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On the way, Alex Cohen gave Zeke Martin a detailed description of the situation in Quill City as well as his thoughts. He then added, “Bro, I initially wanted to let you chill for a bit and have some fun before you start work. But you seem to be quite anxious to start. Then from tomorrow onwards, you can assist Symore in retrieving Chase’s territory.”

Zeke frowned and said, “It doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge, huh?”

“For you, it’s really not that difficult. Your opponents for the coming period will be those people at the restaurant last night, other than Jared Xavier. Once you take care of them all, this mission will be almost over. When the time comes, I’ll assign you a bigger task.”

“No problem. Then I’ll practice with those people first, and hopefully, they’ll be worthy opponents. My requirements for opponents are actually very simple. Either they can fight, or they’re good at defense. Those who fall at the first touch aren’t interesting at all, so I don’t even bother.”

“You’re mad! I can’t even with you…”

It was Alex’s first time encountering someone that gave requirements for their opponents, which was simply insane…

Half an hour later, Alex was sitting in Zeke’s new car while Big Ken followed behind them in his Lavida when they reached the entrance of a five-star hotel.

Big Ken got out of the car, waved his phone, and said to Alex, “The positioning shows that Zachary Ewing’s in this hotel now. I’ve also asked someone to get his check-in information. He’s staying in Room 8108. Should we go up to him directly, or call him down?”

“I’m afraid he won’t dare to come down. Since we’re already here, we might as well go upstairs.”

Alex was decisive and took Zeke and Big Ken to the elevator entrance of the first-floor lobby.

While they were waiting for the elevator, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over. Seeing that the elevator had already been pressed, the man took out his phone and dialed a number. He was smiling as he said, “Hey, Young Master Ewing. I’ve arrived at the hotel…8108 right? Alright, I know. I’ll come up right away…Young Master Ewing, don’t worry. I came alone…tracking? I don’t think anyone followed me…”

Alex did not care about the man in the suit at first glance, but when he heard the keywords “8108” and “Young Master Ewing”, he subconsciously looked at Big Ken, then glanced at the suited man again.

From the man’s conversation earlier, he could tell that this man and Zachary were meeting in secret and they made it seem very mysterious.

Although Alex still did not know who the suited man was and did not know what this man and Zachary were up to, his curiosity piqued. Alex immediately gave Big Ken and Zeke a look, signaling for them to pause in action. No wonder he always felt that Zachary was up to no good.

The man in the suit just hung up the phone when the elevator door opened.

Big Ken, who was standing on the side, started to walk over and bumped into the suited man to get into the elevator first. During that short collision, he had placed a finger-sized black gadget into the man’s suit pocket. Big Ken then quickly turned to the suited man and said, “Sorry…”

“Watch where you walk! What’s the hurry?”

The man in the suit glared at Big Ken, then pressed the “8” button.

Big Ken did not answer the man, pressed the “9” button, then secretly gestured an “okay” to Alex.

Alex did not see Big Ken’s move earlier and did not know what the “okay” gesture meant, but he did not ask any questions. He acted as if nothing happened and took Zeke into the elevator. Seeing that the button to the ninth floor was also lit, he vaguely understood what was happening. When the elevator got to the eighth floor, they were also in no hurry to get out. After the suited man left, he asked softly, “Bro, did you think of a good way?”


Big Ken nodded and fished out a mobile-phone-sized black object and an earbud as he explained, “I’ve put a miniature transmitter in that man’s pocket just now and this is the eavesdropping signal receiver. As long as we stay within a distance of 50 meters from the target, we’ll be able to hear his conversation with Zachary Ewing.”

“Nice one! Bro, I didn’t expect you to carry these things with you.”

“This receiver has a recording function, so I usually carry it with me…just in case. Young Master, you and Zeke can listen. In the meantime, I’ll head downstairs to keep on a lookout. Don’t fret if you can’t hear clearly. The content will be recorded in real-time, so when it’s over, you can play it back however many times you like.”

