Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 821

Manfred gritted his teeth. The other party had obviously come prepared and blocked the car plate. They would then display their numbers in another area. There were so many vans on the streets that no one would know where Yvonne’s car was.

The more meticulous the layout was, the more it proved that the other party didn’t come with good intentions. Meanwhile, Yvonne’s current situation was definitely extremely dangerous.

He couldn’t let Yvonne be hurt while Samuel was in the hospital. Besides, his men were incompetent. If he couldn’t give Samuel an explanation, how could he face Samuel?

“Summon everyone and investigate thoroughly through the night. Don’t let go of any villages or towns in the outskirts of the city.” Manfred said.

Johann suggested, “Do you want to unite with all the people in the gray area? The more the merrier.”

“This is such a big commotion. Are you afraid that Samuel wouldn’t know about it?” Manfred glared at Johann. Although what he said made sense, once the influence spread, the possibility of Samuel receiving news would increase greatly. Manfred couldn’t let Samuel know about this matter in such a situation.

Manfred would naturally apologize for this matter after Samuel recuperated.

“Yes.” Johann shrank his neck and said with fear on his face.

That night, hundreds of people took action overnight. In Cloud City, where the undercurrents were surging, a carpet-like search was carried out.

In the Hillside Villa, because Yvonne did not go home, Lydia and Godfrey were still waiting in the living room.

“What’s wrong with this girl today? Why doesn’t she come home at such a late hour and doesn’t answer the phone? She’s getting more and more immature.” Lydia complained.

Godfrey pinched his eyelids and said, “Did something happen? My eyelids kept twitching today.”

Lydia glared at Godfrey and said, “You jinx. Stop talking.”

Godfrey rubbed his eyes and felt very uneasy. Although he didn’t want anything to happen to Yvonne, his sixth sense told him that if it weren’t for the accident, Yvonne would have already gone home. Even if she didn’t go home, she would have to answer the phone.

“Did she secretly run to meet that loser?” Lydia said angrily. This was the only possibility that she could think of. Yvonne didn’t answer the phone, as if she was avoiding her on purpose.

“That’s really possible,” Godfrey said.

Lydia immediately took out her mobile phone. Since no one answered Yvonne’s call, she could only call Samuel.

“Hurry up and ask Yvonne to go home.” After the call was connected, Lydia said directly, because she was sure that Yvonne and Samuel were going to meet.

Samuel was lying on the hospital bed. Qi Yiyun helped him hold his phone. After hearing Lydia’s words, he felt puzzled and asked, “Where did Yvonne go?”

“Samuel, don’t play dumb with me. If she hadn’t met you, why didn’t she go home? She didn’t even answer my phone,” Lydia said in a cold voice.

Upon hearing this, Samuel’s face changed. Yvonne didn’t go home and didn’t answer the phone. Did something happen? But he had already sent someone to protect Yvonne. If there was really an accident, he should have known.

“I really haven’t been with Yvonne. Have you called Linda?” Samuel said. These two besties often gathered together. Could it be that they were playing in Linda’s house and lost track of time?

Lydia frowned. She was sure that they were together, but judging from Samuel’s attitude, it seemed that he really didn’t know where Yvonne had gone.

“I called Linda a long time ago. She said that she left the company after she got off work and was not with her,” Lydia said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make a call and ask,” Samuel said. Manfred’s men were secretly protecting Yvonne. Those subordinates should know where Yvonne was.

“Samuel, if something happens to Yvonne, it must have something to do with you. Tonight, you must find Yvonne for me. Otherwise, I will never let you off,” Lydia threatened angrily. Yvonne had no enemies. If she was taken away, it must have something to do with Samuel. Therefore, Lydia directly left the responsibility to Samuel.

Samuel did not answer, but hung up the phone directly.

“Help me dial Manfred’s number,” Samuel said to Qi Yiyun in a deep voice.

“Could it be that it was done by Han Yan?” Qi Yiyun asked Samuel as she dialed.

Samuel didn’t say anything. No matter who did it, as long as it posed a threat to Yvonne, even if it was the emperor himself, he still wouldn’t be able to do it.

After the call was put through, Manfred was the first to speak, “Are you bored in the hospital? It’s already this time, why are you still calling me?”

Manfred’s tone was very relaxed. However, Samuel could feel that he was putting on an act. It was as if he was trying to hide something.

“Manfred, where is Yvonne Samuel asked coldly.

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