Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 852

Samuel spent some more time outside and did not return home until it was almost time for dinner.

When he opened the door, Samuel saw Qi Yiyun stand up from the sofa and say to him as if nothing had happened, “You’re hungry. I’ll heat dishes for you.”

Samuel did not expect Qi Yiyun to not leave. Her red eyes told him clearly that she had cried before. Samuel did not know what to do.

He had thought that after Qi Yiyun left, the boundary between the two of them would become clearer. However, Qi Yiyun did not leave, and this matter became troublesome.

When he came to the kitchen door and saw Qi Yiyun heat up the dishes skillfully, Samuel said, “Why do you have to make yourself black and blue?”

Qi Yiyun rubbed her eyes and said, “The smoke is so stifling that I can’t help but choke on my tears. You’d better wait in the living room.”

Samuel did not leave. Instead, he went into the kitchen and came to Qi Yiyun’s side. He said, “You know very well that no matter how many things you have done for me, you won’t get what you want.”

“Now it’s what I want. Can’t I take care of you as a friend?” Qi Yiyun lowered her head and said.

“But I’m fine. I don’t need anyone to take care of me,” Samuel said with a firm attitude. It was the best way to solve the problem. He did not want to leave any space for Qi Yiyun to entertain her.

“But I’ve already given you the money. There’s nowhere to go. Where are you going to drive me? Do you want me to sleep in the overpass? I’m Yvonne’s best friend. Can you just take it as helping me?” Qi Yiyun said.

Samuel sighed. How could Qi Yiyun not have a place to live? She could easily buy a house with some money. In this way, she was just finding an excuse for herself.

“Can you leave first? Don’t disturb me.” Qi Yiyun pushed Samuel out of the kitchen and closed the door directly.

Samuel walked into the living room. The trash can was filled with tissues, probably used by Qi Yiyun to wipe her tears. This made his mood even heavier.

He had never thought of betraying Yvonne. He didn’t do it before, not now, let alone in the future. That was to say, he was doomed to let Qi Yiyun down.

After Qi Yiyun heated up the dishes, they sat down at the dining table.

Qi Yiyun lowered her head and felt uneasy. She was afraid Samuel would mention her leaving again.

Although Samuel wanted to say it, he could not say it. After all, Qi Yiyun’s attitude was very firm. He could not bear to stab her again and again.

“Is it good?” Qi Yiyun asked Samuel.

“Today’s dishes are very salty. This is probably a dish made in different moods. The taste will be different too. In fact, you don’t have to feel so wronged. You are the eldest daughter of the Qi family,” Samuel said.

Qi Yiyun had thought so too. Not to mention her identity as a Young Lady of the Qi family, her pure beauty was enough for her to find a man who loved her deeply.

However, when it came to Samuel, Qi Yiyun felt inexplicably that she had gone berserk. At first, she just wanted to use Samuel. Later, she silently fell in love with Samuel. Even she herself could not tell when this change started. Until today, when Samuel asked her to leave and made her feel the heartache, she realized that she could not give up.

“I’m just doing what I’m willing to do,” said Qi Yiyun indifferently.

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