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Alex Cohen had actually just reached the medical facility entry and quickly bumped into Fallon Ballantine and Harvey Simpson.

Also though what happened at the hotel earlier was not under the territory of the Narcotics Department, Harvey additionally presumed that the individuals that created chaos at the resort were most probably the same team that marketed medicines at Harrods Corp’s nightclubs, so he rushed over.

Fallon as well as Harvey discovered that a person’s life was associated with this event and both turned pale.

Although Alex was also really troubled, he had approved the truth. At this point, what else could they do yet approve?

He said with a bitter face, “Supervisor Ballantine, Captain Simpson, individuals can’t return from the dead and also we can’t reverse time. The most vital point currently is to look after his funeral and also family members, as well as to learn the truth.”

Harvey responded and also stated, “Mr. Cohen, I came over simply to ask you if you have any type of clues?”

” No, I’m on the means to discover clues.”

” Oh … Mr. Cohen, if there are any hints, please make sure to inform me immediately.”

” I will.”

Alex responded then resorted to Fallon as well as asked, “Just how’s Lianna?”

Fallon shook her head as well as said, “Lianna was in shock as well as her mindset isn’t wonderful, so I asked her to go home.”

” Alright after that. You individuals can deal with your method, I’ll leave first!”

Alex was a little relieved to learn that Lianna was great and also hurriedly left with Huge Ken.

Harvey checked out Alex’s back and remained in a tangle. He went to the resort earlier to comprehend the circumstance and also an employee had actually reported that someone had located the suspect and appeared to have actually caught him.

As quickly as he considered it, he understood that it needs to be Alex’s individuals who had captured the man.

As a police policeman, Harvey generally would not enable others to resolve their disgust privately.

However, Alex was not a normal person. He pondered for some time as well as did not claim anything in the long run …

After Alex connected with Hunter, he asked Big Ken to drive the vehicle to a wilderness in the outskirts of the city.

A few minutes later on, Hunter drove over in Large Ken’s Lavida and also carried the saboteur who had blonde hair out of the trunk and threw him on the yard.

Large Ken got Alex’s signal, loosened the cap of a mineral water container, after that splashed water on the blonde hair guy.

The weird thing was that the blondie got up as well as did not shriek. He just had an overwhelmed look as he evaluated Alex as well as a few of them. He did not resist nor tried to leave. His hands were linked behind him as well as he did not also try to crawl forward. He simply appeared like a fool.

Alex looked at Hunter and also asked blankly, “Did you defeat his minds out?”

Hunter shook his head and also responded, “It should not be … I controlled my force simply enough to knock him out, which isn’t enough to trigger mental retardation.”

” After that what’s happening?”

” I assume it’s odd also … is he just making believe to be stupid?”

Big Ken did not join the conversation. He looked down at the blondie and also said, “That are you?”

Blondie checked out Big Ken with curiosity however did not squeak.

Alex was distressed, kicked Blondie fiercely, and also shouted, “You’ve currently fallen into our hands and also still want to jumble via? Not to discuss making believe to be mute, also if you’re really f * cking mute, you can’t stay clear of the criminal activities you’ve dedicated.

” Killer?”.

Blondie iced up, after that nodded as well as echoed, “I’m a killer …”.

” You … you’re not actually a f * cking fool, are you?”.

Alex did not see a hint of acting from Blondie and expanded more questionable. He prepared to hit Blondie a couple of even more times.

Huge Ken unexpectedly increased his hand to stop Alex and also squatted down. Similar to a typical medical professional, he inspected Blondie’s eyes, mouth, and also neck, after that took his pulse.

His eyes instantly brightened, after that he stood up as well as claimed to Alex, “It appears that he’s been infected, as well as not simply average toxin.”.

Alex asked, “Is that so? Given that he was captured, nobody has infected him, right? Is it possible that he took the poisonous substance himself … and attempted to commit suicide?”.

Youthful Master, you ought to’ve seen that I have some knowledge of toxin, specifically some unusual as well as unusual toxins. Your household has a tiny group that specializes in these types of medicines, and also I made use of to be one of the scientists.”.

” Oh … bro, you also know about what he was infected with?”.

” He ought to’ve been infected with a drug called ‘Mind Loss Pill’. I do not understand if that’s what others call it, yet that’s exactly how we called it anyway.

An individual that’s drugged by this toxin will have his mind shadowed and also go into a semi-demented state, doing whatever he’s informed to do.”.

” There’s such a mysterious drug?”.

Beyond this time, the drug will deeply destroy the neural cells of the brain so that the person becomes a genuine dummy. They won’t keep in mind anything and also will certainly even forget their names.

” No wonder …”.

Alex heard this and also lastly knew where Chase’s self-confidence came from.

Obviously, Chase had gotten hold of the Mind Loss Tablet that Big Ken pointed out. Every time before he sent individuals out to do his negative actions, he would certainly compel them to take the tablet.

Fallon could not discover the perpetrator as well as might just tell the police that these people were not associated to her company. Fallon depended on Alex’s partnership with Harvey once or two times to delay this situation.

It was not just one or 2 shops, practically all of the clubs under Harrods Corp had people developing problem, which made it look like Harrods Corp was a drug center.

The bars under Chase were previously closed down for this reason.

If Fallon did not fix this matter in time, she would also be bought to shut down her stores as well as remedy the business.

He wanted to wait for Fallon to come to him for aid. As long as Fallon asked, he would have the top hand, then it would be up to him to state what kind of remuneration he desired.

Prior to they got to that point, Alex could already envision that Chase needs to have intended to make use of the opportunity to obtain a risk in Harrods Corp

. Chase did not think twice to let so many young people end up being fools as well as also cost a human life just because he wished to take over Harrods Corp and transform himself.

Other individuals certainly would not have the ability to do this kind of thing. Also Chase, without the assistance of Leo, may not also attempt to do that …

Alex handled to examine these as well as had a surprise. He instantly secured his phone and dialed Fallon’s number.

” Manager Ballantine, please locate a hassle-free area to talk as I need to ask you something.”.

” Okay, please wait a minute!”.

Fallon was not careless, greeted Harvey, after that went to the side alone before she stated, “Mr. Cohen, it’s fine currently. Ask away.”.

” Manager Ballantine, have all the people that marketed medications at your stores been jailed in the past couple of days?”.

” Yup. Not a single one fled. Every one of them were caught as well as turned over to the authorities. …”.

” What took place?”.

” Captain Simpson told me that all those people that were captured became fools.”.

” That’s an advantage. Those people have actually ended up being dumb, so you can not be mounted.”.

” Initially I was believing the very same point, but Captain Simpson said that somebody had actually reported anonymously that it was our business’s typical style of doing points. According to the report, those that sold banned medications were organized by our team. After they were caught, we drugged those individuals …”.

” Crap … there’s also this action?”.

Alex did not expect that Chase was so extensive in his system. It was not enough to frame them once. He even followed up.

Fallon, on the various other end of the call, waited for a couple of seconds before she continued, “Mr. Cohen, Captain Simpson simply told me that to avoid the scenario from intensifying, I should cooperate with him to close down all the clubs initially, then re-open them when whatever’s been plainly checked out.”.

Alex quickly thought of a really severe problem as well as asked, “After that if the investigation is never clear, you won’t ever be able to resume?”.

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