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Currently, Harvey Simpson remained in a small boardroom in Trinity Hospital with his boss, Principal Ziegler, sitting beside him.

Throughout the table was a team of medical professionals from Trinity Health center, led by none other than Miles Zimmerman, who was very familiar with Alex Cohen.

The fools that Harvey had apprehended in the past couple of days were all receiving treatment at Trinity Healthcare facility. Offered the absence of treatment progression, he had the going to physician, Miles Zimmerman, established a medical team and also welcomed the Chief to come together and also review countermeasures.

He intended to highlight Alex as the “second-largest investor of Helse Pharmaceuticals” in this conference, after that get the chance for Alex to provide the “non-traditional” antidote to the suspects who had become fools.

Obviously, before the Principal, he might not say that Alex would supply the medicine personally. Rather, he would certainly have to claim that it was a new medication looked into by Helse Pharmaceuticals that had actually not gotten authorization.

Otherwise, they could not obtain Chief Ziegler’s consent. This referred fantastic relevance as well as not something he could decide on his very own, which was why he did not promise Alex on the spot previously.

Originally, Harvey had actually already thought of a script to persuade the Principal, but simply when the conference started for a few minutes, Miles currently mentioned that there would certainly be no hope to cure these fools with conventional drugs. The only possibility was to make use of the special drug established by Alex’s family.

He did not have to be the major pressure of persuasion and simply had to cooperate with Miles to discuss Alex’s identification to encourage Chief Ziegler. He reduced his exhilaration and in front of the individuals existing, he called Alex to welcome him over …

Alex rushed to Hurried Hospital with Medical facility Ken and got out obtained the elevator to lift Harvey and Miles as well as him.

Harvey did not wait for Alex to ask questions. He immediately briefed Alex on the circumstance and also asked, “Did you bring the antidote?”

Alex nodded and reacted, “Yup! Big Ken got it overnight.”

Replacement Supervisor Zimmerman, can you please tell the Principal later that you gave Alex a call the other day? If we do not state this later, then logically talking, Alex still has to make believe to go back and also obtain the medication, which will certainly postpone a lot of time once again.

Alex and Miles nodded at the exact same time.

They then went back to the boardroom as well as spoke with Chief Ziegler. Miles promptly took the antidote from Huge Ken as well as administered them to the fools. There were as well many fools and also not enough medicines. More than 10 individuals were caught, however there were just 9 antidotes. Those who did not obtain the remedy would need to wait on the next batch.

If a person in the initial batch who took the antidote was treated, after that there would be no need for another set.

Alex was not a medical professional as well as had no commitment to conserve everybody, neither was he a saint, so he did not have the responsibility to aid these people.

For these fools, everything relied on his mood whether he intended to cure them or not …

Because these fools were not apprehended lately, the toxicity had actually long been onset and the nerve damages on their mind was major, so it was difficult for them to totally recover as previously. The detoxification likewise took a while, so they could not attain instant outcomes.

This issue can not be hurried, so they might only wait patiently.

Alex did not have time to spend in the hospital, so before he left, he called Harvey aside and clarified, “Captain Simpson, no matter whether the remedy functions, this matter can not be dripped out. If Chase Lucas discovered, after that he might transform his approaches again.”

Harvey responded and also stated, “I recognize. This issue is very private at our bureau. Dripping keys is an illegal act.”
” Another factor, even if the suspect is cured, he won’t easily betray Chase Lucas, so you might have to put some more effort into the examination.”.

” Do not fret, Mr. Cohen. As long as someone is detoxed, I’ll be able to obtain a confession. We commonly handle drug dealers, so questioning them is an usual incident. I dare not flaunt concerning other tasks, yet I still have a lot of experience in examination. You may not know this, yet I have an unformulated nickname in our bureau, the Investigation Professional.”.

” Haha, that’s wonderful after that! Next off, we’ll have to trouble you, Captain Simpson. I’ll take my leave after that …”.

