Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 964

But now, he had to change his mind. He didn’t even dare to think about killing Samuel. He was afraid that he would die at Samuel’s hands.

Qi Yiyun was stunned for a long time, and then a smile appeared on her face. It was a good thing for her that Samuel became strong. The only bad thing that could be picked out was that the more powerful Samuel was, the more she would be fascinated by him.

“There’s nothing else. You can leave,” said Qi Yiyun.

Dong Hao was willing to do anything for Qi Yiyun. But in the face of Samuel, who had lost control, Dong Hao had to remind Qi Yiyun, “Miss, it’s not a good thing for us that Samuel has become stronger. Once he destroys the bridge, no one can do anything to him. Do you want to find a way to control Samuel’s lifeline?”

“I won’t be his woman for the rest of my life, but he won’t be ruthless to me. Why should I come back?” Qi Yiyun asked sadly.

Dong Hao shook his head in confusion. He really didn’t understand why Qi Yiyun, who had already left, had to be so shameless as to come back to the place where Samuel lived.

“I want him to feel guilty towards me. It’s enough even if it’s just a little bit.” Qi Yiyun said with a bitter smile. She did not expect Samuel to fall in love with her again. Instead, she wanted him to feel guilty for her. This was probably the most insignificant unrequited love in the world.

Dong Hao felt a pain in his heart and said, “Miss, why are you making things difficult for yourself?”

“Make things difficult for me?” Qi Yiyun smiled indifferently and said, “For me, it’s not difficult. At least I’m enjoying it now. Besides, I’m counting on him to solve the troubles of the Qi family. What’s the point of making things difficult for me?”


“There’s no ‘buts’. Go and do your own things.” Qi Yiyun interrupted Dong Hao and began to clean up the bowls and chopsticks on the table.

Dong Hao felt that it wasn’t worth it for Qi Yiyun. However, he knew that since Qi Yiyun made this decision, no one could change it.

In the kitchen, Qi Yiyun was doing the dishes washed like a family’s woman. For her, who was the eldest daughter of the Qi family, she was really willing to do such a thing in the name of humiliating the eldest daughter of the Qi family. Moreover, she had never complained or even had any thoughts about it.

For her, the happiest thing right now seemed to be washing the utensils that Samuel had used.

At this time, Samuel drove alone to a small village in the suburbs. He had just contacted Yan Jun and learned that Yan Jun lived here, so close to Cloud City. Samuel probably knew the reason why he lived here.

When he returned to Swallow City last time, Gina told him that Yan Jun was going to do something important. It turned out that this important thing was to secretly protect him, which made Samuel very grateful.

Ever since he had been ostracized by the Hannigan family, the only thing that caused Samuel to feel concern was Yan Jun. This had never changed in all these years.

Nowadays, most of the people who stayed in the village were elderly people and children who had not yet grown up. The middle-level forces had almost gone out to work. This was a common phenomenon in the countryside. After all, in the current society, it was not easy to live well.

When he arrived at Yan Jun’s place, Samuel parked the car. A few children surrounded the car and looked around, as if it was very novel.

The village was not very far away from Cloud City. For them, cars were not rare things. It was just that being able to observe and even touch at such a close distance was a relatively luxurious thing for these children.

After entering the courtyard, Yan Jun was dressed in simple clothes as he took care of the garden in the courtyard. He looked like an ordinary old farmer.

Samuel worked as assistants to help. An old man and a young man worked around the small vegetable garden for a long time. Who would have thought that an old man who had shaken the entire Swallow City and a Young Master in the Hannigan family would do such a thing?

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