Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 12

Alex Cohen was semi-conscious when he felt that he was inserted the trunk of a car.

Despite the fact that he simply had a lot of chilly beer, he was not drunk. His belly was simply a little bloated. The bumpy ride had actually made him sober, but the medications had taken effect.

His head was still a little dizzy as well as his stomach was spinning an increasing number of. Just as he will vomit, the vehicle finally came to a stop.

The trunk was opened and also the first thing that emerged was a guy putting on a cap and also a medical mask.

The concealed guy stared at Alex, transformed his head, as well as said, “Blackie, really did not you say that he wouldn’t awaken till at the very least another hour? It’s just been 20 mins. Why is he awake?”

The boy called Blackie ran over to have a look and frowned.

” Maybe I really did not place adequate drugs.”

” Get him out! Shiny, rush as well as come offer me a hand …”.

Alex really felt that the drug impact was almost wearing off, but he still did not resist.

For one point, he understood his situation. A smart man understood when to escape from an unfavorable situation to prevent loss, so it was better to observe the situation.

He really felt that the voice of the masked guy sounded acquainted, however he might not remember that it was, so he had to remember his memories.

This was a clearing up in the countryside. The environments were pitch black as well as the closest noticeable lights were numerous meters away.

Alex was escorted to the front of the automobile and his body was pinned to where the headlights were. He can stagnate his body, yet his heart was defeating increasingly.

” Thump thump smack …”.

He attempted to stay calm and stared at the covered up guy. I do not even understand you.

” Cut the crap!”.

The man in the mask said coldly, “A person spent for both your hands.”.

” That?”.

You must feel privileged since this job was taken over by me. For only half a million, you can purchase your hand back!”.

” But I don’t have any kind of cash!”.

” You can pay for a Lamborghini and also you state you do not have cash? Beat him up good!”.

” Wait, wait … I simply remembered that a friend simply took place to provide me half a million today.”.

” Numbnuts, move the money to this card … you much better act on your own!”.

The concealed guy offered Alex a bank card, after that got a short knife and placed it on Alex’s neck.

Alex saw the circumstance was not good, so he had to follow orders and also obediently got his phone to transfer the cash.

” Bro, half a million transferred. You can let me go currently, right?”.

The masked man fractured his neck and also claimed grudgingly, “There’s still half a million brief.”.

” What do you suggest?”.

” Half a million per hand. It’s that easy.”.

” You … you’re a scoundrel! Whoever you are, I ‘d suggest you to stay out of trouble …”.

” Advise my * ss! Cut the crap as well as move the cash!”.


The concealed guy talked and threw a punch at Alex’s stomach.

” Ah … oof!”.

Alex took the pain as well as his body snagged straight up. His stomach, which had actually been thrashing for some time now, can lastly kick back.

A projectile vomit consisted of fresh consumed food blended with semi-decomposed beer sprayed on the masked male’s body and also some on his face.

” Motherf * cker! Ah … vomit!”.

The concealed man’s eyelashes and also eyebrows were contorted with each other. He was revolted by the nasty odor that even his mask could not cover, and his belly spun. He tilted his head back, held his breath, scrambled to take off his short-sleeved t-shirt, cleaned the vomit off his face, and also blazed at Blackie.

” You’re simply mosting likely to watch? Rush and obtain me water!”.

” Yes yes …”.

Blackie promptly let go of Alex and also returned to the auto to get mineral water.

Alex stared at the covered up man’s best arm, where there was a tattoo in the shape of a wing, which looked really acquainted.

Combined with a recollection of the masked guy’s voice, Alex finally bore in mind that the concealed male was Sukie Lane’s guy, Shane Locke! He can not recognize why Shane wished to abduct him, but now was not the time to consider this. He only really felt a raging fire from the evil side in him rose violently and also kicked Shane to the ground.

Although Alex had no experience in fighting, he had the upper hand with his tough developed and also above-average stamina because he was young. With a shake of his hand, he released himself from Shiny’s restrictions. He hurried forward in a few strides, shoved Shane to the ground, and also punched him like a mad man.

