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Chase Lucas’ smile was unusually ghastly, which looked very creepy, but the bomb he was holding was all the more frightening. He had already pressed down on the switch of the bomb for quite some time and was obviously ready to die with Zeke.

He had personally witnessed Leo getting defeated the day before and knew that he could not escape the same fate as Leo, but he refused to resign to fate.

Thus, his original plan was to capture the hostage to lure Alex to the scene, then put an end to it on the spot. If he could drag Alex down with him, it would have been for the best.

However, the plan did not turn out as planned. He was unable to capture Francis Cohen nor Sam Martin, so he had no choice but to replace them with Old Ferris. Chase knew that this was not enough to threaten Alex and he might not be able to attract him over, so he could only threaten Alex “remotely”.

The first step to his plan was to incapacitate one of Alex’s arms and one of his feet so that Alex would suffer the same blow as he did.

The second step was to end Alex’s life.

Chase knew that making Alex commit suicide was to far fetched, but the chances of Alex becoming a cripple were reasonably high.

In the end, when he was about to see a glimpse of hope on achieving the first step of his plan, Zeke Martin suddenly appeared.

His plan to threaten Alex had failed and all three of his men were subdued, which marked the end of everything. Chase gritted his teeth and took out the bomb that he had long-prepared, then pressed the switch. Even though he did not manage to kill Alex, it was also better than nothing to drag the buzzkill, Zeke Martin, and bring him to hell. At least then, he would not die in vain…

When Zeke saw the bomb in Chase’s hand, there were only 8 seconds left before the explosion.

After Chase finished speaking, he raised his hand and threw the bomb.

“Holy sh*t!”

Zeke’s pupils dilated several folds and without the slightest hesitation, he quickly turned around and ran out as his life depended on it.

Before he ran away, Zeke slapped the bomb back with the pistol in his hand.

The bomb fell under the wheelchair and stopped on the side of Chase’s crippled hand, rendering it out of reach for Chase.

Two of Chase’s men who were able to stand figured that the switch to the bomb had just been pressed and there was still time to escape, so they helped each other up to dash outside. Just as both of them reached the door, the bomb exploded. Chase Lucas was blown to pieces along with his wheelchair and was utterly dead. His two henchmen were no better off than their master.

Zeke Martin, on the other hand, had seized the last chance to escape and ran to the courtyard by then. He managed to escape the catastrophe…

Alex Cohen was watching the entire scene unfold through the video call that Chase did not hang up, so he roughly knew what had happened. He saw that Zeke had once again appeared at a critical moment and helped him defuse the critical situation. If Zeke had not appeared in time, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

When the video call was cut off during the explosion, Alex quickly called Zeke and was relieved to learn that Zeke was not seriously injured.

Gunner Young was also comforted by the news. When Alex hung up the phone, Gunner let out a sigh of relief.

“Finally, I can breathe.”

Alex nodded and said, “Yeah. Chase Lucas is finally dead and in such a tragic way too. Perhaps, this was fate. Karma is a b*tch.”

“At first glance, it does seem like it was all god’s will, but in fact, it was all traceable. Believe it or not, I will give you a run-through of the events. The first event was when you didn’t ask Zeke to follow you back to Quill City yesterday so that led him to stay back at the village. In return, it laid the foundation for him to become the savior today. Then again, you were also the one that called him at the right moment. If you hadn’t made that call or even called a little later, Zeke probably wouldn’t have been able to find Chase in time. So in my opinion, God wasn’t responsible for giving Chase what he deserved, but you!”

“Thanks, I just did what I thought was appropriate at that time. But really, the real merit goes to you and Zeke…”

Alex and Gunner continued chatting away full of spirit.

Big Ken, on the other hand, kept a sullen face and waited for the two of them to finish talking before he said, “Young Master, you can’t act impulsively as you did just now in the future. If you crippled one arm, it’d also be a dereliction of duty on my part. Your arms are much more valuable compared to other people’s, and so is your life.”

