Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1429

After Chen Tiexin’s departure, Chen Yanran’s heart became unstoppable when she went to see Samuel. For her, this was something that she couldn’t wait to see. She couldn’t bear it for even a second.

After leaving the Chen family’s courtyard, Chen Yanran, led by a maid, walked toward Samuel’s yard at a brisk pace.

Inside the Chen family’s manor.

Chen Tiexin came to Chen Yuanhai’s study and told Chen Yuanhai what he had told Chen Yanran.

“For this matter, only Chen Yanran can turn the tide. I hope she won’t let us down. Otherwise, I’m afraid the Chen Family will collapse because of it,” Chen Yuanhai said with a sigh. Now, he was almost certain of Samuel’s strength, so he had no choice but to put his hope on Chen Yanran.

What Chen Tiexin had done to Samuel was enough to make the Chens fall into a deep abyss. Every time Chen Yuanhai thought of it, he felt as if his heart was being cut by a knife.

Thanks to the efforts of several
generations, the Chen family had become.
like this. Chen Yuanhai didn’t want the
Chen family’s foundation to be ruined in
his own hands.

Chen Tiexin was in the same mood. He
didn’t want to die, and he even hoped that
his brother-in-law could help him break
the realm. Therefore, he also hoped that
Samuel would forgive Chen Yanran. The
best result for them would be that they
would get back together and let Samuel
return to the Chen’s mansion.

But the possibility of this matter was not
what Chen Tiexin dared to imagine.

“Father, how much success rate do you

think is?” Chen Tiexin asked.
Chen Yuanhai was silent for a moment

and then shook his head.
He did not dare to say the probability, nor

did he dare to think about it.

However, with SamuelSamuel’s status as a
n expert, the chances of success were very
small if he was not tempted by the beauty.

But on the other hand, how could Samuel lack women?

Although Chen Yanran was one of the
most beautiful women in Dragon Cloud
City, Samuel was qualified to go to the
Royal Court. And the women there were u
p to him.

Chen Yuanhai sighed and said, “We can
only resign ourselves to fate now. The
Chens have done a lot of bad things to
him. Even if he doesn’t forgive the Chens,
it’s not wrong.

Hearing this, Chen Tiexin’s face
darkened. He knew that Chen Yuanhai was
reminding him. If he hadn’t gone too far i
In the past, he would have been more
likely to save the situation now.

Of course, Chen Tiexin also regretted it in
his heart, but it was a pity that it was
useless for him to regret it now.

At this time, Chen Yanran had arrived at

the gate of the courtyard.

She knew that if she knocked on the door,
she would be able to see Samuel. However,
at this moment, she didn’t have the
courage to do so, and didn’t dare to do so.

In the past, in her eyes, Samuel was a
useless piece of trash, a puppet at her
disposal. She had left Samuel in the Chens
‘mansion in order to make use of Samuel t
o prevent herself from being harassed by
Huang Xiaoyong.

But now, she no longer had the attitude of
superiority and even appeared very
humble. This was because the man whom
she had always looked down upon was a
true powerhouse who could overturn the
entire Dragon Cloud City with a flip of his

“Miss, do you want me to knock on the

door?” The maid asked Chen Yanran.

Chen Yanran shook her head numbly and

said, “You go first.”

The maid said nervously, “Miss, how can
I leave? What if that good-for-nothing
hurts you?”


Chen Yanran didn’t think there was
anything wrong with the maid calling.
Samuel good-for-nothing in the past, but
now, she couldn’t use the word “good-for -nothing” to describe him, and she

couldn’t let Samuel hear it.

“From now on, you’d better not call him that.” Chen Yanran scolded the servant girl in a cold voice.

The maid was so scared that she quickly lowered her head, but the expression on her face was very unconvinced. Chen Yanran used to address Samuel like this, but now she couldn’t call him like this.

“Is Miss really blind to fall in love with


“You can leave now.” Chen Yanran said harshly. Seeing Chen Yanran’s tough attitude, the

maid could only say, “Miss, be careful.”

After the maid left, Chen Yanran finally plucked up her courage and walked to the door. When she reached out and was about to knock, the door opened on its own initiative.

“Who are you?” Bailing Wan’er, who was standing inside the door, asked Chen Yanran.

“Who are you?” Chen Yanran also felt strange. How could there be other women i n Samuel’s home?

Bailing Wan’er looked at Chen Yanran. The woman in front of her was beautiful, mature, and more attractive than her.

Such a woman was likely to have an unusual relationship with Samuel, which would inevitably make Bailing Wan’er hostile.

“I am Samuel’s wife, what about you?” Said Bailing Wan’er.

Hearing the word wife, Chen Yanran’s face instantly turned pale. Samuel already had a new wife!

At once, anger rose in Chen Yanran’s heart, because Samuel had not left the Chens’ mansion for a long time. He actually found a new lover so soon.

But after thinking about it carefully, Chen Yanran found that she was not qualified to blame Samuel at all, because she and Samuel were a nominal couple. It was natural for Samuel to find a new woman.

More importantly, Samuel had been
driven out of the Chens’ mansion. If the
Chens had let him down, why did they ask
him not to look for another woman?

Seeing Chen Yanran’s reaction, Bailing
Wan’er were more certain of her identity,
which made her feel a little proud.

This was the mentality of the little girl.
Although she did not get Samuel, it was
also very good for her to show off in front
of her rival in love..

“What’s wrong with you? You don’t look
well. Are you okay? Why don’t you go
home and rest?” Bailing Wan’er said.

Chen Yanran shook her head
subconsciously. She came here today to
see Samuel. How could she leave without
seeing him?

“Is Samuel at home? I want to see him.”

Chen Yanran asked.

Bailing Wan’er asked with a smile, “You
are Chen Yanran, right? Do you think he
will see you?”

“Since you know who I am, you should know the relationship between me and
him. The reason why I came to him today i s to clarify something,” Chen Yanran said.

Bailing Wan’er did not care what Chen Yanran wanted to say. For her, Chen Yanran was her rival in love. How could she let her rival meet Samuel?

“He won’t see you. You’d better leave and not harass us in the future.” After Bailing finished speaking, she prepared to close the door.

In a hurry, Chen Yanran could only put her hand between the cracks of the door and said to Bailing, “You tell him that I a m here and he will definitely see me. What qualifications do you have to block me outside the door?”

Bailing said with a cold face, “I’m Samuel’s wife. Isn’t that enough?”

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