Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 701

Yvonne thought about it carefully. Today was not a special day. Why would he suddenly go to dinner? And it was at the crystal restaurant.

This place left a great surprise for Yvonne for the first time in her life. Even now, she still couldn’t forget Samuel looked like when he was playing the piano in the crystal restaurant.

For her, if it was not something particularly important, there was no need to go to the Crystal restaurant, because the shocking memories in this place could not be compared to anything else.

“Is today a special day?” Yvonne asked cautiously for fear of forgetting something.

“Nothing. I just want to have dinner with you,” Samuel said. His heart was struggling and in pain, but he did not show any difference on his face.

“Did something happen?” Yvonnes female intuition gave her a hint of unusualness. She had a feeling that something was about to happen.

“Can’t I have dinner with you? How can there be so many things?” Samuel said with a helpless smile.

Yvonne observed Samuel and she gave up because she couldn’t see any flaws in Samuel’s expression.

Maybe it was really just a meal.

When they arrived at Crystal Restaurant, Samuel had already reserved a table. The waiter led the two of them to a table by the window. They could see the most beautiful night view of Cloud City, and it was the place closest to the starry sky in Cloud City.

When the night fell, the sky was full of stars, and the lights were all over the sky. The feeling of being between heaven and earth seemed to be enveloped by the whole world.

“Since its opening, the restaurant has been very popular. Eating here isn’t just for delicious food, but also for the wonderful view.” Yvonne said to Samuel, full of happiness.

“So there can’t be only one factor for a real success. The crystal restaurant can be successful. In addition to the flavor and service, the biggest highlight is the charming scenery here,” Samuel said.

“I like this place so much,” looking at the starry sky and the lights, Yvonne said in a daze.

“If you like it, we’ll come to eat often in the future,” Samuel said with a smile.

Yvonne glared at Samuel and said, “It’s not cheap here. Even if you have money, you can’t waste it like this.”

“Yvonne, do you believe me?” Samuel suddenly asked.

“Of course.” Yvonne didn’t hesitate in the slightest and said. “No matter what you do, I believe you.”

Samuel nodded silently.

The two of them returned to the Hillside Villa at 10 o’clock. When Yvonne was washing up, Lydia came to the room and handed Samuel an item that looked like a contract.

“It’s an interlayer. On the surface, it’s a contract, but in fact, it’s a divorce agreement. You decide whether to ask Yvonne to sign it for her or not.” Lydia left the divorce agreement and left. She believed Samuel had already made a decision.

Holding the divorce agreement, Samuel’s hands trembled slightly. Although countless people had mentioned their divorce, he had never been as nervous as he was now. In the past, no matter who said it, it was just a joke. But now, it was about to happen.

Samuel didn’t expect this to happen.

Samuel had no choice but to do so for Yvonne’s sake.

He only hated that his own abilities weren’t enough to protect Yvonne, or else he wouldn’t have used this method.

When Yvonne dried her hair and walked out of the bathroom, she saw Samuel staring blankly at the contract in his hand. She asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

“This is a contract signed by of Weakriver Real Estate. We may cooperate with the Sue family next. Would you like to sign it?” Samuel restrained his mood and tried not to let Yvonne find anything strange.

Weakriver Real Estate was Samuel’s company. Yvonne naturally had no objection to the cooperation between her and Weakriver Real Estate. She did not even take a look at the content of the contract and signed her name at a place where the name was signed.

“You can cooperate however you like. I’ll listen to you,” Yvonne said with a smile after signing the document.

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