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“One…one hundred and ninety million dollars?”

Hash Lucas looked at the numbers and thought he had misread them. He then stared at the spelled-out number and confirmed the amount again. Looking at these numbers, he still felt it was unbelievable.

He glared at Alex Cohen and said, “Do you know the reason why Aunty left it to me to take care of Uncle’s matters? It’s because she knew that the sudden death of Uncle might attract idiots to stir trouble and a housewife like her won’t be able to fight back!”

Alex could infer what Hash was trying to say but he did not rush to explain himself. Instead he casually asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“Uncle has kept an account of all his cash flow and I’ve seen the books. I can tell you clearly that there’s no debt between him and you! Alex Cohen, you got my uncle killed. Now you even resort to blackmail? Do you even have a conscience?”

“I will tell you again that Chase Lucas does owe me $190 million.”

“You think you can fool me in giving you such a big sum of money with a forged IOU? Do you think it’s that easy to earn money?”

“You think you can disregard this large debt with just a few words? Do you think it’s that easy to get the money?

Hash Lucas, if you don’t admit to owing the debt, I’ll have no choice but to go through legal means. You must pay this money within the original deadline, which is in half a month. Oh wait…it’s now less than half a month.”

“Then go ahead, sue me! I’d like to see if the court will sentence me for not paying you back, or you for forging IOUs and extortion! Alex Cohen, do you think everyone in this world is a fool except you?

The place where the signature of the debtor on the IOU is blurred and illegible. You’re worried that the forged signature won’t pass the test, so you deliberately smudged it, right?”

Hash said that with a sneer, tore the IOU into pieces, then threw it into a glass of juice.

Alex shook his head helplessly and fished out another identical IOU from his pocket.

“Hash Lucas, I don’t know if everyone is stupid, but I know you are. The place where Chase Lucas signed wasn’t smudged, but it’s where he pressed his bloody handprint.

You can see it clearly in the original. You only tore off a black and white copy, so I’ll give you another one. If you want to tear it for fun, just remember to take it back and copy it yourself…”

Hash picked up the second IOU, looked carefully at the place where Chase had signed, and indeed saw a vague fingerprint pattern. He could not help feeling anxious.

Is the IOU really not forged by Alex?

If Chase really owed Alex 190 million, it would be a bad thing…

Alex did not talk about the IOU and returned to the topic he started with.

“Hash Lucas, if Chase was still alive and gave you all his territory, then it won’t be a problem. But now he’s dead, and his territory isn’t part of his assets, so it can’t be inherited by you. If you’re interested in those territories, you can go and take it yourself. Symore and I will just fight you till the end!”

Hash became anxious and said to Alex with rage in his eyes.

“Let’s fight then! Who’s afraid of who?”

“You have the freedom to make your own choices. But let me remind you that I am very vindictive and will not hesitate to retaliate against my enemies.

Once you choose to go against me, be prepared to pay the price. Speaking of which…Jared Xavier, the grudge between you and me hasn’t been cleared yet. When I have the time, I will come for you!”

After Alex said this, he got up and left the private room. He found a seat in the main dining area and ate comfortably.

Everyone was harmonious and the main dining area was filled with laughter and talk.

In Room 305, the atmosphere was the opposite, it was sullen and depressing.

Hash Lucas and Jared Xavier both had a lot on their minds.

Initially, Chase Lucas developed his power with the secret support of the Grand Express Corp. Charles Lucas was also a senior executive of the corporation.

That was where the relationship was forged between their two families and they had always been good with one another. Gerald Xavier invested a lot of money in Chase while Chase helped Gerald solve a couple of kinks.

In the secret cooperation between the two families, Chase played the role of a thug, assisting Gerald to earn or save a lot of money through unethical means.

Both sides cooperated successfully and fully utilized their strengths to achieve their goals. They had a very pleasant partnership.

Now that Chase Lucas was dead, there was no one to help Grand Express Corp to do the dirty work.

In order to replace this position, Gerald decided to support Hash Lucas with $200 million in funding and arranged for Jared to do this.

This was not a small sum of money. According to Gerald, $200 million was enough to help Hash restore Chase’s power and take over all his businesses.

Jared and Hash were finally tasked with a big job and realized their value in life.

Who would have thought that Alex would suddenly pop out of nowhere and leave them with shocking news!

The two of them temporarily pulled a few small gangs together to ask for help and it had cost them more than $10 million to do so.

The rest of the money they had was not enough to pay off Alex’s debt, so how could they complete this seemingly impossible task?

Jared pondered for a moment, then suddenly stared at Hash with a sullen face and said, “Whether that note is real or fake, we should not admit to it! It’s $190 million, but even if it’s $1.90, I won’t give Alex a cent! That is my bottom line!”

Hash nodded and said, “Alright, noted.”

“Also, we should speed up the progress! Find more small forces to cooperate with us, even if it costs more money, it doesn’t matter. One thing’s for sure, when we go up against the forces led by Symore, the people we have gathered and paid must fight for us with all their might!”


“Alright, let’s do this for now. Keep in touch and report any changes to me as soon as possible!”

Jared did not have lunch and was planning to have a good meal in the evening, but he was barely making way with his meal when Alex crashed the dinner. Even though the hiccup was over, his mood had changed. With a table full of dishes in front of him, he had lost his appetite. He took his phone and car keys and left in a hurry with his bodyguard. Afterward, Hash Lucas also left the vicinity.

The next day, Alex took Big Ken to a car dealership and paid in full for a Range Rover. Before he drove it away, he called Big Ken to the side. He asked in a soft voice, “Bro, can you use your connections to upgrade this car? It’s nothing major, you don’t need to change the body or modify anything, just replace all glass to bulletproof glass.”

Big Ken thought about it and said, “It should be possible, but it’ll cost some money. I can’t ask them for any more favors. I’ve changed the glass of my car several times for free multiple times, so I’m quite embarrassed to do it again. I made sure that I’ll pay for the subsequent times.”

“It’s not a problem, I am willing to pay more too. By the way, please ask them to replace Isla’s Maserati with bulletproof glass as well…”

Alex asked Big Ken and Hunter Yates to drive the Range Rover and Maserati to change the glass, while he went to the gas station to get a gas card.

After 4:00 pm, the upgrades were made on both cars and Alex asked Hunter to send the Maserati directly to Isla. After, he called Zeke over and gave him the gas card and new car keys.

“Bro, I have a job for you but we haven’t discussed the salary yet. You don’t mind having this new car as a year’s salary, right? I’ll also give you this gas card, which has $100,000 in it.”

Zeke already knew that Alex had reunited with his biological father and was in no way short of money, but he did not expect that Alex would be generous to such an extent. He was stunned, then sighed and said, “Really? Even if you don’t give me the car, this gas card is enough to meet my expectations! I haven’t done anything yet, but it feels like I am at the peak of my life!”

“Haha, I’m just kidding.”

“I knew it! You make it sound like you’re filthy rich!”

“Bro, this car is just a small gift from me to you. Salary aside…”


Zeke was startled and stood frozen on the spot.

Big Ken was standing silently to the side. Suddenly, his phone vibrated and he received a text message. He opened the message and read it, then his eyes lit up immediately. He ran to Alex and reported, “Young Master, there’s news about Zachary Ewing again! Over the past few days, my contacts have been tracking his whereabouts. He recently left Quill City, but now he’s back!”

Alex got excited from the news and said, “Now that I have the time, it’s time to meet him! Zeke, get in your new car and give me a ride. I should’ve told you about your job last night, but I forgot. I’ll fill you in with the details on the way…”

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