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Purely speaking, the coordinator of this meal was Alex Cohen.

However, Alex asked Fallon Ballantine to be the agent of the team to get Chase Lucas, who bewared and questionable by nature, to go to the meeting.

Both groups came to the Drunken Elegance Dining establishment beforehand, and after a brief discussion, they set about their service.

Fallon had booked the most remote personal area as well as the private area next to it so that Artilleryman Young’s guys could establish up an ambush for Chase Lucas there. Alex telephoned to Jordan Finn Ryker and consulted with the owner of the Drunken Elegance Restaurant.

Because they were looking for retribution at their restaurant, Alex wanted to give them a heads up.

At a few mins past 8:00 pm, the prep work were ultimately done and also Alex entered the exclusive area with Huge Ken, Artilleryman Youthful, as well as his two bodyguards.

As soon as the three major personalities were seated, Artilleryman’s man, who was keeping watch in the first-floor lobby, sent out over a voice message.

” Sir G, Chase Lucas has actually arrived. There are 6 of them in complete including Leo. There’s also a van outside with them, however the door was shut so I don’t know the amount of people are in there.”

Gunner paid attention to the voice message as well as stated to Alex, “Should we hide? Or just wait below?”

Alex waved his hand and responded, “No demand to prevent him. Chase Lucas is currently aware of the partnership in between you, me, and Supervisor Ballantine. On this occasion, it’s regular for Supervisor Ballantine to call us both right here as a back-up. He should’ve thought that we’re likewise here. If he only involved see Manager Ballantine, there’s no need to bring a lot of individuals.”

” I believe so too. Considering that we’re letting it all out today, we don’t require to appreciate these information …”.

About a min later on, Chase showed up at the door of the personal area. His eyes brushed up from Fallon’s face to Alex and also Artilleryman, after that stated unhappily, “You really followed all! Are you 2 addicted to meddling in other people’s organization or what? Why do you men have to get involved in whatever ventures I have with Supervisor Ballantine?”.

Alex shrugged as well as stated, “Chase Lucas, if you’re afraid of us, you can go home now.”.

” Me? Afraid? What a joke! I’m just fretted for you individuals. I’m dealing with Supervisor Ballantine and it has nothing to do with you, so don’t get included blindly or you’ll get yourself right into problem … forget it, I’m not even bothered to advise you. Eventually, you’ll regret it!”.

Chase finished with a sneer, then indicated with his eyes for his two men to stand guard at the door. After that he walked in with Leo as well as one more 2 guys and sat down directly throughout from Fallon.

Leo settled next to Chase and said to Alex, who was straight throughout from him, “My perseverance is also limited. I have actually already reminded you two times. If you do not pay attention, after that I have absolutely nothing more to say. From this moment on … no delay, from the last time we fulfilled, you have actually currently become my enemy.”.

” I have a lot of challengers, so get in line!”.

” Simply you wait! When I reveal my genuine identity, you’ll know just how dumb you are now!”.

Alex without effort disregarded Leo’s threat, grabbed his cup to take a sip of tea, after that stated delicately, “Does it indicate that you’re very powerful? Yet I listened to that you work at a factory concentrating on producing a rather unique point …”.

Leo was a little stunned, thinking that Alex did not know his identification and had actually inquired about his previous experience of operating in a medicine manufacturing facility. He felt a little anxious, but externally, he still looked really tranquil.

” That the f * ck did you hear that from? When did I ever before work in a manufacturing plant?”.

” No? Exactly how come I have actually heard you were making retardant …”.

Motherf * cker! You’re the f * cking retard!

” Hahahaha, not surprising that you handle weapons … also your temper’s even more impulsive than the typical person!”.

” What the f * ck is wrong with you? When did I ever take care of guns?”
” You still decline to confess? That can’t see that you’re a kid of a gun?”.


