Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 592

Cloud City.

Harvey’s company had been established. The large-scale acceptance of the original members of the Sue family was equivalent to the relocation of the company. Nothing had changed except the address.

However, Harvey was not in a good mood. He had thought that the incident at the square could completely destroy Yvonne, but the result stunned everyone. She not only did not lose face, but also became a hot topic in Cloud City. In recent days, there had been a great turmoil in Cloud City. Everyone who appeared in the square, including Jiang Fu, had declared bankruptcy, and it had only been a few days.

“Harvey, where did those people of the Sue family come from? Why did they suddenly fall from the sky, just like the soldiers of heaven?” Yara sat in Harvey’s office and said in confusion. The matter in the square did not embarrass Yvonne. Yara still wanted to mercilessly trample on Yvonne in the company’s matter. But now, not only did the Sue company not collapse, but it was developing more and more vigorously. Jiang Fu and others’ industrial chain were almost all in the Sue company’s hands.

Now, in the entire Cloud City, except for the Heavenly Family, no one could compare with the Sue family, which made Yara very unconvinced.

Harvey did not know where those people came from, but he knew that it was Samuel’s secret arrangement. Only he, an abandoned member of the Hannigan family, could do it.

“Even if it doesn’t collapse now, it will be destroyed by me sooner or later. What’s there to worry about?” Harvey said, gnashing his teeth.

Yara believed in Harvey, because Harvey said that his backer was very powerful, even the Heavenly family couldn’t compare with him. But she just wanted to see Yvonne fall down faster, and didn’t want to give her any chance to be superior.

“Now that the development of the Sue Company is so fierce, have you thought of a good way to deal with Yvonne?” Yara asked.

If he wanted to defeat Yvonne in the business field, according to the current situation, Harvey had no chance at all for the time being, because the one billion he got was not very meaningful in front of the Sue family, unless Shen Weng was willing to help him secretly.

However, this old thing had left Cloud City at some point. Except for his voluntary contact, Harvey could not contact him at all.

“No,” Harvey said, gnashing his teeth.

“Then you’d better figure out a way quickly. Are you willing to see Yvonne continue to be proud?” Yara said.

“Of course I don’t want to, but do you think it’s that simple? The Sue family is no longer what it used to be. Grandmother has always hoped that the Sue Company could become a first-class company in Cloud City. I didn’t expect it to be done by a bitch like Yvonne,” Harvey said with a look of dissatisfaction.

Yara hated it very much. Those betrothal gifts were nothing to the current Yvonne, but to Yara, it was a loss of both money and face. The betrothal gifts should have been hers, but Yvonne took advantage of them. She had always been holding this in her heart.

“I have an idea. On the surface, I want to soften the relationship with Yvonne and secretly find another way to deal with her. What do you think?” Yara suggested.

Harvey smiled coldly and said, “Do you really think of her as a fool? With the degree of broken relationship now, how could she believe me?”

“Then let’s start with Samuel, the loser. If we can’t deal with the Sue family, then we’ll deal with Samuel,” Yara continued.

A loser?

In the past few years in Cloud City, he was indeed a good-for-nothing. But who knew that he was actually a son of the Hannigan family? Although Shen Weng said that he was abandoned by the Hannigan family, even if he was abandoned, ordinary people could not compare with him.

Harvey didn’t want to admit it, but he had to admit that Samuel’s position was much higher than his.

How could the Sue family in Cloud City compare with the Hannigan family in Yan Jing?

“I’ll think of a way. Just do your job,” Harvey said in a low voice.

“Well, if there’s anything I can help you with, just come to me,” Yara said. As long as she could destroy Yvonne, she was willing to do anything.

Ever since she was a child, Yara led a better life than Yvonne. She had everything that Yvonne could only envy. But now that her status had changed, how could Yara bear such a change?

This was a habit. She was used to living a better life than Yvonne, so Yara thought that this kind of situation would continue for the rest of her life.

Don’t expect the people around you to bless you. Most people would secretly complain with envy, and even hope that you would fall to pieces.

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