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“You …”
Chase Lucas intended to say something yet stopped. His face was down as he checked out the table and also confirmed his situation. He was very hesitant, yet he was now under their control and also had no choice but to yield. He quietly exhaled a deep breath, then considered Alex Cohen as well as stared at Fallon Ballantine coldly.

” Inform me after that, how much settlement do you desire?”.

Alex delicately fiddled with a beautiful glass ashtray and provided Fallon a motivating look.

Fallon, like Chase, did not keep up with Alex’s rate and also did not expect to go into the sector of demanding settlement so quickly. After a minor reluctance, she stopped and elevated a finger as she said, “1 …”
” Excellent!”
Alex unexpectedly put the table, interrupted Fallon, and stated to Chase in all seriousness, “Just as Manager Ballantine stated, $10 million!”.

Chase’s eyes nearly rolled out and screamed, “Cohen, are you f * cking deaf or what? When did she state 10 million? Such a little thing and also you desire 10 million?

” When I state 10 million, I imply $10 million and also not a penny much less!”.

” What if I don’t offer it?”
” Then you will not be able to leave here standing! No … if you don’t resolve the expense with me as well as Manager Ballantine, you will not also have the ability to leave!”.

” You’re threatening me? Do you think I’m terrified? Why do not you f * cking attempt to touch me?”.

Chase stood up again, propped his hands on the table, and blazed at Alex from above.


Alex unexpectedly elevated his hand, lifted the ashtray, as well as wrecked it greatly on Chase’s left hand. With a “crack”, the bones of his left index as well as middle fingers shattered, and also the bones of his ring finger were likewise broken.

The issue was that Chase would certainly not have the ability to leave for a while.

Chase really felt an acute pain, kneeled on the ground, and used his right hand to order his left hand that was pushed to the table. It was so painful that his tears streamed out and dense beads of sweat arised on his forehead. His face features were turned and warped as he let out a gut-wrenching howl
Big Ken strode over and ordered a stack of paper napkins in one hand, then held Chase’s head down with his various other hand. He after that packed Chase’s mouth with the paper napkin and also the howling noise stopped abruptly.

This was not since he was afraid that would certainly think about Alex as a bully. Rather, it was due to the fact that this was a public location, so he did not desire Chase’s sobs to disrupt the mood and appetite of various other diners in the other private areas.

In a short time, Chase’s left hand was numb with pain and shed all sensation. His body had additionally stopped shivering.

Just then did Large Ken release Chase and pulled away to wait Alex’s side.

Chase did not also clean the snot as well as tears on his face as he could not care less about his photo right now. He gritted his teeth as well as stated to Alex, “Just how attempt you openly devote a f * cking crime?”.

Alex shrugged his shoulders as well as said, “I also risk to kill. Do you intend to try?”.

” I’ll kill you first!”.

Chase all of a sudden rose, held the ashtray discolored with his very own blood in his right-hand man, as well as viciously lunged at Alex. After taking two actions, he was dumbstruck. That was due to the fact that Big Ken took out a gun with a silencer as well as put the muzzle of the weapon on his head.

Huge Ken disengaged the safety and security with his thumb, loaded the bullet, and also claimed to Chase, “You have 5 seconds to take down the tool, or I’ll shoot.”.

This change came so instantly that Fallon was shocked.

The individuals on Chase’s side were even a lot more anxious as well as their faces turned pale in an immediate. Alex’s brazen attack previously was currently far beyond their assumptions due to the fact that deliberately creating impairment was a felony.

It was not that Chase as well as Leo had actually never seen a gun previously, they likewise had such a plaything.

They did not attempt to reveal it freely, let alone shoot.

Chase fasted to analyze this factor and believed that Huge Ken was bluffing, so he fixed his mind and also glared at him as he said, “You’re having fun with a f * cking plaything weapon, right? Even if it’s an actual gun, will you risk to fire in public? You much better rush and also place the gun down, or …”.

” Unfortunately, time’s up!”.

Huge Ken did not listen to the nonsense that Chase stated as well as silently counted below 5. He did not be reluctant in any way when he moved the gun down and pulled the trigger while aiming at Chase’s left knee. Then, before Chase was up to the ground, Huge Ken kicked Chase in the gut.

