Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 810

She was not afraid Samuel’s threat, but once Han Yan knew about it, the consequences would be serious.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Han Qing said, trying to hide her flustered expression.

“You don’t dare to let Han Yan know? Relax, I will not tell her unless I have no other choice.” Samuel laughed.

Han Qing gritted her teeth. She left the room because she wanted to put Samuel under her feet in an arrogant manner. But now, she was at a disadvantage, which was unacceptable to her.

But now, she did not dare to provoke Samuel easily. After all, she was still worried that Samuel would tell Han Yan about this matter.

Han Qing glared at Samuel’s back and thought, “When Yvonne falls into my hands, I’ll see if you can still be so arrogant.”

Samuel involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of air when he saw Qi Hu being stepped on by Di Yang after he entered the room. Indeed, even Qi Hu was no match for Di Yang.

“Han Yan, my brother is warlike and likes to compete with experts. That’s why he’s here to challenge Di Yang. Since he has already lost, can you let him go?” Samuel said.

Han Yan scornfully smiled and said, “Challenge? I don’t think it’s a challenge, but a provocation. It’s you who didn’t put me in your eyes, so you can’t control your subordinates. Although I can’t kill you, he is just a subordinate. I believe Dad won’t blame me.”

Samuel’s face turned cold. Since he had come, he had to ensure that Qi Hu could leave here safely. It was impossible for him to watch Qi Hu die here.

“What will it take for you to agree to let him go?” Samuel asked.

“Since you have to talk about conditions, you have to take out something that can interest me. Unfortunately, I can’t see any shine on a piece of trash like you. You don’t have as much money as me and your status is even lower than mine. What is there for me to be interested in?” Han Yan said with a mocking smile.

Samuel was belittled like this for more than three years in Cloud City. He had heard of it countless times, so he would not be angry simply because of these words.

Being laughed at for more than three years, Samuel’s mentality was so strong that it was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

“I believe you’ve already thought of a way. If that’s the case, then there’s no need to keep us in suspense,” Samuel said.

Han Yan gritted her teeth. She did not like to be guessed by others, but Samuel could almost guess accurately every time.

“Well, you were attacked three times by Di Yang, so I let Qi Hu go,” Han Yan said with a ferocious expression.

“Come on.” Samuel turned around and said to Di Yang. Han Yan would not kill him, so these three attacks would not endanger his life. At most, he would only suffer some pain.

It was worthwhile for Samuel to exchange Qi Hu’s life with pain, so he agreed without hesitation.

“Brother Samuel.” Qi Hu looked at Samuel with disbelief in his eyes. In his eyes, there was no relationship between Samuel and him. If it weren’t for the old man on the mountain, he would never have gone down the mountain. At this time, Samuel took such a big risk to save him.

Qi Hu knew very well that the three attacks of a master like Di Yang would cause great damage to Samuel. Even if he did not die, he would probably be disabled.

“Brother Samuel, you should leave quickly. This old thing is very powerful.” Qi Hu said to Samuel urgently.

” I take you down the mountain, so I will never let you die at the foot of the mountain. If you want to die, wait until you get back to your mountain,” Samuel said with a firm expression.

Qi Hu was stunned again. He didn’t expect Samuel would care about him so much. When he grew up on the mountain, the care Qi Hu received was almost blank. No matter how hard the training was, Chong Yang would never say a word of concern. When he was a child, Qi Hu would hold his head and cry in the middle of the night. His desperate state of mind and indifferent attitude had almost become the shadow of Qi Hu’s mind.

But at this moment, the seed of emotion in his heart sprouted instantly and grew rapidly.

“Brother Samuel, Qi Hu’s life is yours from today onwards,” Qi Hu said.

Samuel took a deep breath and said to Di Yang, “Come on, let me see how powerful you are.”

At this time, Han Yan winked at Di Yang. As long as Samuel did not die, she could fight him no matter what.

Di Yang lifted his leg and let go of Qi Hu. Then, he walked slowly toward Samuel.

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