After Big Ken said this, he handed over the receiver and earbuds to Alex. Then from the ninth floor, he got out of the elevator and took the stairway down.

Alex got out of the elevator and could not wait to plug in an earbud, then passed the other earbud to Zeke and listened carefully.

In Room 8108 on the eighth floor, Zachary had already shaken hands with the man in the suit and ordered his two bodyguards to stand guard at the door. After he closed the door, he beckoned the suited man to take a seat and handed him a cigarette as he asked with a smile, “Mr. Solomon, do you like the souvenir I had someone send you earlier?”

The suited man nodded repeatedly and replied, “Yes! I like it very much, it’s my favorite!”

“Coincidentally, my family has nothing else but that stuff. If you really like it, I’ll give you some more when I get the chance.”

In fact, the gift Zachary gave the suited man was not a souvenir.

Instead, the so-called souvenir was actually a bag full of cash worth $1 million!

Even if the person was not short of money, that large bag of cash would still give them a certain visual impact with just one look.

When the suited man heard that there was still more to take, he was instantly delighted and said, “Then thanks in advance! Mr. Ewing, you mentioned on the phone about wanting to cooperate with me? You’re too polite. If there’s anything you need help with, just ask. I, Yannick Solomon, will never refuse as long as I’m able!”

Zachary waved his hand and said, “I’m a businessman, so I like to trade and don’t like to owe people favors. If I owe someone a favor, I’ll pay it back as soon as possible. Likewise, I’ve also accumulated a lot of grudges. Once I have a grudge against someone, I’ll immediately want to take revenge. That’s why I called you before I even got to the hotel.”

“Oh? Young Master Ewing, you mean you had a feud with someone in Quill City? Who’s so ignorant that they dare to offend you?”

“Speaking of which, you should’ve heard of him. His name is Alex Cohen…”

Alex, on the ninth floor, heard this and trembled violently.

No wonder his heart had been unsettled and always felt that something bad had happened.

It turned out that Zachary Ewing had targeted him yet again.

It was probably because Zachary saw that those tampered photos did not cause much of an impact on Alex, so he decided to come up with another plan.

What kind of ideas would Zachary come up with this time?

Also, who exactly was Yannick Solomon?

Alex had many doubts and became more vigilant as he continued to listen in.

When Yannick heard the name “Alex Cohen”, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Young Master Ewing, your enemy is the second-largest shareholder of Helse Pharmaceuticals?”

“That’s right!”

Zachary said indignantly, “Alex is not only my personal enemy but also the enemy of Zentrum Pharmaceuticals. It seems that he’s also your enemy! As far as I know, he has not yet entered the management level of your company but has already joined forces with Kevin Lindstrom to go against the old-timers at Helse Pharmaceuticals, who are represented by your father. If you just let him be, just wait for him to make life difficult for those old-timers who have different philosophies from him. He might even kick them out…”

Alex, after learning of Yannick’s identity, was dumbfounded and did not pay attention to the rest of the conversation.

Without having to listen to it, he could already guess that Zachary wanted to get his revenge through Yannick.

Alex never would have thought that a family business like Helse Pharmaceuticals would also have traitors!

The old-timers of Helse Pharmaceuticals were either Igor Lindstrom’s close friends, or relatives of the Lindstrom family!

However, Alex thought about it carefully and settled down a little.

Isla’s family was not exactly harmonious too, right?

Alex suppressed his anger and continued to listen patiently, but what he heard later was also what he had guessed. Yannick could not withstand the temptation of money and was willing to follow Zachary’s request to deal with Alex from within Helse Pharmaceuticals.

After Yannick and Zachary reached a deal, they went downstairs together to have dinner at the dining area on the third floor.

Alex wanted to wait for Yannick to leave before he went to look for Zachary, but he did not expect them to take so long. Alex really could not wait any longer and took Big Ken and Zeke downstairs to the third floor. He then marched straight to the dining table where Zachary was…

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