Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 315

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the manager had a pair of fiery eyes, he still found Samuel to be various from others.

Tian Ling’ emergency room just asked this male what to consume alcohol, but did not ask her friend. Was this regular boy still a big shot?

After Xie Yufu clicked on what she intended to consume alcohol, the phone called.

” I’ll go pick him up.” After Xie Yufu ended up talking to Tian Ling’ er, she fast went downstairs.

Outside the cafe, a Ferrari stopped beside the roadway. Xie Yufu walked straight to the cars and truck. Checking out the man in the car, she couldn’t conceal the happiness on her face.

This was the man she had been in love with for a very long time, Kong Wu.

” Kong Wu, go upstairs as well as rest for a while,” Xie Yufu stated.

Rush up and tell me, I have various other points to do,” Kong Wu said impatiently. To Kong Wu, Xie Yufu was not an ordinary woman who can be tossed away conveniently, so he was too lazy to invest time and initiative on her.

For Kong Wu, he was not curious about any female that would worry him. After all, he was still young and had a vibrant world, and several stunning women were waiting on him to like them. How could he hang himself on a tree?

Xie Yufu really did not mind Kong Wu’s cool perspective whatsoever, because she had actually currently gotten used to it. Moreover, when many people loved a person, they would end up being blind. Even if Xie Yufu recognized that Kong Wu had many sleazebags, she really did not mind in any way.

” Go as well as relax for some time. Tian Ling’ er is also here,” Xie Yufu claimed. This was the reason she intended to satisfy Kong Wu right now, since she understood that only when Tian Ling’ er existed would certainly Kong Wu offer her some face.

As expected, when Kong Wu heard that Tian Ling’ emergency room was likewise there, his expression all of a sudden altered. He did not consider having any connection with Tian Ling’ er, and also he did not have the nerve to do so.

After all, Tian Ling’ emergency room was only 18 years of ages, and also Tian Chang sheng was really stringent with her defense. Anyone that wished to encroach on Tian Ling’ emergency room would not concern an excellent end. Being able to make this princess a pal was likewise a fantastic benefit.

” Well, I’m thirsty. Let me appease my thirst.” Kong Wu got out of the automobile as well as said.

Xie Yufu’s heart was filled with happiness. She really did not mind that Kong Wu had stayed as a result of Tian Ling’ emergency room. Given that there was still that pinhead Samuel upstairs, Xie Yufu really did not desire Kong Wu to overthink, so she had to be prepared.

” There’s one more person below today, but I have nothing to do with him. Do not stress, this is also my very first time fulfilling him,” Xie Yufu said.

” That?” Kong Wu asked strangely enough.

Xie Yufu stated disdainfully. What if he was highly concerned by Samuel chang? In Xie Yufu’s eyes, Samuel was simply a wimp.

” A good-for-nothing?” Kong Wu stated doubtfully. Was it him who had a good-for-nothing in Cloud City?

” Let’s go. Why do you respect this loser? Just pretend that he does not exist.” Xie Yufu took the initiative to hold Kong Wu’s hand, and also her face was full of joy.

Last time, when Kong Wu was in Cloudridge Hill Villas, he had been conserved by Samuel. Kong Wu was really happy to Samuel.

He did not know if what had actually occurred was true or not, but that Samuel had actually conserved him was true.

After following Xie Yufu into the cafe, Kong Wu couldn’t aid yet ask: “The individual you are speaking about, could it be Samuel?”

Xie Yufu covered her mouth as well as laughed softly. She said, “Besides him, that else in Cloud City would have such a terrific credibility?”

Kong Wu was shocked. It was really Samuel. He had actually wanted to discover an opportunity to thank him for a long period of time, however he really did not expect to satisfy him in such a scenario, so he quickened his pace subconsciously.

Xie Yufu laughed coldly in her heart. Samuel, that good-for-nothing, was lucky to be able to sit at the exact same table as Kong Wu to consume alcohol milk tea.

When Kong Wu went upstairs, Xie Yufu was stunned as well as can not think what she was seeing.

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