Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1430

Bailing Wan’er’s words almost made
Chen Yanran spit blood. As Samuel’s wife,
she indeed had the qualifications to block
Chen Yanran outside the door.

However, in Chen Yanran’s view, the
person who was qualified to say this
should be her.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that the
Chens drove Samuel out of the Chens’
mansion and that she used to be so high
and mighty that she didn’t regard Samuel
as her husband, the situation might have
been different today. Perhaps she was the
one who had the right to call herself
Samuel’s wife.

“Wan’er, what are you doing?” At this
time, Samuel’s voice came from the yard.

Bailing Wan’er said without looking back,
“It’s nothing. A person I don’t know
wants to enter our house.”

“Samuel, it’s me. Chen Yanran, I want to
see you.” Chen Yanran was afraid that
Bailing Wan’er would stop her from
seeing Samuel. She could only shout,
hoping that Samuel could hear her voice.

“You are such a scoundrel,” Bailing
Wan’er said with a face full of shame. If
she had known this, she would not have
said so much nonsense to her. Now it
attracted Samuel’s attention. With
Samuel’s character, she would probably
not be able to stop the two of them from

Hearing Chen Yanran’s voice, Samuel was

very surprised.

When the maid appeared and said that
Chen Yanran wanted to see him, it made
Samuel feel very strange. Because from
the maid’s words, Samuel could feel that
Chen Yanran seemed to have changed her
attitude toward him.

But now, Chen Yanran came to him on her
own initiative, which was beyond
Samuel’s expectation.

“Wan’er, let her in,” Samuel said.

Bailing Wan’er gritted her teeth. She
really wanted Chen Yanran to leave, but
Samuel had said it again. She did not dare to disobey Samuel’s order.

She had to open the door, but did not forget to ridicule Chen Yanran, “I have never seen such a shameless woman like you.”

As the young lady of the Chen Family, Chen Yanran had never been described like this before, but now she didn’t care about it anymore. As long as she could see Samuel, she was willing to do anything.

Walking into the courtyard and seeing the beautiful scenery in the courtyard, Chen Yanran smiled bitterly in her heart.

She used to think that as long as Samuel left the Chens’ mansion, he would live a down and out life like a dog. But now it seemed that she was too naive. Instead of being down and out, Samuel lived a good life.

Although this courtyard was not as luxurious as the Chens’ mansion, it was warmer and more like a home.

Walking to Samuel, Chen Yanran’s heart beat faster for no reason. Samuel’s handsomeness in the past was just a pretty face, not worth mentioning in her eyes.

But now, when she saw Samuel again, she felt completely different. On her angular face, there was not only handsomeness, but also a unique charm of a man.

“Why do you have to see me?” Samuel

asked, puzzled.

Chen Yanran glanced at Bailing Wan’er, as if she was afraid that she could not speak out some words on the spot.

Being stared at by Chen Yanran’s questioning eyes, Bailing Wan’er instantly flew into a rage and said, “I am his wife. There is nothing you can’t say in front of me.”

The little girl deliberately tampered with her identity again, but Samuel did not explain much to Chen Yanran because it was not necessary.

Chen Yanran’s heart sank. If she didn’t believe that Bailing Wan’er were really with Samuel before, then now she had to believe it because Samuel did not refute, which was equivalent to admitting it.

“I didn’t expect you to find a new woman s o soon,” Chen Yanran said with a pale face.

Bailing Wan’er was even more imposing.
Since Samuel did not deny it, she was
naturally more qualified to suppress Chen
Yanran’s identity.

“Your words are truly strange. What do
you mean by being so soon? Don’t tell me
that we still need your permission to be
together?” Bailing Wan’er said arrogantly.

In the face of Bailing Wan’er’s
aggressiveness, although Chen Yanran
was very angry in her heart, she was not
qualified to refute Bailing Wan’er.

“In this case, I’ll go straight to the point. I

came to see you because I want to ask you

something,” Chen Yanran said.

Samuel did not speak, but made an OK
gesture with his hand. However, it was
not on earth. Not only did Chen Yanran
not understand, but Bailing Wan’er was
also confused.

“Husband, what do you mean by this?”
Bailing asked curiously.

It was not until then that Samuel realized
that how could the people in the Xuanyuan World understand the hand gestures of the earth? He quickly said, ” That means you can ask.”

Bailing Wan’er made a gesture according t o Samuel’s gesture, and then nodded with satisfaction. It seemed that she was happy because she had learned a new move..

Chen Yanran took a deep breath. Finally, when she faced this day, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“Were you the one who killed the expert i n the Four-Lamp Realm that the Xie and Wang families found?” asked Chen Yanran.

“I told you about it a long time ago. It’s just that you didn’t believe me,” Samuel said. He didn’t hide anything from her. When Chen Yanran asked him about it, he had told her the truth. It was a pity that Chen Yanran just treated it as a joke.

Chen Yanran’s face changed. Samuel had indeed said that, but at that time, Chen Yanran only regarded Samuel as a piece of trash in her heart. Therefore, she naturally thought that a piece of trash would not be able to deal with a Four

Lamp Realm expert. Naturally, she would

not believe Samuel’s words.

Taking another deep breath, Chen Yanran continued to ask, “In the Central District o f the Dragon-rocky Mountains, there are n o other people other than the three of us, right?”

Samuel raised his eyebrows and looked at Chen Yanran. It was not until then that he understood why Chen Yanran carne to him. He did not expect that she had doubts about his strength, and she even had some evidence.

Samuel patted his head. In fact, he should

have guessed it a long time ago. Otherwise, would Chen Yanran change her attitude toward him due to other reasons?

But Samuel subconsciously thought that the secret was hidden very well, so he didn’t think about it in this way.

“Why do you ask this?” Samuel said.

“Because many things happened to you were very bizarre, and these bizarre things prove that you are not good-for nothing.” Chen Yanran said.

Hearing this, Bailing Wan’er couldn’t help laughing.

For this woman to say something like that, it was obvious that she used to treat Samuel as trash. What a joke. The Chens were blind. How could they treat him like trash?

“Really? Maybe what you think it’s strange was just a coincidence?” Samuel asked.

Chen Yanran shook her head and said firmly, “It can’t be a coincidence, nor can so many coincidences happen to you. I know that you are Huang Xiaoyong’s master. You helped him tame a Seven Star Beast, right?”

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