Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 631

After the end of the charity party, Peng Fang pulled Samuel and said a lot of grateful words. During this period, she had been worried about the future of the home of love. She did not know how to continue. Now with Samuel’s help, she could finally put down a heavy stone in her heart.

This matter was just a piece of cake for Samuel. Peng Fang’s repeated gratitude made him feel a little embarrassed. After all, Peng Fang had given up everything she had for the home of love, while he had only done a little thing. Although he had made great contributions, compared with Peng Fang’s efforts, the difference was like that between a firefly and a bright moon.

“Sister Peng, I’m also a member of the home of love. If you say that again, I won’t go in the future,” Samuel said with a wry smile.

Peng Fang quickly stopped what she was about to say and said, “All right, all right. I won’t speak. If you have time, come and see. The children will miss you.”


At the entrance of the club, Samuel saw Peng Fang off. Linda and Qi Yiyun also left together. And the fact was that Linda was holding Qi Yiyun’s hand and left.

With Linda’s personality, she would probably say something to Qi Yiyun.

However, Samuel was too lazy to worry about this kind of thing. No matter what Qi Yiyun would do, he just needed to hold on to his sincerity towards Yvonne.

“Yiyun is beautiful, isn’t she?” Yvonne held Samuel’s hand and asked with a smile.

Samuel felt that there was a trap in his words, but Yvonne’s smile was very bright, as if she was asking the question sincerely.

“Her beauty has nothing to do with me. It’s enough for me to have you in my heart,” Samuel said.

Yvonne didn’t doubt Samuel’s words at all, and she didn’t notice that Qi Yiyun liked Samuel. What she had just said was just a heartfelt compliment to Qi Yiyun.

“Let’s go home. I heard from my mom that grandpa and the others will be here today.” Yvonne lowered her head and said. In fact, she had known about this for a long time, but she was afraid Samuel would be unhappy, so she did not tell him.

“Let’s go.” Samuel was not unhappy. He had taught the Jiang famly enough lessons. Now they probably didn’t have the courage to make trouble again. Coming to Cloud City was mostly to take advantage of eating and drinking.

Linda and Qi Yiyun got into the same taxi. Dressed in well-dressed gown, they got into the taxi, which surprised the driver a lot. Moreover, Qi Yiyun’s beauty madethe driver forget to start the time.

“Master, let’s go to Tongyang Street,” Linda said.

When the car stopped at Tongyang Street, Linda took Qi Yiyun to a milky tea shop.

“Yiyun, do you remember here?” Linda said.

Looking at the familiar place, Qi Yiyun said with a smile, “How can I forget? This is our secret base.”

“We three sisters like to stay here after class. We have to drink a cup of milk tea when we’re living frugally. The past is really memorable,” Linda said.

“If you have anything to say, just say it directly. There’s no need to beat around the bush,” said Qi Yiyun.

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