Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 682

“Are you still willing to believe him?” Tian Honghui said.

Tian Changsheng didn’t nod lightly. His expression was grave and grave because this decision would determine the future of the Heavenly family. Life or death depended on a single thought.

Tian Honghui wasn’t in a rush and waited patiently for Tian Changsheng’s answer. He knew that this decision would be extremely difficult for him.

After a long time, Tian Honghui stood up and said to Tian Changsheng with a smile, “Samuel is Tian Ling’er’s brother, isn’t he?”

Tian Honghui sighed. Even though he didn’t say so explicitly, the meaning behind his words was already quite clear.

“Dad, no matter what decision you make, I’ll support you,” Tian Honghui said.

“We only need to stand behind Samuel and watch this battle between gods.” A bitter smile appeared on Tian Changsheng’s face as he continued, “In the eyes of Cloud City citizens, the Heavenly Family is already an unreachable existence and a character standing at the peak of a mountain. However, only we know that this position is merely at the foot of a higher mountain.”

“That’s right.” Tian Honghui sighed helplessly. Cloud City was just a small place in the vast Huaxia, not to mention the entire world. The glory of the Heavenly Family was nothing in the eyes of those stronger people.

After Samuel returned home, he locked himself in his room. Facing Han Yan and the entire Hannigan family in the U.S., he had a sense of powerlessness for the first time. He was used to controlling the situation, but now he had lost control. He knew that the Hannigan family in the U.S. was going to invest in Cloud City, and even the whole country, with a large amount of capital.

In the eyes of ordinary people, he had tens of billions of assets, which was an unimaginable figure. However, for the Hannigan family in the U.S., ten billion was just a drop in the bucket. In the face of such a huge capital, Samuel didn’t even have a chance to resist.

The Sue family, which had just been hyped up, was very likely to collapse in an instant, and he could only watch this happen.

In the living room, Lydia still looked indifferent. She didn’t feel the concern of Samuel at all.

“He looks like a coward when he just joined our Sue family. He doesn’t even dare to make a sound. He’s even afraid of a woman. It’s too outrageous,” Lydia said disdainfully.

Yvonne could not understand Samuel’s feelings; she knew that Samuel’s seriousness was enough to prove that Han Yan was difficult to deal with.

In the face of Lydia’s contemptuous attitude toward Samuel, Yvonne blamed her. “Mom, it’s not the right time yet you’re still in the mood to make sarcastic remarks.”

“What do you mean by sarcastic? I’m not sarcastic. I’m just angry with his cowardice. It’s time for him to show his masculinity. How can he be afraid of a woman?” Lydia said faintly.

“You think too simply of Han Yan. Jiang Fu and the others are powerful enough, aren’t they? Has Samuel ever been afraid of them? There must be a reason for Samuel to be so worried this time,” Yvonne said.

What had happened in the People’s Square had greatly surprised Lydia. She did not expect that this matter would end with Jiang Fu and the others kneeling down and going bankrupt. This showed how powerful Samuel was.

But since he was so powerful, wasn’t it easier for him to deal with a woman?

With Lydia’s layout, she could only think of the situation in Cloud City. She thought that Cloud City belonged to the Heavenly Family, and Samuel and the Heavenly Family had such a good relationship. It was naturally easy to defeat an outsider. She would not think of the force behind Han Yan, nor could she imagine what the world outside Cloud City was like.

This was called being short-sighted. What she thought in her mind was extremely ridiculous.

“There’s no other reason. Maybe he just can’t bear to kill Han Yan because she’s beautiful. Yvonne, you have to keep an eye on him. If he cheats on you, he’ll have to get out of the house.” Lydia said disdainfully.

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