Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 302

Han Cheng’s death had actually simply subsided, as well as there was secret news from the Hannigan household that Nangong Qianqiu passed away of a severe illness.

If she passed away, wouldn’t the Hannigan household be without a leader?

Despite the fact that the Hannigan family still had Gina, could this woman from an additional family members actually sustain the Hannigan family?

There were a lot of rumors spreading in the upper class, and also the Hannigan household was mosting likely to collapse. Maybe a generation of well-known households would decline.

After Han Jun was put in jail again, the situation that this matter had brought to the Hannigan family had been solved. It was apparent that he would not live an excellent life.

His legs were handicapped, and also just one hand was undamaged. Exactly How could Guan Yong allowed him go?

A couple of whippings a day was inescapable, but Guan Yong additionally slowly discovered glitch. Han Jun was different from the people before, yet this time they came to be cowardly again. They were not the exact same individual in any way.

Lots of people knew that there were two bros in the Hannigan household, yet it was claimed that his youngest boy passed away of ailment when he was really young. As for whether it held true or not, no one understood.

Guan Yong intuitively thought that perhaps his youngest kid was not dead, as well as the individual who had actually beaten him down was not Han Jun at all.

What was the Hannigan family doing? Did they just desire Han Jun to go out and damage his arms and also legs?

He didn’t recognize the reason, Guan Yong knew that this key might just be maintained in his heart. As soon as he said it, his life would certainly be threatened.

In the Hannigan family chateau.

In such a big house, only Gina was left. It seemed that she was a little lonesome.

In the face of Nangong Qianqiu’s death, she was not depressing in all. Nangong Qianqiu brought it upon herself. Where there was pressure as well as there would be resistance.

Samuel had been wronged for so many years, so it was all-natural for him to have such a resistance.

” Currently it is claimed Hannigan household will quickly break down. What do you think?” Gina claimed faintly.

Yan Jun, who was standing 3 meters away, listened to Gina’s words as well as said, “When Hannigan family drops, an additional Hannigan household will stand.”

Gina smiled. Samuel did not respect the fate of the Hannigan family in any way, and he did not require to appreciate it, because the Hannigan family members just brought him pain.

Yet there was one point he could not reject. He was from the Hannigan household.

Currently, Gina got a yellowing photo. From the point of view of the image, it should be a secret shot. In addition to Nangong Qianqiu, there was additionally a person clothed like a Taoist priest in the picture.

” It was him that made Samuel not be valued by Nangong Qianqiu. Do you think I should inform him about this?” Gina asked.

” I have actually investigated this person back after that. One is that he is simply an unidentified passerby. Gina bitterly smiled as he replied.

” I encourage you not to be so self-centered. As long as this issue is not cleared up, the Hannigan family members can treat it as if absolutely nothing has actually happened.

If you include him in this matter, it will only include in his threat. This is not his responsibility. Besides, the Hannigan household has not given him anything,” Yan Jun claimed with a face loaded with disdain.

” Didn’t we provide him anything?” Gina frowned and also said, “I offered him his life. Isn’t that sufficient?”

Yan Jun furrowed his brows. Looking at Gina’s perspective, she made a decision to get Samuel to investigate this matter.

“You ought to know that even I am not able to find the other event’s history. Gina stood up, put away the picture, as well as went back to her room without stating a word.

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