Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1862

Chapter 1862 Should We Meet Up

“I’m her friend!” Harvey tamped down his emotions and stared at Kelly seriously. “Mrs. Wynter, Sonia might be your daughter, but she is a separate entity with the ability to make her own decisions. You’re making her upset with your actions. Do you want her to grow apart from you?”

“Friend? What friend? I never knew she had a friend like you.” Kelly stared at him icily. “No matter what kind of friend you are, stay away from my daughter. She is not someone that you should have designs on.”

Huh? Is my intention that obvious? Harvey stole a look at Kelly’s gaze and facial expression. After ensuring that she only said that spontaneously, he heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

He then looked at Kelly and emphasized sincerely, “I’m really her friend. I have to say that the way you treat her is a bit too harsh.”

Harvey could never not have designs on Sonia. Deep down, he had made up his mind. As long as Sonia was willing to accept him, he would never part with her. Nevertheless, he took note of his future mother-in-law’s demeanor and reminded himself not to aggravate the situation by provoking her.

“This is between me and Sonia. It’s none of your business, so stop meddling in our affairs!” Kelly snapped impatiently.

“Mother, please don’t be mean,” Sonia declared in an angry and ashamed tone before Harvey could say anything.

“Remember what I said. Come home tonight.” Having said that, Kelly left.

Harvey gazed at Kelly’s back, not knowing what her final words meant.

Turning around, he felt his heart ache at the sight of Sonia’s reddened eyes. Pulling her into his arms, he patted her head and comforted her, “It’s okay. I got your back no matter what happens.”

“You should go. I’ll go to school now.”

Harvey felt a little lost suddenly when she stepped out of his embrace. He gazed at her intently as an inexplicable feeling rose in his heart.

“I bought some food for you. Bring them with you so you can fill your tummy when you don’t have an appetite.” He opened his car door and offered the stuff he bought to Sonia. As Sonia refused to accept them, he thought she was worried that the food wasn’t good for her child and added, “Don’t worry. I got a list of food that can be safely consumed by pregnant women from Arielle.”

“I can only take two. I need to keep my pregnancy a secret. They are medical students, so I’m afraid they will discover the truth,” Sonia explained.

Harvey wasn’t overthinking, but he was strangely pleased to hear Sonia’s explanation.

His lips curled as he said, “Mm, take two, then. You have my phone number. If you have a craving for something, just give me a call anytime. I’ll buy the food and deliver it to you.” Seeing Sonia’s surprised reaction, he chuckled lightly. Did she forget about what we agreed upon earlier?

Flashing a grin, he told her softly, “Did you forget we are friends? We’re currently in a relationship. Moreover, you’re pregnant with my child. It’s normal for me to treat you well. Don’t feel stressed out and just summon me whenever you want.”

“I know. I’ll contact you if the need arises.”

Harvey watched as Sonia entered the campus. When her figure disappeared from sight, he drove away. Throughout the journey back, he couldn’t stop a smile from playing on his lips.

That night, he called Sonia. After a brief chat, Sonia said she had to hang up as it wasn’t a good time for them to chat. Left with no choice, Harvey had to agree. He was about to hang up when she asked, “Do you want to meet up?”

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