Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 372

That would certainly be so vibrant?

” A bag is worth thousands of thousands of yuan? He gave it to her just like that?”

Jiang Wan and Liu Zhijie turned their heads at the same time. When they saw the proprietor of the voice, their faces unexpectedly altered.

Flavor Zong!

How can it be Flavor Zong!

Why was he below?

In the early morning, Jiang Wan had actually extolled Liu Zhijie being a close friend of Flavor Zong. Since Flavor Zong had appeared, could the paper have the fire?

Yvonne had actually seen Tang Zong in the image, so she knew him. As for why Flavor Zong wished to provide her a bag, she might think that it must have something to do with Samuel.

Could it be Samuel had purposefully arranged for Flavor Zong to show up right here?

He can even get individuals like Flavor Zong around as he pleases?

Yvonne was wrong concerning this concept, because Flavor Zong had not been invited by Samuel. It was simply a coincidence.

When it comes to offering commands at will, that held true.

” Head of state Flavor, why are you right here?” Liu Zhijie asked timidly.

Flavor Zong didn’t also take a look at Liu Zhijie. He went straight to Yvonne as well as stated, “Miss Sue, in this mall, you can take away anything you such as.”

Considering that Yvonne thought that it was due to Samuel, she was not stunned by his words whatsoever. She trembled her head and also stated, “I don’t need anything in this respect. Thank you.”

Tang Zong nodded his head and eyed Samuel out of the corner of his eye. When he saw that Samuel was not disappointed, he let out a sigh of alleviation.

He came to the shopping mall early in the morning. He really did not expect to meet Samuel. Tang Zong truly couldn’t stand Jiang Wan’s words, so he couldn’t assist but step forward.

Luckily, Samuel did not criticize him. Or else, he would certainly be dead.

At this time, Lydia strolled to Tang Zong and also asked. When she heard Jiang Wan bragging, she did not think it at all.

” Liu Zhijie? I have actually never heard of him,” Tang Zong said with a smile.

At this moment, Liu Zhijie reduced his head, feeling as if he had eaten shit. If Jiang Wan had not boasted, he wouldn’t have run into such a humiliating point.

Just how could a person like Tang Zong be his buddy?

” No other way, did you bear in mind wrongly? They stated that you and they are pals,” Lydia claimed with a smile.

Tang Zong drank his head straight as well as said, “Auntie, I can be certain that Liu Zhijie is out the listing of my friends, and also I do not understand that he is, however lately there have been some individuals in Container County, that act to be my friend. Be careful as well as do not be cheated.”

Lydia grinned much more gladly. She sighed with emotion as well as said, “It turns out to be a fraudster. I thought it was true.”

Jiang Wan really did not anticipate that she would shoot herself in the foot by bragging in the morning. Since Tang Zong rejected it, she didn’t risk to say more. If Tang Zong held a grudge versus Liu Zhijie, Liu Zhijie would certainly be completed.

“That’s right. I’ll bear in mind the name Liu Zhijie. I’ll have somebody look into it,” Tang Zong said.

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