Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 700

“Is it because of my sister-in-law?” Manfred asked in a deep voice.

Samuel did not wipe away his tears. Instead, he allowed it to drip onto the ground from his cheeks. He said, “If only a divorce can ensure the safety of Yvonne. What would you do if it were you?”


Hearing the word, Manfred finally understood why Samuel would be so angry.

“The Han Group is here for me. If she divorces me, the Group will not find fault with her. It’s indeed a perfect idea. It’s so perfect that even I can’t think of a reason to refuse,” Samuel said.

“Who came up with this lousy idea?” Manfred asked, gritting his teeth. He knew that Yvonne definitely couldn’t have brought up this kind of thing. After coming into contact with Yvonne several times, Manfred could feel her sincerity.

“Lydia, she said that since I love Yvonne, I should do it for her sake. I shouldn’t get her into trouble,” Samuel said.

In Manfred’s words, someone like Lydia should have been hacked into pieces. If it had been him, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to tolerate the excessive things that she had done to Samuel.

However… for a divorce to be able to protect Yvonne, she wasn’t wrong. Moreover, this was also the best way.

Manfred was also an infatuated person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left the martial arts world for the sake of a woman, giving up his high status and becoming the boss of a small trading department.

“Brother Samuel, this woman is just selfish for herself. How could she be so shameless to let you do this for my sister-in-law?” Johann said indignantly.

“It’s true that she is selfish, but her words do make sense.” Manfred said.

Johann’s face was full of shock. Looking at Manfred’s attitude, did he want to support the divorce between Samueland Yvonne?

“Samuel, you’ve already made your decision, right?” Manfred asked Samuel.

“Yes.” Samuel nodded.

“Divorce is only temporary. As long as this problem is solved, she will still return to you. I believe that my sister-in-law will understand your difficulties,” Manfred said.

“I’m afraid I can’t make it,” Samuel said feebly. The Hannigan family in the U.S. was like Mount Tai on his shoulder, which could crush him at any time.

“There are still us.” Manfred patted Samuel’s shoulders and said, “If we’re going to die, then let’s die together.”

“If we’re going to die, let’s die together!” Saber Twelve said in a deep voice.

Zhou Bo, who was holding onto his chest, also said, “If We’re going to die, we’re going to die together!”

Johann hesitated for a moment and said, “If we have to die, let’s die together!”

Samuel let out a heavy breath and said, “I won’t let you die. If someone dies, it’s the Hannigan family of the U.S.”

After leaving the ring, Samuel went to the Sue company and waited for Yvonne to get off work.

Manfred and Johann also returned to Hex Capital Nightclub.

Johann was very puzzled by Manfred’s support for Samuel. In his opinion, Yvonne was definitely willing to face it together with Samuel. He did not need to care about Lydia at all.

“Boss Manfred, do we really have to go this far?” Johann asked in confusion.

“Only when there is a woman in your world who you can sacrifice your life for, will you understand this kind of feeling.” Manfred said with a sigh. He and Samuel were of the same kind, so he knew very well what Samuel was thinking.

“Ah, sister-in-law should be sad again,” Johann said helplessly.

“This is also the reason why Samuel will be sad. For men, it is unforgivable to make their women sad, but the reality often makes them helpless.”

Downstairs in the Sue family’s office building, when Yvonne saw Samuel when she got off work, she was both happy and a little angry.

“Didn’t I tell you not to pick me up? You’re so busy.” Yvonne complained.

“I’ve booked a table in Crystal Restaurant. I’m not going home for dinner tonight,” Samuel said with a smile.

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