Leo assumed that Alex discovered that he had actually provided Isaac Litt’s guns and also stressed for a moment. Because of this, he was simply deceived by Alex yet again. He was furious as well as put the table as he stood. He after that pointed at Alex’s nose and cursed at him.

” You have a f * cking death wish, don’t you? After that I’ll make it come true for you today!”.

Alex was unfazed as well as kept a faint smile as he looked at Leo provocatively.

Gunner and Fallon did not claim anything and calmly viewed Alex’s performance.

It was Chase who can not bear this any type of longer. He suggested Leo to sit and also cool down, then directly transformed the topic.

” Allow’s put aside individual grudges for some time. Fallon, you claimed on the phone that you wanted to ask me for assistance, so hurry up and also let’s talk company. I’m active, so I do not have time to bullsh * t with you right here!”.

Fallon eyed Alex’s face as well as saw that he was done dissing Leo, so she stated, “Mr. Lucas, I do want to ask you for a favor …”.

Chase’s face revealed a worthless smile, after that he leaned back in his chair and also said smugly, “You’ve finally recognized that you can’t possibly resolve your firm’s troubles on your own neither with the 5 or six individuals you’ve employed, huh? I took the campaign to offer you an aiding hand before, yet you refused. Since you’re begging for my aid, don’t you feel embarrassed?”.

” You have actually misinterpreted me. I’m not asking you to assist me solve my firm’s problems.”
” Oh? What kind of aid do you desire from me?”.

” I just want to ask you to get the hell out of the way and stop targeting my company!”.

” What did you claim? Say it once again!”.

Chase can not think his ears and thought he had actually heard it wrong. He stood up at once with both hands propped up on the table. His body was leaning forward and also his eyes were bulging out to their limits. He looked at Fallon with a deadly glare as well as his tough appearance looked as if he might not wait to tear Fallon apart.

Alex did not know whether Fallon could take it, so he offered her an aim to reassure her, after that interjected, “Chase Lucas, do you need me to duplicate what Manager Ballantine stated? I know you heard it, so there’s no requirement to question your ears and think that Manager Ballantine had stated the wrong point. I can tell you clearly that we just want you to get the hell out of below!”.

” Hiss …”.

Chase drew in a breath of cold air, gradually took his seat, and re-examined Alex and also the others as he said, “This doesn’t make feeling! How risk you claim such things to me!

” We’ve settled the matters in Harrods Corp, so there’s no requirement to discuss it once more. Next off, it’s time to discuss personal matters.”.

” What’s there to speak about?”.

” Too many! Chase Lucas, you have actually been trying to find difficulty with me continuously, so don’t believe that I have actually forgotten the past. From the moment you scheduled Shane Locke to handle me to the other day when you wreaked havoc at the hotel, I bore in mind whatever you did. It’s time to put an end to all the hatred that has been collecting for months!”.

Fallon included, “You also need to provide me an explanation for the damage you did at the resort!”.

Chase iced up for a while and also really might not figure out why Alex and Fallon were suddenly looking for him to settle the rating. I’ve overstated you all … Alex, Fallon, allowed’s not chat about anything else.

Alex trembled his head and said, “Chase Lucas, yet, you still believe you did a smooth work? You can toxin those scoundrels, yet can not I cure them? Although you’re older than me, you’re still a little bit also unskilled to f * ck with poison before me!”.

” Treat them? You think you’re a god?”.

” You do not think me, do you? I’ll inform you before you pass away!”.

Alex claimed this, after that secured his phone and also revealed him the investigation video clip sent by Harvey Simpson.

As quickly as Chase saw the boy in the video, he instantly tightened.

Nevertheless, it was easy to compare a fool and also a sane person.

When the boy began to speak, Chase’s heart sank as well as he just had one idea, ‘Just how is this possible?’.

He had actually gotten the poisonous substance with excellent initiative and offered it to Chase. The individual that provided the poisonous substance stated that unless God came down to planet, there was no cure for this poison!

What the hell was going on right here?

Was Alex Cohen a god?

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