong said.

Chen Tiexin had expected that he would b e rejected, but he would not give up so easily.

“Why?” Chen Tiexin asked.

“There are some things I can’t tell you now, but you will understand later,” Huang Xiaoyong said. He knew that SamuelSamuel’s identity in Dragon Cloud City would be exposed sooner or later. At that time, not only Chen Tiexin, but also Chen Yanran would understand what they had missed.

In fact, in Huang Xiaoyong’s heart, he couldn’t wait to see the look of regret on the Chen family’s faces. However, this matter was not up to him to decide, so he could only wait.

“You’re afraid that after I become his disciple, my realm will rise faster, and I’ll steal your thunder?” Chen Tiexin said.

These words were very dangerous. Once Huang Xiaoyong was unhappy, he would end up in a very miserable state. However, Chen Tiexin had to do so. This was a provocation he deliberately used.

But in fact, Huang Xiaoyong was not angry. On the contrary, he smiled even happier because he knew why his strength improved so fast. It was all thanks to the effect of the red fruit.

However, Chen Tiexin was so arrogant that he thought that he was more talented, so he was able to improve his realm faster. Wasn’t that a joke?

“Chen Tiexin, I know you are very conceited, but after so many years, don’t you understand why those people don’t accept you as a disciple? Is it because your talent is too high that they are afraid that

you can surpass them?” Huang Xiaoyong sneered.

Regarding the matter of talent, Chen

Tiexin was obsessed with confidence. It was also because of this that he was able t o travel far and wide. Even under a situation where he gained nothing, Chen Tiexin still believed that those people didn’t know what was good for him.

“Isn’t it true?” Chen Tiexin asked in reply.

Huang Xiaoyong couldn’t help laughing again. In his eyes, Chen Tiexin was like a complete fool. How could such a bizarre idea appear in his mind?

Walking to Chen Tiexin, Huang Xiaoyong patted him on the shoulder and said sincerely, “Chen Tiexin, admit that you are a loser?” when will you

Chen Tiexin’s face darkened. He had high hopes for the Chens, and no one had ever dared to call him a good-for-nothing.

Although he had expected that he would b e humiliated by Huang Xiaoyong, the word “loser” was far beyond what Chen Tiexin could bear.

“Are you angry? What’s the use? Can you
defeat me? And do you know how
ridiculous your idea of becoming my
master’s apprentice is?” Huang Xiaoyong

Chen Tiexin clenched his fists and
controlled his emotions. As Huang

Xiaoyong had said, he was not Huang
Xiaoyong’s opponent at all. Even if they
were to fight, he would be the one

“Chen Tiexin, when the truth comes to
the world, you will know how funny this
joke is.” After saying this, Huang
Xiaoyong left.

Chen Tiexin’s clenched fists were covered
with traces of blood. It was obvious that h
e had overexerted himself by clenching
his fists so that his nails had scratched his

“Huang Xiaoyong, one day, I, Chen
Tiexin, will step on your head and
humiliate you.” Chen Tiexin gnashed his
teeth and said.

After returning to the Chen family’s
mansion, Chen Tiexin.found Chen Yanran.

“Sister, I have found Samuel. I could have.
killed that good-for-nothing, but Huang
Xiaoyong ruined it. Don’t worry, I will
find another chance to avenge you,” Chen
Tiexin said to Chen Yanran.

Chen Yanran was looking for Samuel, not
for revenge, but rather, to confirm her

Now hearing that Chen Tiexin wanted to

kill Samuel, Chen Yanran was in a panic.

what have you done? Have you
offended him again?” asked Chen Yanran.

Offending him?

Was it necessary to offend him by
teaching that good-for-nothing a lesson?

Chen Tiexin disdainfully smiled and said,
“Sister, with the status of our Chen
family, why should we be afraid of him? W
e don’t need to offend him.”

Chen Yanran’s face was ashen. She
wanted to find Samuel not only to verify
her idea but also to ease the relationship.
between the Chen family and Samuel..
Chen Tiexin’s appearance obviously aggravated the hatred between the Chen family and Samuel. This was not the result Chen Yanran wanted.

“Brother, where is he? I want to see him myself,” said Chen Yanran.

“Sister, don’t worry. I’ll take his body back to the Chen family. Why are you going to see him now?” Chen Tiexin said.

Chen Yanran shook her head in a panic and said, “Brother, you don’t understand. You don’t understand why I want to see him.”

Chen Tiexin really didn’t understand this reason. He racked his brains but only thought that it might be Samuel who had done something wrong to Chen Yanran. Therefore, Chen Yanran had been in a daze recently and wanted to find Samuel.

“Samuel is not as simple as we think. The Chen Family can’t afford to offend him anymore,” Chen Yanran said.

Chen Tiexin frowned.

“Isn’t it a joke that the Chens can’t afford t o offend that good-for-nothing Samuel?”

“Sister, are you confused? Samuel is such a good-for-nothing. Do the Chens need to take him seriously?” Chen Tiexin said in a ridiculous tone.

“No, it’s not like this, it’s not like this, brother, I suspect that he is hiding his strength. I suspect that everything was done by him, and he is actually an expert. “Chen Yanran explained.

“An expert?” Hearing these two words, Chen Tiexin couldn’t help laughing in his heart.

Samuel was an expert. Wasn’t it the same way Huang Xiaoyong said that he was a good-for-nothing?

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