Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1425

“What’s wrong with your face? Did my brother find out?”

After the maid returned to the Chen family’s mansion, Chen Yanran saw that her face was red and swollen, and mistakenly thought that she was beaten b y Chen Tiexin. For a moment, she felt a little distressed. After all, it was she who asked the maid to go to Samuel. She could not help feeling a little guilty.

“Miss, I saw Samuel,” the maid said.

“Where is he? Why didn’t you bring him t o see me?” Hearing Samuel’s name, Chen Yanran instantly became excited. She was very eager to see Samuel.

“Miss, the wound on my face was

inflicted by his wife,” the maid continued.


Chen Yanran felt as if spring thunder

exploded in her ears.

Samuel already had a wife!

How could this be?

It hadn’t been long since he left the Chens house. How could he have a wife so soon?

Chen Yanran took a deep breath and

asked, “What happened? Where did he get

his wife?”

“Miss, you don’t really like Samuel, do you?” The maid asked in confusion. She really could not understand why the Miss was looking for the trash Samuel. Moreover, this trash had a new woman.

What was there for the Miss to miss?

“I’m not looking for him because I like him, but for other reasons. This is related t o the status of the Chen Family in Dragon Cloud City in the future,” Chen Yanran said.

“But he has made it very clear that you don’t have anything to do with him anymore, so he won’t come to see you,” the maid said.

“Where does he live? Take me to see him. I must see him,” said Chen Yanran.

“Miss, Eldest Young Master has ordered someone to keep an eye on you. You won’t have a chance to leave the Chens’ house.

You’d better give up,” the maid said.

Chen Yanran shook her head.

“Give up?”

These two words were absolutely impossible for her. She would not give up until she proved Samuel’s strength.

“Help me find a way. I must see him, and I must see him,” Chen Yanran said in a commanding tone.

The maid looked helpless. In her eyes, Chen Yanran was like a mad devil. How could Samuel, such a good-for-nothing, b e worth taking the risk to see?

If Chen Tiexin knew about this matter, Chen Yanran would not be punished, but the maid would not be able to escape from the consequences.


if Eldest Young Master finds out,

I’ll die,” the maid said. “I can’t see Samuel, and you’ll die as well.

“Chen Yanran’s face was as cold as ice.

When Samuel was driven out of the Chen family’s mansion, Chen Yanran did not care about it. At that time, she had never dreamed that she would be so eager to see Samuel.

The next day, Chen Tiexin and Chen

Yuanhai met in the backyard.

Chen Yuanhai sprinkled the fish material i n his hand, and the koi fish made waves i n order to grab food.

“Father, I’ve already ordered people to search all the places in the family that can be used to hide the bodies, but they didn’t find anything. It seems that our guess is wrong.” When he said this, Chen Tiexin showed a relaxed expression, because he didn’t want this to be true.

Chen Yuanhai frowned. “If the expert in the Realm of Four-Lamp didn’t die, how did he leave the Chen family for no reason?”

It was impossible for Samuel to send a Four-Lamp Realm expert away with just his mouth.

“Have you searched every corner? Are there any places left out?” asked Chen Yuanhai.

“There can’t be a mistake. Father, we

must have thought too much,” Chen

Tiexin said.

Chen Yuanhai heaved a long sigh and said,
“But why did the master brought by the
Xies leave for no reason? And how do you
explain the situation in the Central
District of the Dragon-rocky Mountains?”

“There is no doubt that Huang Xiaoyong
has a master. All of this is related to
Huang Xiaoyong’s master. We can’t relate
his master to Samuel,” Chen Tiexin said.

“But Huang Xiaoyong’s words are just
casual remarks? Is there any other
meaning?” Chen Yuanhai didn’t

Regarding this question, Chen Tiexin had
also thought about it carefully. In his
opinion, maybe Huang Xiaoyong was just
deliberately mystifying and trying to hide
his identity for his master.

“Father, I think Huang Xiaoyong
purposely shifted our attention to hide his
true body for his master. He’s probably
afraid that we’ll find out,” Chen Tiexin

Chen Yuanhai shook his head and smiled.
“Is he afraid of being found out?”

Wasn’t this a joke?

If the Chens really dared to find out the
truth, how could he be afraid? The
powerful man could destroy the Chens

“Let’s look around again. Even if we have
found everyplace, let’s check it again and
see if all the land in our house has any
signs of being turned over,” said Chen

Chen Tiexin sighed. In his opinion, it was
unnecessary to waste manpower. It was
impossible. Why should he waste time?

“The grounding of your sister is also
lifted. Maybe it will be safer for her to
meet Samuel,” Chen Yuanhai continued.

“Father, I can’t do that. She can’t go to
see Samuel in my sister’s current
situation.” Chen Tiexin retorted.

Chen Yuanhai turned around, looked at
Chen Tiexin and said, “Do you know that if this matter is not confirmed, the Chens

will live in a huge shadow? Whether he is a real good-for-nothing or a reclusive master, we need evidence to prove that our arbitraryness is very likely to lead to the destruction of the Chens.”

Seeing Chen Yuanhai’s tough attitude, Chen Tiexin was a little reluctant, but he could only accept it.

After all, it was Chen Yuanhai who was in

control of the current Chen family.

“Yes, father. I’ll go tell the servants what t o do first.”

“Go ahead.”

After Chen Tiexin left, Chen Yuanhai sprinkled all the fish material in his hand. The fish snatched food and boiled a huge water spray. Just as Chen Yuanhai was about to sigh that even fish needed to work hard, his eyes suddenly changed.

The place where the corpse was kept!

Chen Tiexin had ordered the servants to find all corners of the Chen family’s mansion, but the pond seemed to be ignored by Chen Tiexin. Wasn’t sinking at the bottom of the pond the best choice?

Chen Yuanhai’s breathing suddenly
became rapid. His intuition told him that
the corpse of the Four-Lamp Realm
master was likely to be in this pond.

“Call Chen Tiexin back right now.” Chen
Yuanhai said to the butler next to him.

The butler was old, but there was wind
under his feet, so he soon called Chen
Tiexin back.

“Father, what else can I do for you?” Chen
Tiexin asked Chen Yuanhai.

“You haven’t found this pond, have you?”

asked Chen Yuanhai.

“Father, the Diamond Carp inside is the
thing you love the most. I wouldn’t dare t
o touch it,” Chen Tiexin said.

“Let the servants dry the pond,” said

Chen Yuanhai.

Chen Tiexin frowned. Hearing Chen
Yuanhai’s words, he immediately
understood what he meant.

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