Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865 Jared Jupiter Extra

Jared felt helpless. Why is he urging me all of a sudden?

“Grandpa, I need to get back to work. Goodbye!” he said hastily and released his grip on Harrison to flee the scene. Seeing that, Harrison felt a jolt of anger.

He roared, “Brat, you always escape when I ask you to get married. If you’re capable enough, don’t come back home for five years straight!”

Hearing his grandfather’s energetic bellow, Jared responded from afar, “No problem!”


“Grandpa, you shouldn’t force Jared against his wishes. He’ll take action when he finds the love of his life without needing you to remind him,” Harvey said. He went to Harrison and helped the latter to a rocking chair nearby.

That Harrison knew. However, he was old and might not live for long. Hence, he wanted to see his youngest grandson getting married when he could still walk. That way, he would be able to reunite with his wife and children proudly in the afterworld.

Jared was driving when he received a call from Henry.

“What is it?” Jared asked.

“Let’s meet up. I’ve been busy with work all day and want to relax,” Henry invited. It wasn’t easy to be an heir.

Jared was free, so he agreed and drove straight to the bar. After parking his car, he entered the bar.

“Hey, over here!” Henry stood up and waved when he spotted Jared. Jared waved back and walked over to his table.

“You’re a busy man, right? Why do you have time tonight?” Jared punched Henry lightly and sat down beside him. He then got a bottle of beer and took a few sips.

“I’m going to go crazy if I continue to stay indoors,” Henry complained. Suddenly, something flashed across his eyes as he rested his arm on Jared’s shoulder. Arching a brow, he commented, “I can’t believe Trisha looks so stunning when she dresses up. If she had dressed this way back in Maxwell University, a handsome student would’ve snapped her up quickly.”

Hearing that, Jared shot a discreet glance in the direction Henry was looking and spotted Trisha clad in a sexy black minidress with her long hair cascading down her shoulders. She was swaying along to the music on the dance floor. The sight caused his brows to snap together.

Why is she here? She shouldn’t be here!

With that thought in mind, he was about to get up to drag her out of the bar when something occurred to him. What right do I have to bring her away? We aren’t even friends anymore.

A few years ago, after he heard Arielle’s analysis and learned that Trisha was in love with him, he had no idea what to do. After all, he wasn’t planning to be in a romantic relationship at the time. He did feel uncomfortable when Arielle told him to imagine Trisha getting a boyfriend, but in the end, he decided to only be good friends with her, nothing else.

He didn’t have any intention to date and wanted to focus on his studies.

Later, he stopped Trisha and told her about his thoughts. Her eyes turned red after hearing his explanation, and she ran away. They never talked again after that. Even when they bumped into each other later on, she acted as though he was a stranger to her.

Back then, he assumed Trisha didn’t want to talk to him for the time being as his words had been too harsh. He wanted to apologize to her, but whenever he tried to offer his apology, a male student would come and cut their conversation short. He later discovered that the student was one of Trisha’s admirers.

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