Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 763

Before leaving, Samuel warned Brother Wen and others not to make trouble for Chen Ling. As he was afraid of Samuel, Brother Wen didn’t want to take revenge or make trouble for Chen Ling.

And after Samuel left, he gave Liu Hao a good lesson.

When Samuel arrived at Chen Ling’s house, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. The owner of the cafe closed the shop’s business in advance and was busy in the kitchen. Chen Ling, who said she would invite Samuel to dinner, was absent-mindedly watching a soap opera in the living room.

“Didn’t we agree that you would cook?” Samuel asked Chen Ling with a smile.

Chen Ling didn’t feel embarrassed. She took it for granted and said, “If I hadn’t been there to accompany you, I would have shown my strength. I’m afraid that you will be bored.”

Samuel shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said, “I can watch TV alone.”

“That won’t do. I still have a friend who is coming. You two don’t know each other. If not for me, how embarrassing would it be?” Chen Ling said.

Samuel knew that she was just finding excuses not to go to the kitchen. Even if she went, she probably wouldn’t be of much help.

It didn’t take long before the doorbell rang. Chen Ling’s friend must have arrived.

When Chen Ling opened the door and the friend walked in, Samuel was stunned.

At the same time, when Chen Ling’s friend saw Samuel, he was also very surprised.

“Qin Rou, you’re finally here. Quick, let me introduce you to a friend.” Chen Ling enthusiastically pulled Qin Rou into the living room.

“We have met before.” Qin Rou’s mood was a little complicated when she faced Samuel. Because she was the flight attendant lady on the plane. Originally, she had a great impression of Samuel. Unexpectedly, Samuel was a toy boy who was kept by his sugar mommy.

Samuel did not expect things to turn out to be so coincidental. She was actually a friend of Chen Ling.

“You have met him. When?” Chen Ling asked in surprise. This friend of hers was her sister, who had a very good relationship with her. Today, Chen Ling was going to be a matchmaker.

“On the plane, my name is Samuel.” Samuel stood up and introduced himself.

Qin Rou looked at Samuel with complicated eyes and did not make much response.

“This is too much of a coincidence. It shows that you are very fated.” Chen Ling said with a smile on her face.

Samuel smiled and didn’t say anything. He sat on the sofa and watched TV again.

At this time, Chen Ling realized that there seemed to be something unusual in the atmosphere between the two of them. She pulled Qin Rou and said, “Sister Rourou, I bought a new dress. Can you help me to have a look?”

After that, Chen Ling took Qin Rou back to the room.

After closing the door, Chen Ling said softly to Qin Rou, “Sister Rourou, this is the boyfriend I want to introduce to you, but judging from your relationship, is there any enmity between you?”

Qin Rou shook her head with a bitter smile on her face. How could she have a grudge against Samuel? It was just that she could not accept Samuel’s identity. At such a young age, he was able to take good care of himself but he was kept as a toy boy.

Qin Rou was a very independent person. More than three of her suitors said that they would support her, and they didn’t want her to be too tired from flying around. But Qin Rou didn’t accept any of them. In Qin Rou’s bones, she hated to gain something without sowing. Whether it was herself or someone else, she didn’t want to sell her body in exchange for money.

After seeing Samuel’s situation in the luxury car and hearing the words of the security guard, Qin Rou’s good impression of Samuel disappeared completely. At this time, Chen Ling was going to introduce Samuel to her. How could Qin Rou accept it?

“No,” Qin Rou said.

“If there is no hatred between you, why are you like this? Is it because he is not good-looking? But I think he is not bad.” In Chen Ling’s eyes, Samuel’s appearance was nothing to be picky about. He was definitely a handsome man. It was just that his family background might not be very good. But now, he was independent and living a good life. Such a man was almost the best boyfriend. If Chen Ling had not always treated Samuel as her elder brother, she would have pursued him.

“You don’t know what kind of person he is at all,” Qin Rou said.

“Sister Rourou, do you know something?” Chen Ling asked curiously.

“Let’s not talk about it. I’m afraid that I’ll ruin his image in your mind if I say it out loud,” Qin Rou said.

“You have successfully aroused my curiosity. Tell me what happened,” Chen Ling shook Qin Rou’s arm and said impatiently.

Qin Rou sighed. Perhaps it was a good thing to let Chen Ling know what kind of person he was.

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