Chase dropped greatly onto a chair as well as the ashtray flew out of his hand.

Huge Ken extended his ideal foot and also delicately kicked up the ashtray, after that with his left hand, he accurately caught the ashtray as well as put it back on the table. He said delicately, “Chase Lucas, this is a location for company, so you’ll need to pay for whatever you broke … as well as I just saved you $10.”.

Chase clasped his left knee as well as gazed right at Large Ken, not able to speak.

None of the injuries he suffered were deadly, he was not dead yet, yet his heart was currently dead. He was scared to death. He ultimately had a far better understanding of Alex and Big Ken. Just because he did not make a correct judgment of his circumstance, he had shed his left hand as well as left leg for nothing as well as ended up being a complete as well as utter invalid. Yet, it was too late for remorses.

The realities showed that Alex Cohen and also Big Ken were a lot more distressing than Artilleryman Young.

With Chase’s current strength, it was currently a problem for him to manage Gunner alone …

Big Ken had actually pacified Alex’s dilemma, so he did away with the gun, got his gun license, and also explained to Fallon, who was still in a daze.

I have a weapon authorization. If it had not been for Chase’s uncleared financial debt with you, it wouldn’t be his knee that was fired, yet his head.”.

Fallon was just an average businessman who recognized that Alex’s family was amazing, however she did not anticipate that Huge Ken, as Alex’s staff, was likewise astonishing to this extent. He can bring a gun around and shoot freely. Was this something that ordinary people could do?

It seemed like her present experience was unique, as if she had actually been delivered to a weapon battle scene on a TV show.

After paying attention to Big Ken’s explanation, Fallon was still a little overwhelmed.

Alex gave her an affirmative appearance, verifying Large Ken’s declaration, after that resorted to take a look at Chase as well as said, “$ 10 million, check or transfer?”.

Chase provided Alex a dumbfounded appearance and stared at Fallon once again, then stated breathlessly, “Give me your account details.”.

Fallon finally returned to her detects, took out a bank card, and also pressed it over.

Alex nodded in fulfillment and also said, “Chase Lucas, if you would certainly done this earlier, wouldn’t you have conserved on your own some pain? Yeah, I’m not to criticize for all this. You asked for it!”.

Chase was currently terrified out of his wits and was like a decreased round. And also striking back, he did not also have the stamina to shoot down. Under the watchful eyes of Alex as well as Big Ken, he did not risk to play methods, opened his banking application, as well as obediently moved $10 million to Fallon.

It was a same-bank transfer, so it was instant.

Fallon also clicked her financial application as well as validated that she had received the cash, after that gestured an “Okay” signal at Alex.

Alex recognized and continued to claim to Chase, “Your animosity with Manager Ballantine has actually been cleared up, so currently it’s my turn. As far as I know, you have actually provided at the very least three orders against me, as well as in all of them, you wished to do away with me. Otherwise for my good luck, I would’ve passed away in your hands. My life is still secondary, the important things is that you’ve also laid hands on the people around me as well as my firm, creating numerous deaths and also injuries, which is very serious …”.

Chase was dejected and responded, “Simply claim it, how much do you desire?”.

” Very little, just $200 million.”.

” Just how much?”.

Chase was dumbstruck and trembled at the sound of this number. Nevertheless, he no more attempted to reveal his temper and did not even risk to speak begrudgingly.

” Alex, I admit that I’ve lost. You asked for settlement, so as long as I can manage it, I want to pay you, however $200 million is too much. To tell you the truth, after paying Manager Ballantine, I only have one more $10 million in money.”.

Alex drank his head as well as said, “I can give you half a month’s moratorium, but the quantity is non-negotiable.”
Chase’s eyes illuminated and also said, “Then I’ll give you an IOU for $200 million first?”.

” Do not you still have more than $10 million?”.

” Okay …”
Chase did not dare to say much and also obediently moved $10 million to Alex, then signed an IOU of $190 million. The reason why he was so fast to agree was that he had a plan. As quickly as he got through this, he would return as well as offer all his household’s properties, then he would certainly leave this place immediately and never ever returned.

IOU’s and also whatnot, to hell with it …

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