Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1428

Late at night.

Chen Tiexin tossed and turned in bed. He didn’t even have the courage to close his eyes. He was afraid that once he closed his eyes, he would never have the chance to open them again.

It was hard for Chen Tiexin to offend an unknown master of Samuel’s realm.

Samuel had been driven out of the Chens’ house by his previous proud work, which made the crowd laugh at him. But now, it had become Chen Tiexin’s nightmare. At the thought of this, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat, as if his life was passing away.

What’s more, he went to Samuel’s yard and broke the door open. He wanted to kill Samuel.

Recalling this matter, Chen Tiexin’s heart was filled with lingering fear.

At that time, if Huang Xiaoyong hadn’t appeared in time, his life would have been in the yard.

Chen Tiexin had thought Samuel was

lucky enough to have been saved by

Huang Xiaoyong.

But now Chen Tiexin realized that he was
lucky enough. Once he really wanted to
kill Samuel, would he still be able to
capture Samuel?

Chen Tiexin, who had not slept for a
night, got up at dawn. He seemed to be in
low spirits.

When he came to Chen Yanran’s room,
her personal maid just went out to wash
the face for Chen Yanran. When she saw
Chen Tiexin, she felt guilty. After all, she
had violated Chen Tiexin’s order and left
the Chen’s mansion to see Samuel.

“Young Master.” The maid lowered her
head and shouted. She was so guilty that
she didn’t dare to look up at Chen Tiexin.

“Is Yanran awake?” Chen Tiexin asked.

“She’s already awake,” the maid said

Chen Tiexin nodded and said, “Go get
busy with other things.”

“Yes, sir.”

The maid knew that Chen Tiexin was
reminding her not to go back to the room,
but she did not understand why Chen
Tiexin looked for Chen Yanran in the early
morning. Was it not enough to imprison
Chen Yanran now?

Walking into the room, Chen Yanran, who
had already put on her clothes, was
tidying up her makeup in front of the
bronze mirror.

For Chen Yanran, who was extremely
beautiful, the first thing she did when she
got up early every day was to dress herself
up beautifully. She didn’t want her
unkempt appearance to be seen by others.

“Didn’t I tell you to fetch some water?
Why did you come back so soon?” Hearing
the footsteps, Chen Yanran said without
looking back.

“It’s me,” Chen Tiexin said.

Chen Yanran turned her head in surprise
and said, “Brother, why are you here?”

Chen Tiexin forced a smile and said, Can’t I come?”

“Brother, you look so gaunt. Have you slept well?” Chen Yanran asked.

Chen Tiexin sighed and asked Chen Yanran, “Sister, have you fallen in love with Samuel?”

Chen Yanran frowned and did not understand why Chen Tiexin suddenly said that.

“Brother, as I said, there’s no other reason why I’m looking for Samuel. I just want to confirm his identity,” said Chen Yanran.

“Silly girl, if he is really a master, how could he tell you so easily? If you want to know the truth, you have to think of other ways.” Said Chen Tiexin.

Chen Yanran was even more puzzled, because Chen Tiexin’s attitude toward this matter was against it and he did not believe it, but today his attitude was very strange, as if he had to help find a way.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” asked Chen Yanran.

“I know, if I don’t give you the opportunity to prove it, you won’t give up.

I don’t want to see you in a trance every day,” said Chen Tiexin.

Chen Yanran was stunned for a moment, and then her face was full of surprise. She asked, “Brother, did you agree to let me g o to see Samuel?”

“If I don’t agree, can I bear to watch you lose weight every day?” Chen Tiexin deliberately said with a helpless expression.

This made Chen Yanran very happy. She was thinking about how to leave the Chens ¹ mansion to see Samuel. Now that Chen Tiexin had agreed, she didn’t have to rack her brains.

“Brother, thank you,” Chen Yanran said excitedly.

“But I’ve just reminded you that it’s not easy to know Samuel’s real realm,” said Chen Tiexin.

“Brother, what should I do?” asked Chen Yanran.

“Why don’t you let Samuel go back to the Chens first? Since he is your husband, he should go back to the Chens’ mansion as well. Let’s forget about what happened in the past,” said Chen Tiexin.

Let Samuel return to the Chens’ mansion.

And Chen Tiexin even took the initiative t o say that Samuel was her husband, which made Chen Yanran feel a little surprised.

In the entire Chen family’s house, even those servants had never acknowledged Samuel’s identity. How could Chen Tiexin suddenly think in this way?

Feeling strange, Chen Yanran asked, ” Brother, are you sick?”

“I just don’t want you to waste too much time and energy on this matter, and I don’t want you to worry about it either. This is the most feasible way.” After Chen Tiexin finished, he hesitated for a moment and continued, “Only when you are kind to Samuel will he treat you sincerely and tell you what you want to know.”

Although it made sense, Chen Yanran still couldn’t believe it, because Chen Tiexin’s attitude had changed a lot.

“Brother, you don’t know something, do
you?” asked Chen Yanran.

Chen Tiexin didn’t change his expression.
He just smiled and looked very helpless.
Then he said, “What can I know? This is
the result of my discussion with my
father. You have made my father
distressed these days. If it weren’t for his
idea, do you think I would have agreed?”

Chen Yanran pouted. She knew that her
state during this time was worrying, but
she couldn’t control herself at all. When
she thought of Huang Xiaoyong’s words,
she felt as if there were demons surging i
n her heart.

“Brother, I’m sorry for making you worry,
“Chen Yanran said with a guilty look.

Chen Tiexin stood up, walked to Chen
Yanran, patted her on the shoulder and
said, “You are my sister, so it’s
reasonable for me to worry about you. But
now I have figured it out. You can do
whatever you want. It’s not a good thing
for an elder brother to stop you all the
time, but you have to remember my
reminder. If you want to know the truth, you can only be good to him and even show that you like him.”

“Brother, I know what to do, but what if it turns out to be fake?” Chen Yanran asked.

Was it fake?

Chen Tiexin hoped that it was a lie, but according to what had happened last night, Samuel’s identity had been almost confirmed. How could it be fake?

But on the surface, Chen Tiexin pretended that he didn’t know anything and said, ” Whether it’s true or not, as long as it can make you happy. As for how you will treat Samuel in the future, it’s up to you.”

“Brother, you are so kind to me. I am so happy to have an elder brother like you.” Chen Yanran, who didn’t know that she had been used, said to Chen Tiexin with a happy smile.

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