Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 394

In the Pleasure Pavilion’s billiards room.

It was a wonderful name, yet the visitors inside were obviously not ordinary people. The cigarette butts all over the ground had not been cleaned for a lengthy time.

When Steven followed his supposed friend to the billiards room, the uneasy odor made him frown and really feel a little frightened. After all, the person he was going to see was the largest person in the gray area of Container Region, as well as individuals called him Brother Long.

” Sibling Long, Steven is below.”

After Steven strolled right into the billiards space, all the people quit chatting. The noise ended up being exceptionally peaceful in an instant. Every person was staring at Steven. This scenario made him really feel much more terrified.

” Bro Long.” Stalking Sibling Long, Steven called out submissively.

Older sibling Long touched his bald head. The thick gold chain on his neck was ample to lock up a canine.

” Did you bring the money?” Bro Long asked Steven.

Steven was so scared that he could not speak correctly. He stammered, “Yes … yes.”

” You are a pointless point. I didn’t strike you. What are you worried of?” Sibling Long claimed disdainfully.

” Yes, yes, Sibling Long is. Sorry for my incompetence.” The cold sweat on Steven’s back damp his garments, and he rapidly handed the cash to Brother Long.

Bro Long took the thin 10,000 yuan and also claimed, “If it weren’t for the truth that you are a pal of Little Canine, it would be impossible for me to assist you with 10,000 yuan.”

Sibling Long would not care regarding 10,000 yuan, however that’s my biggest ability. Bro Long, if you don’t assume 10,000 yuan is sufficient, you can think of a means to deal with her,” Steven said.

” Oh?” Hearing this, Bro Long was interested and also asked, “Who is she? What is she carrying out in Bin County?”

” Don’t worry, Brother Long. She’s not from Container County. She’s just below for a couple of days. She’s my relative,” Steven said.

” Cousin?” Senior sibling Long was stunned. This person actually intended to deal with his own relative. It was really fascinating. He said, “You are rather callous.

You in fact asked me for aid to deal with your family members. Do not you understand that if I do something about it, I will break her hand or leg, and even shed her life?”

” Bro Long, I have actually never had a good relationship with her, and she even displayed exactly how rich she remains in front of me. I just wanted to vent my anger and also allow Sibling Long obtain some money incidentally,” Steven stated with a smile.

Older brother Long responded as well as stated, “I’m just right here for a living. Leave it to me, however the money I gain has nothing to do with you.”

” Of course, it’s all Senior citizen Sibling Long’s. I don’t dare to assume too much.” Steven said repetitively. He was money grubbing for money, he did not risk to tweeze hair from Senior Bro Long.

” Get out of right here. It’s so unfortunate to be your family member.” Sibling Long claimed disdainfully.

Steven ran out of the billiards area, causing a ruptured of giggling.

Nevertheless, he really did not care whether he was ashamed or not. After he got out of the room, he really felt that he had actually returned to life. He didn’t even recognize what would certainly occur if he inadvertently lost his life when handling individuals in such a gray area.

” Darn, I ‘d better not enter into contact with this kind of individuals in the future. It’s so fucking terrifying.” When Steven was speaking with himself, the phone sounded. It was Jiang Wan.

” Steven, do you want retribution?” Jiang Wan asked directly after the call connected.

” Jiang Wan, if you have anything to claim, just state it. Don’t maintain me guessing. We’re both practical people,” Steven stated.

” I desire vengeance. Can you aid me discover a means?” Jiang Wan asked.

Hearing this, Steven generated a plan and also claimed, “There is a method. I understand a few individuals in the gray area, but it costs cash to locate them to do company.”

Jiang Wan had actually run out of money after being discarded by Liu Zhijie. Yet Liu Zhijie had provided her something in the past, so she can market it, as long as she can obtain her revenge.

“No worry. How much do you want?” Jiang Wan said.

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