Shane did not have a chance to capture his breath before he was defeated to a pulp. He was entirely blindsided.

Blackie and also Shiny were surprised and also iced up for a couple of seconds before they ran over and knocked Alex to the ground.

In despair, Alex got the short blade from the ground and also turned his knifed-arm around thoughtlessly without identifying who was who.

Blackie evaded in time and was fine, however Shiny’s arm was cut. All of a sudden, blood was spurting like water.

Alex lastly had a chance to capture his breath. He went up and leaned against the vehicle while he breathed heavily. Both his hands clutched the blade and aimed it towards Blackie as well as Shiny. His eyes were red with rage and he barked viciously.

” If you’re not afraid to die, just f * cking thrill over as well as try! I’ll hemorrhage you one by one!”.

Blackie and also Shiny were both terrified by Alex’s feral strength. They hesitated for a few seconds, then turned around as well as ran.

Alex viewed the two vanish into the darkness and also a large weight on his breast ultimately lifted. He after that restrained Shane’s hands with a belt, threw him right into the trunk, and drove the automobile to the side of the city together. He parked on the side of the road, picked up a container of water, as well as hugely gulped down half a container. He then took a couple of deep breaths, as well as when his mind had ultimately relaxed, he prepared to get out of the vehicle. This was when he mistakenly found that the indication light of the dashcam was on.

” Oh no! Did that bonehead Shane Locke fail to remember to turn it off?”.

Alex swiftly took the dashcam and also considered the video. He discovered that it was constantly on.

That implied Shane Locke’s activities towards him were all tape-recorded.

Originally, Alex was preparing to work out the matter independently, however with this discovery, there was another option …

Alex composed his mind, left the car, opened up the trunk, and asked, “Who offered you the orders?”.

” Altercation!”.

Shane spat out a mouthful of sudsy blood and madly stated, “Cohen, you remain in problem. If you recognize what’s good for you, let me go as well as I’ll make certain not to bother you once again. If not, you won’t have the ability to f * cking stop this for the rest of your life!”.

” You do not want to tell me? Then I’ll take you somewhere. There’s bound to be somebody that can make you chat!”.

” Huh? Even if the King of Heaven comes, I won’t f * cking give up! Cohen, I’ll offer you one last chance …”.


Shane can only listen to the sound of the trunk knocked closed.

Alex began the automobile and hurried right to the police station.

A minute later, Shane’s sharp voice punctured the silent night skies.

” Cohen …”.

That day was undoubtedly a miscalculation on Shane’s component. Of all, he did not anticipate that the 3 of them would certainly be taken down by Alex so easily. Another point was that he had actually obtained the task from Chase Lucas to just teach Alex a lesson, but he wanted to take the possibility to obtain some money.

The law enforcement agent viewed the video as well as the instance was basically solved. Shane Locke would most definitely be sentenced 3 to ten years.

Blackie and also Shiny, as partners, would certainly likewise be imprisoned once they were detained.

The only point that still needed to be investigated was whether or not Shane was behind this …

When Alex returned home, house was past 4:00 am. He took a shower and rested up until twelve noon. In enhancement to Felix Moore, Sukie Lane also called numerous times.

He currently understood why Sukie was searching for him, however he did not reply as well as also obstructed her.

At 2:00 pm, Alex rushed to the entrance of Hudson Lowe’s office.

Before he saw Felix, Sukie showed up.

Sukie, that had been awaiting a very long time, rushed straight to Alex as well as stated with a pleading voice.

” Alex, we utilized to be classmates! Please allow Shane off the hook as a token of our friendship!”.

” Who are you?”.

Alex made believe to be puzzled and proceeded, “Do we understand each other?”.

” Alex Cohen, would you quit that? Shane was just adhering to orders and also was forced to abduct you.

Alex grinned faintly and also stared straight into Sukie’s eyes.

” Even if I want to f * ck you …?”.

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