Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1866

Chapter 1866 She Is My Wife

Jared was a little uncomfortable after learning the news and stopped contacting Trisha. They both returned to Chanaea after graduating from Maxwell University. To his surprise, Trisha applied for and was hired to be Harvey’s assistant in Jupiter Group.

Thereafter, the two crossed paths several times in the company, yet they never discussed anything outside of work. Jared had never seen Trisha in anything else but her work attire, and he could not explain the odd feeling in his chest when he saw her less uptight self in public.

Beside him, Henry arched a brow and teased, “Look. Someone’s hitting on her, and he’s a looker. I guess Trisha’s not going to be single for too much longer.” He was genuinely happy that Trisha could potentially find her true love.

Even without Henry’s reminder, Jared clearly noticed the stranger flirting with Trisha. He was certain that she would reject his advances; her self-discipline would not allow her to entertain a random man’s flirting.

Alas, he was instantly proven wrong when Trisha joined the man in a nearby booth. She clinked her flute glass against the man’s and took a light sip.

The man sat opposite her and said something which brought a faint smile to Trisha’s lips. While Jared pondered the meaning of her expression, Trisha’s mysterious suitor gallantly invited her for a dance.

Trisha only hesitated for a fraction of a second before placing her hand in the man’s outstretched palm. They walked to the dance floor, and when it seemed as though their bodies were almost plastered together, Jared suddenly stood up. Henry, who had leaned most of his weight on Jared while beaming at Trisha, immediately lost his balance and almost fell flat on his face.

Confused, Henry asked, “Jared, what are you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jared stalked toward the dance floor and clamped his hand around Trisha’s wrist, ready to drag her out of there.

Trisha spotted his approach and instinctively lowered her gaze. The ghost of a smirk curved her lips, though she controlled her expression carefully, considering the circumstances.

“Let go!” Her suitor grabbed her arm before Trisha could utter a word, demanding Jared to let go.

Men knew their fellow peers’ intentions the best, and Jared instantly knew that the stranger before him was dead set on pursuing Trisha. He did not even consider the ramifications of his statement as he declared, “You’re the one who should let go. She’s my wife.”

“Your wife?” The man immediately whirled toward Trisha and asked, “You’re his wife?”

Trisha certainly wished she could corroborate Jared’s claim, yet he clearly did not have romantic feelings for her.

She pursed her lips thoughtfully before muttering, “He—”

“Darling, I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have lied to you about working overtime at the company. Still, you can’t just deny the fact that I’m your husband, right?” As Jared spoke, he shot Trisha a loving gaze that positively struck her dumb.

His act was convincing enough to ward off Trisha’s suitor, who loosened his grasp on her hand. However, that did not stop him from saying to Trisha, “If your husband doesn’t want you anymore, I’ll be waiting. I don’t even care if you’re a divorcée. Here’s my name card.” He was too infatuated with her looks.

Then, the man produced a name card from his pocket and stuffed it in Trisha’s hand before leaving.

Jared immediately swiped the name card from her. Tossing it on the floor, he practically dragged Trisha outside.

Back at the booth, Henry watched the situation unfold, mouth agape with shock. I thought that brat Jared didn’t like Trisha? Why is he suddenly so anxious when another man’s interested in her?

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