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Alex Cohen felt that it was incredulous as well as stated, “Just how could this happen? Captain Simpson, really did not you confirm that Chase Lucas had taken off before you pursued him?”

Harvey Simpson sighed and reacted, “I witnessed with my very own eyes that several boys were lugging a wheelchair to the auto … Oh wait!

At that time, although somebody was sitting in the mobility device, the person was wearing a hat as well as lowered his head, so I can not see his face. I just thought that it was Chase Lucas and also led the group after him. It appears that I have actually underestimated him!”

” That suggests you succumbed to his diversion method?”

Not just was Chase Lucas not in the automobile, however Leo wasn’t there either. Mr. Cohen, I’m on my means back. If Chase or Leo come to difficulty you prior to I obtain back, you should not fight them head-on.



As he said this, two explosions can be found in quick sequence, followed by the noise of loud weeps.

Alex was so startled that he shivered a little, but he still did not know what was going on and also rapidly said right into the phone, “Captain Simpson, I’m in Mallow Town and also I have actually faced Leo, so I can’t conceal.

Do not stress, I can handle it! Just leave Leo to me and also you can focus on finding Chase Lucas. I’ll hang up first …”.

After he hung up the phone, Alex educated his eyes towards the turmoil and saw that Leo’s side remained in a mess. He immediately browsed and asked in a panic, “What happened?”.

Gunner Young directed towards Leo’s side and claimed, “They exploded! A bomb simply blew up.”.

” Huh? Detonating a bomb on his own people? What kind of f * cking action is that?”.

” They really did not blow themselves up, but there was a mishap … If my hunch is right, Huge Ken simply defused an additional situation for us.”.

Gunner was.

Huge Ken was much away, through the high power extent on the sniper rifle, he could see the situation over below clearly. Within seconds of Yellow-Shirt getting the bomb, Huge Ken had actually currently seen it and kept a close eye on it.

Simply when Yellow-Shirt increased his hand ready to toss the bomb and decisively pulled the trigger, a high-speed turning bullet with a first speed of more than 1 km per second shot out and also properly hit Yellow-Shirt in the breast
The yellow shirt guy was driven backward by a substantial influence as well as a wrist-thick bloody opening was taken in his breast. The bullet did not remain in his body yet passed right through as well as strike a buddy’s body behind him, once more creating a bloody opening.

Both guys died right away without a chance to also let out a howl.

What was even worse was that Yellow-Shirt had actually not had time to toss out the bomb and also it fell into a group of his own people.

Even though individuals before him left as fast as they might when Yellow-Shirt was killed, there were just 5 seconds left prior to the bomb exploded, which was not nearly enough for them to leave the danger zone.

As the bomb blew up, an additional big group of people dropped, with 2 dead, three or 4 seriously wounded, as well as much more who were lightly wounded.

The most awful of all was the two people who were pierced by the sniper bullets passed away without also getting a complete body.

Leo, as the leader, was standing at the front of the line when the case took place, far from the explosion center as well as divided by several guys. However, he was pushed to the ground by the shockwave generated by the bomb.

He was not hurt on the surface, his head really felt very woozy as well as his tympanums almost shattered. His ears were buzzing as well as he can not listen to anything.

A few minutes later on, Leo regained a trace of sanity and trembled his head hard. He increased his hand and also put his head, at the exact same time, he likewise cleaned off the debris on his head.

Leo took the lead and also was the first to hurry to the stack of weapons.

Not waiting on Leo to take the weapon, the sniper rifle went off again.

With an explosion, a deep crater the dimension of a washbasin changed the pile of guns. Some guns jumped up and one of them landed right at the feet of the second person who hurried over. That individual bent down to pick up the weapon and also was shot. His right arm was broken off easily from the elbow joint.

Leo was frightened till the blood drained pipes from his face. He yelled at his guys, “Everyone pay focus! Allow’s fight them and kill our bloody method with!”.

Those who had actually already gone up and concealed by the auto flashed their brief knives, steel pipes, and also other tools.

This suggested that Leo’s approach to raise spirits had worked.

Since Alex had actually gotten the upper hand earlier, Leo noticed that the spirits on his side was low. He could distinguish their faces that many people intended to retreat.

Since there was another huge modification that was much past expectation, individuals under Leo did not take off in despair. It was not because they were strong-minded, yet they were all worried of being targeted by Large Ken.

They did not dare to run nor did they attempt to eliminate versus Alex again.

The present scenario was crucial. If they did not get rid of Alex’s group, they would never ever have the ability to leave.

Counting on Leo alone, it would be impossible to finish this job.

Leo had no choice but to announce their existing scenario as well as their only way out to prompt everybody’s survival impulse. This was the only means for those under his command to conquer their concerns as well as join him in a final act of resistance …

On Alex’s side, Artilleryman’s group of guys prepared to combat.

A young man fetched a long brocade box from the cars and truck, opened the cover, and also provided it to Gunner with both hands.

With one glance at the very extravagant product packaging, maybe guessed that the contents were definitely not ordinary
Alex oddly jabbed his head to take a look and also discovered that in the box was a menacing dagger.

This blade was concerning a meter long with a complex layout. This dagger might be utilized to cleave as well as stab. The blade was not secured on the hilt, yet it was shaped in one item.

On the end of the handle, there was a round and ferocious-looking devil head, that made this blade look more eerie and also severe.

This dagger was the same Devil Head Dagger that Artilleryman utilized when he was more youthful to combat on the streets!

He swung it around a few times, smiled, and also stated to Alex, “I have not utilized it for a long time, yet luckily, I don’t really feel corroded. Today, I’ll feed this blade with the blood of Leo’s team!”.

Alex did not mean for Artilleryman to deal with directly, yet given that Artilleryman had taken out the Devil Head Blade, it was inconvenient to deter him, so Alex just responded and responded to, “Sir G, I was birthed a little later. When you reigned over the streets of Quill City with your dagger, I was still right here playing in the mud.

” Haha! I’m old, so I make certain I’m not as awesome as I was back then. You children just don’t make fun of me!”.

Artilleryman stated he was old, but his eyes were incomparably undaunted. He contained vigor, clearly opposing aging.

Alex was not totally not aware of Gunner’s abilities and also knew that Artilleryman still had strength, so he waved his hand and also claimed, “That risks to make fun of Sir G? I’ll be the initial to object!”.

” Don’t flatter me a lot … if you praise me any longer, I hesitate I’ll begin to float! Let me try it out first!”.

After Artilleryman said this, he personally led a group of guys to fulfill Leo’s group.

Alex saw that Zeke Martin turned his neck prepared to eliminate, after that rapidly stopped him and whispered, “Brother, allow’s simply see from the side. For Sir G, this type of battle today is just a little battle, so he doesn’t need the assistance of others. Besides … I can inform that Sir G’s quite ecstatic, so we should not take his thunder.”.

Zeke responded and stated, “Okay. I’ll maintain watch on the side to prevent anyone from escaping.”.

” That’s not a problem. … I do not assume you’ll get the possibility to strike.”.

Alex had counted before, Leo had lost many people after the explosion, so he no more had an advantage in numbers. Individuals Gunner brought were also not ordinary gangsters, however the selected few mobsters that were particularly educated. Any random one would be able to take a couple of challengers down solitarily.

And also Gunner, that had the combat power that got on the same level as Big Ken. Facing the ordinary individual was as simple as chopping veggies.

Gunner did not tangle with the minions from the various other side. He just possessed his dagger to remove a course and went straight for Leo …

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