Alex completed talking with Harvey and also bid goodbye to Miles as well as Chief Ziegler. He then left the hospital with Large Ken and also rushed directly back to Gold Stone. Seeing that Cynthia was at the office, he hurried over as well as said excitedly, “Cynthia, it’s not like the office lacks people. If you have something to do, you can call a person and also remotely regulate them. There’s no need to rush back. You must return to the hospital to care for Isla. Her parents aren’t fit to deal with her as well as you’re her buddy …”.

Cynthia pursed her lips and stated, “Alex, considering that you care about her a lot, why do not you keep her firm at the health center? Even if you do not have time, you can call her to persuade her not to get discharged so soon. Although I’m her friend, I’m also her subordinate, so it’s not appropriate for me to request this …”.

” Wait! You suggest Isla’s discharged from the health center?”.

” You just found out, huh? She didn’t review it with you and you really did not also ask … then you can look for her. While you’re there, inform her that I’m going out to settle something.”.

Alex was a bit overwhelmed and swiftly ran towards Isla’s office.

Huge Ken rapidly chased him and called out, “Youthful Master! Wait a minute …”.

Alex dropped in his tracks as well as asked blankly, “Hmm? Bro, something wrong?”.

Big Ken fished out a two-finger-thick, white porcelain container with no labeling from his pocket as well as clarified, “Young Master, when I returned to obtain the remedy, I also grabbed a bottle of medication particularly for injury wounds. This is likewise one of the special supply medications developed by your family. It’s not offered on the market and also can just be obtained at the military hospital.”.

” Okay, many thanks!”
Alex took the medicine container, went into Isla’s workplace, as well as stated to Isla, that was reading a paper, “You’re so seriously injured that the physician recommended a hospital stay. It’s just been a day, so why are you discharged already? You should’ve discussed such a large matter with me, right?”.

Isla did not really feel dishonored by Alex’s reproachful tone. Rather, she was privately delighted and drank her head.

” The doctor just advised a hospital stay and really did not state it was definitely necessary. It’s not as major as you think.

” You’re harmed as well as should be hospitalized, so that dares to claim you’re concealing? Isla, did you misinterpret me? When I asked you and also Cynthia to manage the consequences, I desired you to handle it from another location. I really did not suggest for you to find back to the office … sigh … it’s my fault for not being clear.”.

” My injury’s actually not as serious as you assume, as well as I’m not as vulnerable as you think either.”.

” Penalty … given that you’re currently out of the healthcare facility, I can’t forcefully companion you back in, right?”.

Alex helplessly accepted this truth, then turned over the medication container as well as added, “This is a special lotion for trauma injuries.”.

Isla raised her brows and quickly stood up. She took the medication bottle and sized it up happily as she stated, “Alex, you prepared this particularly for me?”.

” Yes …”.

Alex’s face flushed red with some humiliation and also questions. He believed that probably Isla had been misinterpreted.

It was just a container of medication, yet she was looking at it as if it was a bottle of pricey restricted edition perfume.

Even if it was expensive perfume, with Isla’s monetary stamina, she would have no trouble buying it herself.

Alex, as a straight man, can not understand what Isla was assuming presently as well as did not consider what Isla’s actions indicated. He just “kindly” advised her again.

” Isla, that lotion is for you to use on your wounds, out your face, so you should not be mistaken.”.

Isla nodded and also said, “Can you ask Cynthia to find in as well as help me with this?”.

” Okay … oh wait, she just headed out, so I’ll do it.”.

Isla froze, believing that Alex was existing. After hesitating for a couple of secs, she still concurred as well as stated, “Then close the door and remember to lock it … draw the curtains as well.”.

” I’m simply placing on the medicine for you, not going on top of you … penalty, I’ll go secure the door.”.

Alex was straightforward. Prior to he completed his sentence, he noticed that Isla’s expression altered, so he hurriedly obliged. Per Isla’s directions, her office was securely secured prior to he mosted likely to her desk as well as said, “Raise your shirt.”.

Isla gently attacked her lips, stood up with a red face, then transformed her back to Alex and also slowly brought up her clothes.

In the next second, Isla revealed her small waist and also back. She was leaning ahead somewhat with her butt sticking out …

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