Alex understood Big Ken’s mood and nodded as he said, “Just now, I was prepared to shoot, but I was aiming for it to not hit the bones. Instead, it’ll only pierce a little skin, creating the illusion of a crippled arm. I’m not worried about getting a little injury. What I was really worried about at the time was if I crippled my arm, he’d still continue to make demands…Forget it, it’s over now, so let’s not dwell on it. It’s time to ask Captain Simpson to deal with the aftermath.”

After he said that, Alex called Harvey Simpson to explain the situation.

Harvey immediately led a team to Mallow Village to clean up the mess left behind. Since Chase’s body was blown to pieces, they eventually did a DNA test to confirm that it was truly Chase’s remains. As for the other two criminals involved in the case, one was arrested while the other was dead. After combing through the whole scene, the police were ready to pack up.

Alex had returned to the village and arranged for Old Ferris to be sent to Trinity Hospital in Quill City for treatment. He also asked Symore to send Francis Cohen and Aaron Lindstrom back.

Although Chase Lucas still had quite a few henchmen who had not been caught, they were not considered a large threat as they were scattered around with no figurehead to lead them. Moreover, those people were busy escaping, so those with some brains would not blatantly commit another crime.

After a few days, Francis and Aaron could finally return to their normal state of life.

Alex was also finally able to invite Zeke Martin to Quill City for a good catch-up.

He planned to organize a dinner party to welcome Zeke back and was about to invite Big Ken, Gunner Young, Fallon Ballantine, and Symore. Before he could do that, Harvey called and said he wanted to invite them to dinner. Harvey wanted to thank them for their service and had additional news to relay to them.

When business and private matters collide, business should be the priority.

Alex postponed his private dinner and took Big Ken and Zeke to Harvey’s appointment. Gunner and Fallon were also present.

After a few rounds of wine, the conversation became more animated.

Harvey, as the organizer, made a toast to everyone present and sincerely expressed his gratitude. His speech was filled with sincerity from the bottom of his heart and was not only out of courtesy. If it were not for the help of this particular group sitting in front of him, even with the SWAT team’s support, he could not have closed the case so quickly. He would also certainly pay a much heavier price.

After all, that one gunfight between the police and Chase Lucas had already caused some casualties.

Alex, the group’s representative, returned a toast to Harvey. He said with a smile, “Captain Simpson, you’re too polite. It’s only right for the police and citizens to work together! Police catch the bad guys to protect the stability of the community, so it is only just that we help the police whenever we can. Besides, we’re not strangers, so there’s no need for thanks.”

Harvey gave Alex a thumbs up and nodded.

“Well said!”

“Captain Simpson, the next step is to eliminate Chase’s remaining forces, right?”

“Yes. After confirming that Chase Lucas is dead, I immediately held a meeting to discuss this and asked the higher-ups for authorization. The task of hunting down these people will be jointly carried out by the Narcotics Division and the Security Division. The aim for this large deployment is to completely purge Chase’s underground forces.”

“That’s the way to do it! Captain Simpson, I’ll support you however I can. If you need any help, just ask. We’ll never refuse as long as we can help.”

“No, no, you guys have already done enough to help.”

Harvey waved his hand with a smile and turned to Gunner and said, “Mr. Young, in the operation to capture Leo and deal with Chase Lucas, you’ve made a lot of effort and even went into battle yourself. I heard that you are planning to return to the game but I didn’t believe it, is it true?”

Gunner shook his head and said, “Everything I did was to help Mr. Cohen.”

“I see…I thought you were going after Chase’s territory.”

“Captain Simpson, that’s quite rude of you to point out. I have just said that everything I did was in the name of Mr. Cohen and have never considered any selfish acts. Chase’s territory is vacant, but have I taken over any territory? It seems unfair to me that everyone has received your gratitude, while you suspect that I have ulterior motives. Would you say it’s appropriate to treat us so differently?”

Alex listened with a frown.

Why did it seem like Harvey and Gunner were suddenly clashing?

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