Nothing Matters, except YOU & Me Chapter 251

Unfortunately, that woman was not her!

Gemma shifted her gaze to the woman beside Tony. Stark Group was not well-known, or at least, she had never heard of them before. Her family probably isn’t as great as ours. On top of that, even though she has an acceptable look and figure, there are tons of women out there who have better looks and figures than her! What right does she have to stand next to Tony? A darkness flickered across her eyes.

Myra and Tony quickly took their seats. He did not give her a hard time at this dinner which made her feel relieved. However, it wasn’t easy to dismiss Gemma who was sitting across from her.

“Tony, this claypot eggplant dish is delicious. Have a taste. This sea bass is also very tender. I know you don’t like fish skin, so I removed it. Try it, Tony. Oh, and this soup. I tried it earlier and it’s really fresh. I’ll get a bowl for you.”

From the moment Tony sat down, Gemma eagerly piled food on the small plate in front of him until it formed a mound, but Tony did not take one look at it and even had a frown on his face.

Myra also noticed it, but she simply disregarded Gemma. She knew that Tony did not like Gemma and that Gemma was only embarrassing herself.

After getting a piece of sea bass for herself and putting it on her bowl of rice, a pair of chopsticks quickly came in from the side and took it off of her bowl. Without a change in expression, Tony ate the sea bass he took from her in front of everyone.

Myra’s face slowly grew red. She stepped on his foot hard, but he did not seem to care. Subsequently, Myra only had a few bites of her food as Tony consumed most of it.

Sebastian could not watch this go on any longer. Letting out a dry cough, he looked over at the housekeeper sitting at the farthest end of the dining table and instructed, “Mrs. Frye, could you please get Tony a new plate?”

Getting up, Mrs. Frye quickly went to the kitchen to get a new plate and switched out the plate in front of Tony that Gemma had filled up with all sorts of food.

Gemma quickly looked flustered. She had never seen this side of Tony before. Not only was he being affectionate with another woman, but he also did not mind eating the food she had touched before. He seemed like a different person in the dining room tonight. He’s a completely different person in front of Myra. He was no longer the superior being above everyone else. He was also a man who knew how to love a woman.

“Oh? Myra, is that a mosquito bite on your neck?” Henry asked all of a sudden as he stared at the two red marks on her neck.

His innocent question drew the attention of everyone at the table. Some looked dubious, some looked awkward, and some looked envious. Lastly, there was also Tony who looked calm.

Serena shot a glare at her son. “No talking at the dining table!”

Despite feeling slightly wronged, Henry still listened to his mother. Nodding at her, he buried his head in his bowl and continued to eat.

Meanwhile, Myra was as stiff as a board. If a mosquito bit my neck, there would be small red dots, but why would a mosquito bite my neck? Other than the hickey Tony left on her neck earlier, she couldn’t think of anything else. In an instant, her face became flushed. I knew his tender attitude toward me was bad news!

“Are you feeling hot? Why is your face so red?” the man beside her brazenly asked as if the marks on her neck had nothing to do with him. She shot him a glare then turned her head back around to eat.

Seeing the smirk on his lips as he looked affectionately at the woman next to him, Gemma almost broke the chopsticks in her hand. That meal was the most unappetizing meal she had ever had!

After dinner, Serena brought Henry away to do his homework while Sebastian followed Lisa out to the garden for a walk. Tony, Myra, and Gemma were the only ones left in the living room, as well as Mrs. Frye, who was in the kitchen.

Tony had work to do, but he still stayed by Myra’s side. While she watched television, he sat beside her and worked on his laptop. Occasionally, they would exchange a few words with each other. They looked very affectionate and natural like a couple that had been together for many years.

On the other hand, Gemma was unable to join in at all. To be more specific, she wanted to join in their conversation, but every time she said something, the two of them ignored her on purpose. She was fuming with anger, but she couldn’t bear to walk away at that moment.

She put up with it until Sebastian and Lisa returned. Even though Sebastian was rather shocked to find that she was still in the living room, he still said out of courtesy, “It’s late now, Gemma. Why don’t you stay here tonight—”

“Thank you so much, Old Master Hart,” she interjected before Sebastian could finish. Smiling with her eyes, she said, “I just came back to Bradfort City and everything feels so unfamiliar. I couldn’t sleep properly at the hotel last night, but your place gives me a sense of familiarity, so I think I can finally sleep well tonight.”

A subtle frown grew on his face. He only offered out of courtesy, but he was going to finish by telling her that he would ask the driver to take her back if she did not feel comfortable here. He did not think that she would willingly take him up on his offer.

When Lisa cast a side glance at him, he knew that she was unhappy. Pulling Lisa’s hand tightly, he said, “Mrs. Frye, could you please get a guest room ready for Gemma?” With that, he quickly brought Lisa upstairs to appease her. After all, Lisa adored Tony the most. If Gemma messed with his feelings, Sebastian would probably be given a hard time by Lisa for days.

At the same time, Myra and Tony had clearly overheard their conversation. Frowning, Tony looked over at Gemma with a cold gaze. Myra then grasped his hand. “We have a lot of empty rooms anyway. Let her stay here if she wants to.” She knew that the Hart Family favored her and that was more important than anything else. The more Gemma acted this way, the more she was making the Hart Family detest her.

Closing his laptop, Tony grabbed Myra as he stood up and headed for the stairs. On the way there, however, Gemma stood in Myra’s path. Tony was at the front and Gemma had her back toward him. Therefore, he did not see the piercing and threatening gaze she had on Myra at that instance. To her dismay, Myra simply brushed her off and went around her to follow Tony upstairs.

At that, Gemma’s expression sank even more.

Once inside the bedroom, Myra stared at him with an accusing look in her eyes. “If I didn’t know you any better, I would have assumed that you blew her off from how hostile she was acting.”

Most women would know to give up when a man blatantly showed his animosity toward her and was affectionate with another woman, especially when she knew that the man did not like her but someone else instead. In Gemma’s case, however, she clearly became even more desperate. She held a grudge against Myra while resenting Tony at the same time.

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