Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 424

Jiang Yingying was really upset, more frustrated than being tarnished because in the whole dormitory, she had the ideal relationship with Liang Hong. Jiang Yingying also dealt with Liang Hong as her own sibling. When Liang Hong had difficulties in life, also if she tightened her belt, Jiang Yingying would help her.

Liang Hong recognized how sorry she was for Jiang Yingying. She wept as well as claimed, “I’m sorry, Yingying. Please forgive me.”

” You can go now. We won’t be sis any longer,” Jiang Yingying stated.

Liang Hong wanted to claim something yet quit on second thought. She knew that she had no right to ask Jiang Yingying to forgive her.

Currently, a middle-aged guy ran into the restaurant. He looked really distressed and also perspiring. Shen Dan was beside him. He was Shen Dan’s dad, Shen Container.

After coming to the college, Shen Dan had actually currently told Shen Container what had occurred. When Shen Container learned what had actually simply happened, he was virtually scared out of his wits.

He could not manage to anger the young man that can make the 4 big shots appear at the same time, so he had to locate Samuel to say sorry to him.

After seeing Samuel and Jiang Yingying, Shen Container mosted likely to the table, bowed his head, as well as said, “Little sibling, I brought my child to ask forgiveness to Jiang Yingying. She slipped up in a moment of confusion. Please forgive her.”

Samuel acted that he didn’t see anything. He chose up some food for Jiang Yingying and also said, “Eat more.

Seeing Samuel overlooked him, Shen Container required himself to proceed, “The Shen family members agrees to bear the repercussions and also will certainly never run away from it. If you have any requests, I will certainly try my finest to satisfy you.”

” Say sorry. You require to look like an apology,” Samuel stated without also looking at Shen Bin.

Shen Container’s heart sank. He gritted his teeth and stated to Shen Dan, “Stoop down.”

” Dad …” Shen Dan could not accept kneeling in public. She was a person who liked face and also had been ruined by Shen Bin considering that she was a child. When had she done such a scandalous thing?

Shen Container looked at Shen Dan coldly. If they did not do as he asked as well as did not satisfy him, the Shen family would be ended up.

Shen Dan’s face had lots of anguish. She secretly glanced at Samuel and afterwards knelt down.

” Do you have any other needs?” Shen Container asked.

” Is this genuineness sufficient?” Samuel asked in reply.

Shen Bin was stunned and gritted his teeth. How could he ask him to kneel down?

When he believed of Samuel could shock the four of them, Shen Bin was promptly prevented. To be able to set in motion these big shots, what could he, Shen Container, do?

With a bang, Shen Container stooped down.

Samuel claimed to the worried Jiang Yingying, “Do not be afraid. Allow’s eat. If any person risks to retaliate against you in the future, I will absolutely destroy his family.”

Hearing this, Shen Bin’s body shivered. It was evident Samuel was attempting to defeat him.

” In the future … in the future, Jiang Yingying will certainly be a recognized visitor of the Shen household. I will certainly treat her well. If any individual attempts to bully her, I, Shen Container, will be the initial to decline,” Shen Container stated.

Shen Container was also an old fox. The purpose of Samuel’s words was to locate a backer for Jiang Yingying in Rong City to stay clear of similar things happening in the future.

Throughout the entire meal, the dad as well as daughter could not stand up. It was not up until Samuel as well as Jiang Yingying left that both people with numb legs got up with the help of the waitress.

” Dad, is this matter cleared up?” Shen Dan asked with a lingering fear.

Shen Bin sighed and claimed, “Because he really did not say anything, he should not have actually made trouble for the Shen family. Who is this young man? How could he be so qualified?”

Shen Bin couldn’t figure out just how much honor it would require to ask the four big shots to appear at the same time. How upper-level people could do it.

“Papa, I wish to wed him,” Shen Dan all of a sudden said.

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