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Individuals on Leo’s side were beaten back and also their demise was evident. If nobody thought of a great way to fix this situation, they would certainly all be eliminated. Leo was anxious when he suddenly discovered that a number of young men that were striking him swiftly quit and moved to the side.

Gunner Young’s men were quick-witted and provided Gunner the opportunity to fight leader to leader.

For Leo, this was a great opportunity that has to be seized.

Leo grasped the baton tightly, then looked right into Artilleryman’s eyes as well as said, “If you have the guts, battle me one-on-one!”
Artilleryman reacted with an ashamed look, “What else do you assume I’m attempting to do by coming right here?”
” If you dare to battle, that’s good! It’s no fun to simply fight, so let’s add a little reward.

” At this time, you’re still desiring for leaving?”.

” Suggesting you do not risk to wager with me? Did your digestive tracts degrade together with your capacity since you’ve retired for many years?”.

” You little scum, you still wish to play tricks before me? You were still a f * cking tadpole when I was dominating the streets! Today, I’m prepared to offer you a possibility to avoid outsiders from gossiping that I’m harassing the weak.

Listen very carefully, you really did not incite me, but I’m simply offering you a handout! Whether you can get it or not depends upon your capability!”.

” Haven’t you ever before heard that old things will get obsolete? You’re an old man that’s halfway right into the ground and also you still attempt to make wild insurance claims? Artilleryman Youthful, since you concur, then let’s reduce the crap and also see our real abilities unfold.”.

Leo understood that Gunner was a master when he was young, much like the present Big Ken.

That was all old history. Leo did not even see the present aged Artilleryman as his competition as well as was confident that he could defeat Artilleryman within three minutes.

In Leo’s viewpoint, this was a god-given chance at the most essential moment …

Gunner’s artilleryman power was indeed not certainly good as great peak of his youth. If he battled with Large Ken currently, he would most definitely lose.

Based upon the last battle between Leo and also Big Ken, Leo’s capability was at the very least 2 notches below Big Ken.

Gunner, on the other hand, was just 2nd to Big Ken.

On the whole, Artilleryman’s fighting capacity was still above Leo.

After the fight, the facts likewise showed this factor.

Both of them did not hold back their stamina as well as went at each other with complete pressure. Experts could see that Artilleryman was battling with simplicity and also was attacking from the start.

On the other hand, Leo, who had actually been protecting Artilleryman’s assaults, had no chance to strike. As time passed, he was gradually incapable to stay on par with also an easy protection.

His right-hand man, which was holding the baton, was hit by the huge force over and over once more that it came to be a little numb. Specifically his purlicue felt like it was being torn up and he can feel the raw discomfort.

To prevent dropping his tool, Leo changed to a two-handed grip.

This was to hold the baton stable, however his dexterity was reduced, and can no more keep up with Artilleryman’s rhythm.

When he saw the chance, he reduced Leo’s left arm with his dagger, disclosing a large injury that was more than 30 cm long. With the back of the blade, he flicked Leo’s baton out of his hand as well as kicked Leo in the upper body.

Leo flew backward and also landed greatly on the ground three meters away. Prior to he had time to get up, the blood-stained Devil Head Blade was put at his neck.

With Leo restrained, minority males on his side who might still stand likewise stopped and surrendered.

The fight ended easily.

Gunner placed the blade straight on Leo’s neck as well as said coldly, “Just how do you really feel now that you’re defeated by an old man?”.

Leo covered the injury on his left arm as well as stared at Gunner with a deadly glare. He gritted his teeth and also stated, “I suggest you not to be also pleased so soon. Do you understand what sort of person I am?”.

” I apathetic who you are!”.

” You … to tell you the fact, I’m with Sir K! You know who Sir K is, right?”.

” Keon Wells?”.

” That’s! Considering that you have actually come across Sir K’s name, you need to understand that he is. If you let me go immediately, when Sir K concerns retaliate me, he may still have the ability to let you pass away intact. Otherwise, every one of you are doomed to pass away a dreadful death!”.

” Ooh … I’m so frightened! People, link him up!”.

Artilleryman did not claim much, got his men to connect Leo’s hands and also feet, after that mosted likely to pick up the baton.

He weighed it as well as stalked Alex and also stated, “Mr. Cohen, although Leo’s stamina isn’t much, this baton is respectable. I see that you seem to lack a weapon that you can use, want to offer this a try?”.

Alex gladly took the baton as well as casually swung it around a few times. He nodded his head excitedly and said, “Thanks! I’ll approve this gift. Sir G, you truly are strong and your abilities are still similar to at that time that you can conveniently defeat Leo. Congratulations on your victory!”.

” Haha! You’re welcome.”.

Artilleryman grinned brightly, swung his hand, then took a cloth to wipe his Devil Head Dagger tidy as well as put it back right into the brocade box.

Already, it was currently late, as well as appeared like it was mosting likely to be dark quickly.

Simply when Alex looked up at the sunlight, he all of a sudden listened to a whir.

Following the sound, he saw that a helicopter was flying in the sundown and was heading towards them.

Alex hurried back to the cars and truck to get the binoculars and looked very carefully to discover that the helicopter had the words “Quill City Special Forces”.

He believed it was possibly Harvey Simpson that arrived and claimed, “Sir G, let’s do a handover with the authorities prior to we head back. Chase Lucas still hasn’t been caught yet, so he could cause some difficulty. We much better head back quickly to be on the lookout.”.

Artilleryman responded and also stated, “Then do not get your dad as well as your pal first, wait until Chase Lucas is caught.”
” Alright!”.

Alex as well as Gunner got to an agreement after that called Big Ken
When Huge Ken came by, the helicopter likewise got here.

After Harvey found out that Alex had faced Leo at the town, he was so anxious that he took the SWAT team’s helicopter and also hurried over as quickly as he could.

He saw the tragic scene while still in the air. After leaving the helicopter, he swiftly ran to Alex to get an understanding of the circumstance as well as found out that the mishap got on Leo’s side prior to he put his mind comfortable.

Alex handed over every person on Leo’s side to Harvey, after that called Zeke Martin to the side as well as stated somewhat embarrassingly, “Brother, I’m sorry. As soon as you came back, you got involved in difficulty due to the fact that of me.

Zeke stated with a bright smile, “Certainty! Before I returned, I was a little worried that after a lot of years of service, I was so disconnected from society that I might not be able to adjust and be of any use. Currently I know that there’s still a location for me.”.

” You’re such a talented person, so how can you not be of any use? Allow’s talk about this the following time we meet!”.

Alex patted Zeke’s shoulder and went to greet Sam Martin’s household before he led his individuals out of Mallow Village
On the way back to Quill City, Alex called Symore to educate him that Chase had not been captured as well as reminded him not to be lax and also to stay above alert. After he hung up the phone, Alex instantly kept in mind something. Leo needs to recognize Chase’s whereabouts as well as getaway plan.

Considering that he left quickly, he did not reach ask this.

Now that Leo was handed over to Harvey, it would be bothersome to return to question Leo. He could only depend on Harvey to tear open Leo’s mouth.

Alex completed speaking with Symore and also called Isla Sullivan.

This was the first time Isla received a safety call from Alex. After she found out that Alex was great and also was on the way back, her tensed heart lastly cleared up and also felt pleasurable. She can plainly really feel that since the last time she kissed Alex inadvertently, their sensations for each other were warming up quickly.

She can currently honestly reveal her concern for Alex, and Alex likewise cared more concerning her feelings compared to prior to …

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