Noble Husband At the Door

Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 726

“Bro, mind your friends. If you can’t afford to play, don’t come out to play,” the young man said and left the dance floor.

Qin Zhao sighed in relief. It seemed like the Heavenly Family’s banner was still useful. Otherwise, today’s trouble wouldn’t be easily resolved.

“Are you alright?” Qin Zhao asked Mi fei’er.

“It’s okay. Are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?” Mi Fei’er asked with concern.

Feeling Mi Fei’er’s concern, Qin Zhao’s pain in his lower abdomen decreased by half in an instant. If he could make Mi Fei’er pay attention to him, then this kick would be worth it.

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Qin Zhao waved his hand and said.

Mi Fei’er didn’t have any good feelings for Qin Zhao, but compared to Samuel, she suddenly felt like Qin Zhao was better.

At least he dared to show up on this matter, but Samuel had to slip away secretly.

Although Qin Zhao was not as outstanding as she imagined as the prince charming, he at least had the guts. He was not like Samuel, who did not behave like a man at all.

Mi Fei’er was a little speechless. How could Yang Meng like such a coward like him? It seemed that after returning home, she had to persuade Yang Meng not to let her fall in love with such a good-for-nothing.

After Samuel left Hex Capital Nightclub, he drove all the way to the underground boxing house.

The boxing venue was very lively tonight. Before entering the venue, Samuel heard the ear-piercing screams of countless spectators. It was as if something exciting was happening in the ring.

When they arrived at the spectators stand, Saber Twelve was fighting one person on the arena, but he was not Donghao.

According to the situation, Saber Twelve should be at a disadvantage. His white T was stained with some blood, and blood was flowing out of the corners of his mouth. Obviously, he had suffered some internal injuries.

” You’re the only good-for-nothing in the big boxing field?” The opponent of Saber Twelve was less than 1.6 meters tall, but the muscles all over his body were cracked like bronze pillars. He looked very frightening.

Saber Twelve gritted his teeth. He was now relying entirely on his willpower. Had he not fallen long ago? He had never expected that this seemingly weak opponent in front of him would be able to unleash such a powerful force.

Whether it was strength or speed, he had almost reached the limit of Saber Twelve’s recognition. It was also because of his speed that Saber Twelve had not launched an effective attack once. He had been beaten almost all the way.

“I haven’t fallen down yet. It’s not the time for you to be proud,” Saber Twelve said, gnashing his teeth.

The little guy’s eyes were full of contempt. He didn’t fall down, just because he didn’t want Saber Twelve to fall down.

“If I want you to die, you will die immediately. Do you still have a chance to resist with your ability?” The small head said mockingly.

Samuel’s face darkened. It was obvious that Saber Twelve was no match for him. Moreover, Samuel also discovered an important point. He noticed Han Qing’s figure in the ring near the auditorium. Her smug smile and the way she made eye contact with the small-sized man explained the relationship between the two of them.

“Not only did the Hannigan family put pressure on him in the business field, but they also attacked him in the gray area?”

“This is too much!”

Samuel took a deep breath. Even Saber Twelve was no match for him. It would be useless even if he stepped onto the arena.

At this time, Han Qing also saw Samuel. The kind of mockery that came from the bottom of her heart was even more straightforward.

“Calling? What’s the use? Can we find an opponent who can contend with Wu Feng in this kind of garbage place?” Han Qing said to herself.

Samuel called Qi Yiyun directly. With the current situation, apart from Donghao, Samuel could not think of anyone else who could solve this problem.

Since the two of them were now in a partnership, it was reasonable for her to lend a hand.

“Qi Yiyun, where are your subordinates? Have him come to the underground boxing venue. Something happened here,” Samuel said.

“If it’s your personal matter, there’s no need for me to interfere unless…”

Before Qi Yiyun could finish her words, Samuel interrupted, “Is this my private affair? Han Yan sent someone to make trouble in the underground boxing house.”

Qi Yiyun had intended to bargain with Samuel, but when she heard that, she had to take back her words and said, “I’ll let him go right away.”

Hanging up the phone, Samuel walked towards the ring.

He couldn’t let Saber Twelve continue to fight. Otherwise, the degree of injury would be even worse.

“What, a piece of trash like you wants to challenge me?” Wu Feng looked at Samuel and asked with disdain.

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