Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 954

Samuel couldn’t stay as the coach. They wanted to get Samuel’s phone number. With the contact information, it didn’t matter whether Samuel would be the coach or not.

Samuel just wanted to test his own strength. He didn’t expect it to cause such an effect. He couldn’t stand the enthusiasm of those female students.

Samuel, who had just shown his power, fled from the Taekwondo club in a sorry state. His clothes were almost torn to pieces by those women.

“Alas.” The coach sighed. Looking at the shocking hole in the iron sandbag, he said, “If this person is willing to stay, will there still be a seminary who dares to compete with us in the future?”

“Yeah, I thought it was a joke, but we turned out to be a joke. This guy is terribly strong.” Another coach also sighed. No one would believe Samuel’s amazing strength if they told others.

Samuel, who had run away, did not stop until he ran a few streets away. Those women were so crazy that they wanted to eat him up.

Back home, Samuel looked at his own fist in a daze as he shut himself in his room.

He knew that there must have been some kind of change in his body; otherwise, this incredible power would never appear on him.

However, Samuel himself did not know what had happened. This innate divine power had suddenly appeared as if it had descended from the heavens.

In the past, Samuel would ask Yan Jun things that he did not understand the first time. This life mentor had answered many questions for Samuel. However, Samuel hesitated whether he should tell Yan Jun about this. He was not afraid that Yan Jun would discover this secret. Rather, he was worried that if Yan Jun could not explain it, he would not be able to feel at ease.

Qi Yiyun didn’t know what had happened to Samuel, but she had a bad feeling in her heart. After Samuel returned home, he didn’t say a word and locked himself in the room. There was no movement for a long time.

“Did an accident happen when he met Han Yan?”

His plan was crazy. Even if Han Yan didn’t accept it, Qi Yiyun wouldn’t be surprised. However, the serious expression on Samuel’s face when he came back made Qi Yiyun feel that it was not just Han Yan who didn’t accept it.

When it was time for dinner, Qi Yiyun finally found an excuse to knock Samuel’s door.

“Samuel, time for dinner,” Qi Yiyun said at the door.

Samuel, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, came to his senses and opened the door.

Qi Yiyun noticed that there was a hint of exhaustion between Samuel’s brows. She asked, “What’s going on? You look very tired.”

Samuel shook his head. He was indeed a little tired, because the sudden strength made him very uneasy. He was worried that this kind of phenomenon would cause serious damage to his body.

In the past, Samuel was not afraid of death, but now he had too many responsibilities. He had to take care of Yvonne and inquire about whether Han Tianyang was alive or not, so he could not afford any accidents, let alone die!

“It’s nothing.” Samuel said.

“Is it Han Yan? Is she unwilling to accept your plan?” Qi Yiyun asked.

Samuel said, “No. Although she didn’t mean it directly, I think she should know what to do. And she has no other choice.” Han Yan would definitely think of a way to kill Han Li. This was the only way in front of her.

Qi Yiyun frowned. If it weren’t for Han Yan, what else could make Samuel troubled?

“Does it have anything to do with Yvonne?”

“What happened to Yvonne?” Qi Yiyun continued asking.

“You seem to be in charge of more and more things recently. If you have more questions, I can only drive you away,” Samuel said.

Qi Yiyun gritted her teeth. She was kind enough to show her concern for Samuel. She did not expect him to take such an attitude.

“Do you belong to the category of mixed soil and steel?” Qi Yiyun said, gnashing her teeth.

“What do you mean?” Samuel asked in confusion.

“A straight man. Such a beautiful woman cares about you, but you don’t even show gratitude and even want to drive me away,” Qi Yiyun said indignantly.

Samuel smiled helplessly. A straight-forward man? He was only a bit straightforward with other women, but towards Yvonne, he was definitely a warm and gentle man. However, apart from Yvonne, no other women had the right to experience this kind of gentleness.

“No matter how beautiful you are, in my eyes, you are just an ordinary woman,” Samuel said lightly, completely ignoring Qi Yiyun, who was about to fly into a rage.

Qi Yiyun almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, she was used to being ignored by Samuel. Such a blow was still within the acceptable range.

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